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Blythe Brumleve Digital Media Podcast

*This podcast is now archived but I'm actively still producing b2b marketing and the attention economy episodes over on 'The Digital Dispatch Podcast'. And maybe throwing in a complaint or two about the Jaguars. Follow along with all of my content/socials at:


October 8, 2020 51 mins

Have you ever launched a new product or service? Did it fail miserably by your own unreasonable standards? Well, have I got the relatable show for you.

Listen in as I detail what went right and what went wrong with the launch of the membership site, Freight School Playbook.

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In the last few months, listeners and podcasters alike have been given a rare glimpse into the business side of big-time podcasters.

Between Joe Rogan taking a $100-million dollar licensing deal in his Spotify move to Joe Budden documenting his divorce from the same platform, we're finally starting to learn some concrete methods on how the biggest creators in the game are treating contracts, ads, and expectations. Ad...

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TikTok’s rise in popularity isn’t without controversy.

Some of that worry has been orchestrated by other big tech jealous of that growth

Others are worried for more geopolitical reasons.

But for a lot of creators, like myself, Tiktok has been far and away the most enjoyable app in years.

Especially during COVID--where it forced me to learn video editing on the fly and challenge myself on a new...

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A lot of projects were put on hold during the Covid quarantine. And while the lockdowns forced me to throw my 2020 content plan in the trash--it led to a new opportunity that seems to be evolving daily.

Listen to the podcast I recorded to help launch Freight School Playbook--a membership community to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales departments in the trucking and logistics space by providing courses t...

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May 20, 2020 31 mins

If you're in business or sales, you've likely experienced an event/conference being outright canceled or turned into a virtual event.

And while many of us roll our eyes at the mere thought of attending another Zoom call--the truth is virtual events are here to stay.

So how do we make them not suck?

In this episode, I'm diving into the key takeaways of what makes for a great virtual confer...

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Everyone knows the restaurant industry is currently in shambles with the on-going drama from the ‘Rona. This global pandemic has left thousands--possibly millions--without the income they’re used to earning by waiting tables and serving drinks.

As an 8-year FOH worker who waitressed at many restaurants, golf courses, bars, and events, I can tell you with confidence the skills I learned while waiting tables help me run two businesses...

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April 9, 2020 24 mins

Running into a creative block is a given with most career choices. But trying to overcome a creative block while you’re dealing with uncontrollable global stressors like COVID19?!?! That just seems like the cruelest double whammy–which most folks are dealing with right now.

Suffering through it myself, I wondered how are creative blocks started and how can you move past them?

I share some tips on how I’ve been coping with overworked ...

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Working from home isn't for everyone. But I'm one of the weirdos who absolutely LOVES it. So with the 'Rona wreaking havoc on society and how we conduct our everyday lives, I thought I'd share my best work from home tips to keep you productive but most importantly, keep you sane.

ALSOOOOOOO I realize this is a tough time for a lot of businesses and conferences who aren't sure how to take their eff...

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In January most of us are excited to get those New Year's goals going but are you staying dedicated or have you fallen off? I'm gonna share some tips on how I'm going to keep on track after slipping for a bit.

I'll also go into why you may want to hit pause on purchasing any new software and spill some truth about content marketing.

Be sure to check out the chapter markers for jumps to specif...

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January 22, 2020 19 mins

When your business is the art of selling services, time is your commodity. But why do so many brands and freelancers waste that time on things that don't have a positive ROI?

Listen as I debate the article that originally spawned this conversation along with solutions on how to avoid those pick your brain meetings, free work solicitations, and more by treating time as your most important commodity.

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Facebook was fined $40 million dollars late last year for lying about their video views. So we dive into what actually counts as a "view" on Facebook and your other favorite social media sites to include Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and YouTube. 

You can prove your ROI without knowing the details behind those numbers. And you certainly don't want to waste your time on a platform that isn't doing you any f...

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Like the maniac that he is, Gary Vee says you should be publishing 100 times PER DAY. Absolutely insane. But we show you how you can take Gary's advice into a practical strategy that is attainable even if you don't have a content team around you. 

From Blythe Brumleve of Digital Dispatch, this is 'lunch break nuggets', marketing and digital media insights in bite-size form designed to fuel your growth. ...

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I've been in the blogging game since 2007 and with the end of the first full decade in the internet era, you're bound to see lists compiling the best and the worst.

Since I like to join the party in my own way, I decided to revisit the stories that defined my journey from blogger→EIC→broadcaster and now, business owner.

In this special one-off episode, I'm going to list the central themes I've learned--sometimes t...

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In this edition of the Scouting Report, we dive into Disney+ and how their launch plan helps the confidence of little guys like us, why you should consider time as a commodity, what content strategy you should be implementing for 2020, email marketing gone wrong, and what I'm listening to and watching.

About This Show:

Bonjour with Blythe covers the wins, losses, and lifestyle around being a present-day entrepreneur.


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On the latest episode, host Blythe Brumleve talks about Facebook getting fined an insignificant amount of cash (for them) for inflated video-views by as much as 900 percent! Learn how to avoid the disaster of putting your eggs all in one social media basket with some takeaway tips. Also on the show, the difficulties of losing a big client, Star Wars' Galaxy's Edge, podcast insight, fighting fake news, CNBC business videos...

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On the second edition of The Scouting Report, I dive into a tweet that made me feel old about life events being more important than football games, dissecting infamous entrepreneur Gary Vee's content model, what I learned from my first show, first trip to Disney's Galaxy's Edge PLUS SO MUCH MORE!

See below for the timestamps...

‘The Scouting Report’ Show Notes

In a brand new show, I dive into my first episode of wh...

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In a brand new show, I dive into my first episode of what Bonjour with Blythe is supposed to be about: the wins, losses, and lifestyle around being a present-day entrepreneur.

Contrary to popular belief, freelancing and entrepreneurialism are not all working out of coffee shops and taking insta-friendly vacations. There are real challenges (and tears!) involved with running your own business. But there are also a lot of p...

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Podcasting is the fastest growing medium on the internet today with growth patterns that continue to point upward. Thus more and more advertising dollars are starting to pour in, which means more people are curious about starting up their own podcast. In this show, Blythe breaks down the most common questions asked at our podcaster meetups, the equipment you'll need to start your own show, and other tips that may help expedite...

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Have you thought about your biggest career challenge? How did you prepare for it? What did you learn from it? Or is your biggest career challenge coming up that you’re looking for help on? 

I just faced this exact situation and I want to talk about the difficulties faced prepping for my first conference speech. 

So in this show and as we make the transition into more of an entrepreneurial lifestyle podcast, I want...

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March 11, 2019 11 mins

The brand 'GuysGirl' was born a decade ago. But after some recent career decisions, I was left in a tough spot of what to do with the future of a blog that lead to a work from home career.

I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go, but I also want to hear from you on the changes I have coming up.

Read the show notes for this podcast here and VOTE on what you think is the best direction to take. <...

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