Bodhisattva Conversations with...

Bodhisattva Conversations with...

These podcasts are conversations with people about aspects of their life that have been, or are important to them.


July 16, 2023 33 mins

In this podcast, Julia and Anadi explore further the idea :
 'If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you' ...
They discuss whether in being outside our comfort zone, we can discover inner strengths and attain skills we didn't know we were capable of.

Julia and Anadi also investigate resilience and explore how this aspect can be developed to enable us to discover and enjoy new experien...

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This is part 1 of a dialogue of exploration between Julia and Anadi about the idea that 'If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you...'

In this podcast Anadi and Julia explore the concepts of challenge and change, and whether we need to do either?

They discuss investigating our own personal paradigm - our own map of how we see the world - to discover what is right for us and whether our b...

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In this podcast Julia and Anadi engage in a dialogue of exploration about 'Relationship as a mirror'...

They talk about how the closer the relationship is the closer the mirror is for us to see ourselves reflected back - it can become a magnifying glass!

And often when what we see, we don't like, we 'project' the un wanted  or unknown or unseen aspects of ourself onto the other...

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In this podcast, Julia talks about how all relationships exist in 'the space between' us,
and how we can make a difference to the quality of the relating by being mindful of what we put into that space...

What we say and do can heal or hurt the space, create harmony or conflict...

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In this podcast Julia and Anadi explore intentional dialogue in more depth, and talk about how it is the bedrock of being present in  every moment in every interaction.

Through a commitment to take responsibility for ourselves and our reactivities, we can play our part in keeping 'the space between' - where all relating exists - safe and harmonious and expansive.

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'To thine own self be true', but who is our true self, how do we know, and even if we do how do we live our lives true to ourselves, especially if it goes against family or societal expectations...

In this podcast, Anadi and Julia explore this, covering areas such as how much we are influenced by our conditioning that we may be living by default having lost the ability to hear our own true inner voice...

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In this podcast Julia and Anadi explore how to be aware of creating our lives consciously.

90 - 95% of all we do is coming from the subconscious mind... Julia and Anadi explore how the routines before sleep and upon waking help with clearing throughout the day and maintaining presence to create  from a place of stillness, free of unconscious patterns and programmes 

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In this podcast Julia and Anadi talk about systemic therapy and social construction and how this can help people understand themselves better, and see the wider picture in terms of how they define themselves in their families, friendship groups and in society as a whole.

By asking questions that are circular rather than linear it is possible to open the view of difficult situations and discover that solutions can be found ...

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In this podcast, Julia Chi and Anadi James have a conversation about Consciously relating and what this means and looks like...

This is a definition of Conscious relationship:
'Conscious Relating involves becoming aware of how the imprints of your past experiences inform your current relationship patterns, learning tools to relate consciously from a place of safety and trust, and embracing challenges as doorways t...

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Roy Palmer is a 'working on the street' calligrapher...
He is affiliated with the Gagliardi gallery on the King's road.

In this podcast, Roy talks about his journey from becoming homeless at the beginning of 2023, to transforming his life into popular calligrapher and artist.

He can be found on instagram @royscribe

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In this podcast Julia Chi has a conversation with her husband Anadi James Taylor about presence, and how they experience this in their lives.

They also explore the process of clearing through being aware and present in every moment.

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Pru Dawes is an event rider competing at 3 star level; she also show jumps up to 1 meter 35.

Pru owns her own horse who she competes with, and she also owns Flash Cooley riden by Gemma Stevens. 

Flash Cooley is a 4 star event horse and he is aiming for 5 star which is the highest level possible.

In this podcast Pru talks about how she made the transition from ski ing as her main focus, to horse riding and...

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Jamie Jeffery is a an acrobatic gymnast.

With his partner Aden, they achieved a silver medal when competing for Great Britain in the European Games in 2019.

In 2021 Jamie ruptured his achilles tendon and although he made a full recovery, in this podcast he shares how his life and career changed direction following this event! 

Jamie is now a teacher of core strength, flexibility and acrobatic skills, oper...

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Tim crook, AKA Tim B'Vard is the founder of the Bavard Bar, which is described as
'A delightful blend of TED, comedy and radio 4 - sort of'!

The Bavard Bars opened its doors in March 2017 and has grown in popularity exponentially. 

It 'happens' in the Towner gallery in Eastbourne on the 2nd Wednesday of each month; and in the Kino- Teatr in St Leonards on the 3rd  Wednesday of every m...

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Katie and Julia created a podcast together recently where they talked about Katie's art... 
This is the link to that podcast

During the podcast they discovered they had both lost a parent when they were young.

In this podcast they talk about their loss and the effects of this they have seen in their adult lives

Katie Sollohub is an artist.


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In this podcast Julia  has a conversation with her husband Anadi about being conscious in relating, with the bedrock of this being Intentional Dialogue.

Intentional Dialogue which was created by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt to help couple relate consciously.

Intentional dialogue keeps the space clean and clear between anyone in a conversation
We often don’t realise how little we are listening to our partner...

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Julian Oakland And I  recorded this podcast 2 years ago!

Many things have changed since then... 
I have put my shoes on the race again! I decided against running the length of the coutry barefoot and Julian has changed his job!

 In this conversation Julian shares with us his running journey and how he came to start running in races and enjoy training to improve his times.

Julian started on the LI...

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Joey Hogger started dancing when he was fifteen years old...

He went on to train professionally, and his dancing took him touring as a contemporary dancer with multiple dance companies, for several years.

Joey travelled all over the UK and Europe until 2020 when lockdown put a stop to his career, and resulted in a complete change of direction...

In this podcast Joey talks about how he managed the transiti...

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The London Marathon had always been Sam Simpson's dream, but she was told by the medical professionals that running, was out of the question.

In this Podcast Sam tells us how she proved them wrong, and completed her first London marathon in October  2022!
Sam is now in training for her second London Marathon this coming April 2023.

Sam is raising money forChildren with Cancer UK a cause very close to her ...

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February 12, 2023 46 mins

Anna Katehis lives in Corfu where she and her family own an aparthotel in Barbati called 'Stefanos Place'

In this podcast Anna shares with us her journey into running and competing in races.
She talks about the highs and lows and the importance of her coach and the community of women who support one another on the running trail and in the CrossFit gym.

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