Bronx Muchachos Podcast

Bronx Muchachos Podcast

Just 4 guys who bleed Yankee Pinstripes and will talk about what we think of our Yanks and what we think will get us championship number 28 and beyond. We also discuss from AAA all the way down to the Dominican Summer League. Follow us on Twitter: @BronxMuchachos1 @MarkC_BM @DannyDaMuchacho @adomi781 @Gilly1086 Instagram: @therealbronxmuchachos TikTok: @bronx_muchachos #ChaseFor28 #GoYankees #PinstripePride #MLB #NYYankees #BronxMuchachos #Muchachos #RepBX #LosDelBronx #YankeesBaseball


July 12, 2024 54 mins

The Muchachos are your professors for the night and are handing out the mid terms grades. Come see Professors Mark, Dave and Danny give their grades out to this team. And finally, in preparation for the draft starting Sunday, we give out a few names to be on the look for and we hope the Yankees will get a chance to pick.

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Mark as Played

The Muchachos are back and the Bronx Bombers are still on the struggle bus. Volpe has been demoted in the lineup, Rice had a 1st for the Yankees. The team needs some changes and we are here to discuss. Also, we discuss Spencer Jones and Brock Selvidge being named to the MILB Futures game and if Jones is on the same path as Jason Domínguez was last season.

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Mark as Played

As the Yankees have survived the worst stretch of games recently the Bronx Muchachos are back and welcome back friend of the pod and Special Guest Scott “Sandman” Sanders to the podcast! In this episode of The Bronx Muchachos, we dive deep into the Yankees' recent 4-10 skid, where they've been outscored 102-71. Join us as we break down what went wrong during this rough patch and what the team can do to bounce back. We'l...

Mark as Played

The Muchachos are back and figuring out who’s gonna be at first base, depending on the situation. Also, with the inevitable Stanton injury, who is going to step up and get more at bats? Finally, the Subway Series is at hand and the Sticky Mets are here. We quickly go over the matchups, and end with the Minute in the Minors.

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Mark as Played

After dropping the weekend series to the Red Sox the Yankees went into this week’s series against the Orioles looking for redemption especially with the ACE & reigning AL Cy Young Award winner Gerrit Cole making his return to the starting rotation on Wednesday. After Wednesday’s loss to the Orioles it just proves the Yankees need to look into acquiring an established closer at the deadline for the championship push this October...

Mark as Played

The Muchachos are back and recovering from the beat down the Red Sox gave the Yankees this past weekend. We take a look at some of the shortcomings, from injuries to ineffective playing. We then end with our minute in the minors.

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The Muchachos are back and are taking a look at some in-house and external options for their struggling everyday players. The play of Rizzo and Torres are speaking loudly to everyone all season. We then discuss the Muchacho of the week. Subscribe To Our Patreon Page!

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Mark as Played

The Muchachos are back and discuss the weekend series with the Dodgers and look at the next few series as more tests to make sure the Yankees are battle tested for the playoffs. They end it off with a Minute in the Minors.

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Mark as Played
The Muchachos are getting geared up for the heavyweight bout this weekend. East vs West. The beasts finally meet. Dodgers visit the Bronx. This is the star studded event and we are all here for it. Also, following the Monday discussion on Boone, we discuss the moves Cashman and the Front office did to change this team. The Muchachos then touch up on the recent MLB betting issue and we provide our pick for the Muchacho of the week...
Mark as Played

The Muchachos are back and are flying high on the 7-2 road trip. Sunday's game was vintage Juan Soto and its time to pay that man his money. With everything going right on the field, the Muchachos take a look at how Aaron Boone has been evolving as a manager and what he has been doing well. We also dive into the Minute in the Minors.

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Mark as Played
The Muchachos are having some mixed feelings about this Cali love. After taking 2 from San Diego, the offense has been slowed down by a sub-par Angela pitching staff. Good news, the pitching is hit, led by (surprise, surprise) Gil's gem. DJ is back and Volpe's hitting streak is now legally able to drink. Subscribe To Our Patreon Page! Official Bronx Muchachos Website:
Mark as Played
Step up to the plate with the Muchachos as they dive deep into the electrifying synergy of the Soto/Judge powerhouse duo! With Soto's 13 homers and Judge's 14 sending shockwaves through the league, the comparison to the iconic Mantle/Maris era is impossible to ignore. But amidst the MVP chants for Soto, a looming question arises: how will Hal's plans to slash payroll next season withstand the thunderous impact of these two titans o...
Mark as Played

The Muchachos are here for the Yankees starting Rotation firing on all cylinders. 7-0 all with quality starts. On top of that, the Offense has been putting up the numbers as well. The boys also give their thoughts on highlighting the prospect of last week in their "Minor's Minute" and the "Muchacho of the week" for last week.

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Mark as Played

Join the Muchachos as they break down the current standings in the competitive AL East over a month into the season! From surprising developments to expected outcomes, they dive into it all. Plus, get ready for a closer look at the reinforcements set to return and solidify their team's dominance in the league. Don't miss out on the latest updates and analysis!

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Mark as Played

With the Yankees taking 2 of 3 from the Tampa Bay Rays it’s on to Minnesota to face the Twins in a 3 game set!! We dive into the takeaways from the series against the Rays, what we liked and disliked. We also talk about the latest injury updates pertaining to the roster and how the team could look in the next few weeks.

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Mark as Played

Another Thursday is yet upon us!! We talk about the sweep of the Detroit Tigers and the Yankees offense coming back to life. Also Alex Verdugo becomes Justin Verlander’s DADDY on Tuesday night as the Yankees slap around the Astros 10-3 behind Luis Gil’s stellar performance. Also we touch on who will remain the #5 starter when Cole returns. Will it be Luis Gil or Clarke Schmidt? Lastly the Pittsburgh Pirates are calling up last year...

Mark as Played

IT’S TREVOR TIME!! The Muchachos are back with a BANG this week as the welcome in their 2nd Special Guest of 2024! This week they have the honor of hosting 7x All-Star, 1998 NL Champion, #2 on the MLB All-Time Saves list with 602 saves & member of Hall of Fame Class of 2018 TREVOR HOFFMAN!!! This episode is going to be one for the ages. Sit back, relax, & enjoy the show

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Mark as Played

The Muchachos discuss if it's too early to be concerned about the offense. Judge is slumping, Rizzo is slumping. Then they turn their attention to the lead off spot. Gleyber couldn't get it done, Volpe has been slumping since his promotion to the top spot. Are the Yankees waiting in DJ, or should they look to move Verdugo to the top spot

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Mark as Played

The Muchachos sit back and discuss the series win 2-1 over Cleveland and series loss 1-2 to Toronto after a thrilling comeback in Wednesday's game in Toronto. They also start wondering about the middle infield defense and if this a cause for concern down the line, and if the Yankees will consider sending Austin Wells back down to Triple-A to fix his swing if his struggles continue.

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Mark as Played

The Muchachos are back at it again this week! The boys welcome back Scott “Sandman” Sanders to the show to discuss the crazy pitching injury epidemic, umpiring across MLB and how it needs to change. The guys also talk about the amazing season that’s been happening so far and everyone attempts to answer the question"Are the Yankees back??

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Mark as Played

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