Blessons Podcast

Blessons Podcast

These are the lessons and blessings of life told by people just like you in their own voices. Life is a school and we are here to learn. This is how transformation happens. What are Blessons? Blessons are the results of our unique and collective life experiences. They are the blessings and the lessons we use to learn about ourselves and others to access our desires. Tune in to love, laugh, cry, roll your eyes, have "ah ha" moments and get to know your fellow humans so that you see them and yourself a bit more clearly. Let's uncover the blessings and lessons of life in a shared humanity to find purpose and meaning together. Because the experiences of ordinary people like us are not only extraordinary, they are the very heart of life. Connection, self-knowledge and learning are where it's at. Let's grow!


July 24, 2024 66 mins

Karen Hall has a grand and compassionate mission to heal the world. Karen Hall believes we all have a hero that lives within us and it’s her calling to help us to awaken that hero so we can live our best lives. Through public speaking, faith-based coaching, and her podcast “The Hero Within”  she helps people to tap into their inner wisdom and connect to the stories of those who have found the keys to success and empowerment. She’s ...

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Meet Neal Bakshi in person this September 6, 2024!! Read on for more info! Neal is a force. He is the owner of four businesses, a published author, a public speaker, global retreat & experience creator, angel medium, spiritual guide, and ceremonial facilitator. He's someone you need to FEEL in your world. 

When you get into a room with a vibrant inspirational speaker, it's a game changer for your life and bu...

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When you get into a room with a vibrant inspirational speaker, it's a game changer for your life and business. Now amplify that by 7 speakers! The energy is off the charts. You build new neural connections like it's your job! Join me! I'm planning an amazing event with globally renowned speakers and power networking in Philadelphia, PA on September 6th. Learn more about The Rich Thinking Conference and get your ticke...

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"You don't rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."    

From goals last week to habits this week, there is no better authority than the famous book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. Books have the power to change lives and this one is an instant classic for a reason. Here is a brief discussion of some impactful concepts from the book.

Works Cited: James Clear...

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Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. Her books have sold over two million copies. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, goofy dogs, and sugar glider. THE PROFESSOR is out now! 🍎



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Clarity follows action. Now that you have gotten started, you need goals.   

If you've been following along the last few Sunday Episodes, you know it's time to talk about the specifics: namely "goals." Today, I have a specialist on goals with me, Lori Gouhin. Lori is an artist, a podcaster and a life coach who specializes in helping people identify, articulate and reach their goals. This is not quite bi...

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From now until July 4th, grab your spot at The Rich Thinking Conference and you automatically secure a spot at the VIP Lunch with Coach Burt!

Who is Coach Micheal Burt?

Founder of the Greatness Factory in Nashville, Coach Burt has built a multimillion dollar coaching empire and is the master at conceptualizing, marketing, and packaging your purpose! With over 3 decades of experience, C...

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Do you have a mission statement? What is your mission? Do you know? What is your overarching vision for your business? For your life? It's time to think about these things! I'm here to help.   

I spent many years on the Executive Board of a Non-Profit Arts Organization and we spent aaalllooooooot of time writing our mission and vision statements. Why? Because they can provide guiding lights for the entire structu...

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This episode is brought to you by The Rich Thinking Conference. Unlock the Wealth of Wisdom. Attend an event that will inspire and motivate you to reach your potential.

Mona Andrei is an award-winning humor blogger, a ghost writer, a single mommy and an all-around witty and beautiful soul. She shares her journey through relationships and experiences that we all find relatable with heart and hu...

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They tell you to take action! Just go ahead! Do it!

This is what I did when I started this show. I just started. I had no plan beyond becoming a podcaster.  Although I knew I would continue teaching, I didn't know exactly what that would look like. I had no clarity. You don't need clarity to take action, but you do need it once you get going. Tune in to hear clarity defined and to find out if you have it, why yo...

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This episode is brought to you by The Rich Thinking Conference. Unlock the Wealth of Wisdom. Attend an event that will inspire and motivate you like nobody's business.

Each of these men has a powerful “why” story that underlies their inspiration for their individual and joint entrepreneurial journeys. Ron Tornari is a chef who worked for a major organization for many years before meeting ...

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Are you a list maker like me? I have a physical planner and lists galore! This episode offers you a wonderful exercise to stay organized and prioritize your tasks like a boss. Have you ever used an Eisenhower Matrix? I'll bet you have. You may not have known what it was called. Tune in to find out how to get it together.

For this episode, you will need two sheets of paper! 📄

Learn more about The Rich Thinki...

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Kylie Montigney of Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a multi-passionate individual involved in hosting, founding, blogging, speaking, and advocating. In this episode, Kylie shares her perspective on being a teen in 2024, her thoughts on her relationships with friends and her parents. She talks about what inspires and empowers her and how she sees the world! 

Kylie Montigney

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I love a good metaphor and this week, I heard a sentence that I cannot get out of my mind. "You have to make the squeeze worth the juice." In this episode I describe how I have associated this sentence with the tools I am using in my business and I introduce the concept of leverage in the one-person-business. I want to prompt you to think about the tools you can employ to help you create more leverage and get more juice o...

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“It’s glorious to have friends who accept that you are human.”

The Rich Thinking Conference is happening September 6, 2024. Grab your tickets to get in the room with our nationally renowned speakers for a day of high-level interaction, connection and inspiration.

Make sure you stick around to the very end to hear the behind the scenes conversation. We kept the recording rolling ...

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When I first started this podcast, I had no idea I was really creating a one-person business. In this episode, I share my advice for how to approach a transition into a new career, make a life pivot, especially later in life and I introduce you to the concept of a one-person business. I go over 9 areas where you can be proactive or learn as you go as you embark upon a new phase of life and career. 

If you enjoy this episod...

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I am very excited to put you in the room with an inspiring woman today. Shibani Joshi is a journalist who is regularly featured on major news outlets like ABC News, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance and more. She has extensive experience on Wall Street and in the Business world and has an MBA from Harvard. She reports and writes on business, technology, finance and lifestyle topics, But we are going to talk to the woman who lives ...

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Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Blessons Podcast is an honor for me. I never would have imagined I'd be where I am right now. The ways podcasting has enhanced my life and empowered me are numerous and I talk about my journey here in this milestone episode. If you want to hear a little bit more about me and how I got here to inspire you to confidence and transformation in your own life, then you'll love this show. 

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Dr. Joe Vitale is a globally famous author; marketing guru; movie, tv, and radio personality; musician; and one of the top 50 inspirational speakers in the world. His many bestselling books include The Attractor Factor, Attract Money Now, Zero Limits, and his latest releases The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment and Anything Is Possible. A popular, leading expert on the law of attraction in many movies, including The Secret, Dr. ...

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In this episode, I take you through a soothing and powerful visualization where I guide you into a different plane, a level where you can meet your highest self. Put your mindset into a place where your dreams and desires exist with this excellent meditation inspired by the book, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill. 

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⭐️  It really helps me gr...

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