Bucket List Gamers

Bucket List Gamers

Each show we take a look at one of the '100 Games to play before you die', as well as discussing the latest releases, consoles, successes and scandals in the gaming world. From Defender to Daytona, Mario to Metroid and Sonic to Street Fighter, if it's in the 100 the BLG team will play it... eventually!


May 26, 2024 57 mins

It's the end of an Era. The end of a Book. The end of... Season 1 of the Bucket List Gamers!

Yes, after 54 long episodes we have finally discussed ALL 100 Games to Play Before You Die (according to Retro Gamer Magazine), and we're rounding it off with Super Mario World (1).

I mean, it had to be, didn't it?

Do you know the enemies from Super Mario World? How about the Bosses? No? Well, it's evident after recording this episode...

Mark as Played

We're so close to the end of the Retro Gamers '100 Games to Play Before You Die' list we can almost taste it!

This episode we're discussing the penultimate game in the list, which is 2013's The Last of Us (26).

Perhaps more cinematic experience than fully fledged game, Jay and Eddie discuss Naughty Dog's zombie-esque magnum opus... and they've actually both played it for a change!

Sooo... tape up a few shivs, throw some nails...

Mark as Played

That's right, much like a long-past-it's-best sitcom or gaming franchise, we're dragging out Series 1 of the Bucket List Gamers Podcast just a little bit longer while we work on the final two episodes!

So this time we're hoping to get a little bit of that Fallout TV Show rub by talking about Bethesda games, and the show itself!

We also discuss the importance of Indiana Jones's whip, why Argonians are the master race and the ...

Mark as Played

That's right, for our 51st (NOT 50th!) episode we're taking a look back through the list and discussing all the games that we have covered so far.

We promise that we DO have a good reason for stalling, and it will hopefully make the penultimate list episode far better than it would have been if we had rushed it out.

Will that penultimate episode be next week? We wouldn't count on it... but for now you can listen to us talkin...

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This Episode Jay and Eddie are talking about a game they probably should have covered off as part of a previous episode; Turrican 2 (81) from 1991.

The game that would eventually become a licensed Universal Soldier tie in, Turrican 2 takes side scrolling difficulty to a whole new level... and not in a good way!

But Turrican takes a backseat in this episode, as the boys turn their attention to the gaming behemoth that is... B...

Mark as Played

It's time for Episode 6 of the DLC series!

This time Jay and Eddie are answering YOUR questions to celebrate the podcast's 1 year anniversary!

Biggest disappointment, favourite games console, HOYA's and more!


**This was initially a Patreon Timed Exclusive, but now it's available here for your listening pleasure!**

If you want to hear DLC episodes as soon as they come out, head over to our Patreon and sign up now!

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Well, according to Retro Gamer Magazine, no.

That's right, this episode we're looking at The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (2) and for the first time in a while we've found a game we can be truly positive about!

Don't worry though rant-fans, we still find time to have a little moan about a few things along the way!

So whip out your Ocarina, pour a nice cool glass of Lon Lon Milk and settle in for over an hour of nostalgic ...

Mark as Played

Yes we know all the modern day lingo like 'Epic Fail', and we aren't afraid to use it!

This episode Jay and Eddie are looking at two RPG games (or at least games with an RPG element) in Dungeon Master (56) and Deus Ex (49) as they continue their quest to complete the 100 Games to Play Before You Die list!

As ever, the pair struggle to stay entirely on topic, with talk drifting off to the likes of Syphon Filter, Perfect Dark ...

Mark as Played

It's a triple header this time on the BLG Podcast as we limp ever closer to that 100th game on the list! We're looking three titles that really have no connection other than us not having much to say about them. They are Elite (21), Rez (84) and Advance Wars (93).

We also talk about the two biggest bombshells to drop in the gaming world over the past week (hint: one of them is Pokemon related, and the other one is FAR bigge...

Mark as Played
February 28, 2024 57 mins

This episode we're letting our inner sadist out and looking at From Software's Dark Souls (54)!

Grab your buckler, fill up your Estus Flask and allow us to be your escort through the terrifying kingdom of Lordran, where all number of horrible abominations are just waiting to sap your health in a matter of seconds.

We also talk about other sadistic From Software titles, a few pretenders to the throne that fall into the Soulsl...

Mark as Played

It's our birthday and we'll talk about turn-based strategy games if we want to!

That's right, this episode Eddie and Jay take a look at two games from Sid Meier's Civilization series, namely Civilization 1 (62) and Civilization 4 (98).

Aside from the fact it should obviously be called Civilisation and not Civilization, will we find fault with the seminal turn based strategy franchise?

As promised, we also delve into PalWorld,...

Mark as Played

It's a little later than expected, but here's Episode 5 of BLG DLC!

This time Jay is grilling Eddie on Easter Eggs and Cheat codes, and asking the question; Real or Hoax?

Plus we rant about 'the good old days' and make a poorly aged joke about non-Patreon listeners not getting to hear this until Christmas.



**This was initially a Patreon Timed Exclusive, but now it's available here for your listening pleasure!**

If ...

Mark as Played

Grab your favourite hydration drinks and join us as we discuss Metroid Prime (74), a Gamecube classic and complete reinvention of the archetypal Metroid style.

Samus faces new challenges as she visits Tallon IV to take on a band of phazon-mutated Space Pirates, in what happens to be one of Eddie's favourite games.

We also talk EVEN MORE about the Game On Exhibition at The Doncaster Dome, which we visited as a duo earlier in ...

Mark as Played

As we close in on almost a year of Bucket List Gamer goodness the list dwindles ever lower!

We had planned on being more upbeat this episode, but we're taking a look at Mega Man 2 (68) for the NES, so don't get your hopes up!

In addition we also talk about the value placed on games, big companies carving up games for profit, and a little more about the Game On Exhibition at The Doncaster Dome (head to the dlct website to fi...

Mark as Played
January 18, 2024 72 mins

We've put it off for almost a year, but unfortunately we couldn't postpone it any longer... We're starting 2024 with a bang by looking at Shenmue (3) and Shenmue 2 (16)!

Considered one of the best games OF ALL TIME, it's fair to say that we don't quite share that sentiment. Why? Well you'll have to listen to find out!

For those of you that absolutely love these games, we're sorry... please don't hate us (or even worse, come ...

Mark as Played

Ho Ho Ho and a very Happy Holidays to all our listeners!

We hope you're currently sitting with your feet up, a nice beverage on the go, watching some festive telly and getting ready for Santa to call!

Our present to you is this... the 2023 Bucket List Gamers Awards!

Unfortunately our recording platforms present to us was to not use the correct microphone during our last session, therefore Jay sounds particularly terrible. We...

Mark as Played

It's almost Christmas, but it's still business as usual here at Bucket List Gamers, and this episode we're looking at R-Type (41) from 1987.

Join us as we discuss the notoriously difficult, coin-gobbling, bullet hell space shooter and why it deserves to be so high on the Retro Gamers List!

We also discuss the morally bankrupt decision to release broken ports of 11+ year old games at a premium price, and Jay gives us an insig...

Mark as Played

This episode we are begrudgingly looking at SEGA's arcade classic Outrun (22) and Williams Electronics equally classic arcade game Defender (99). Not the most easily discussable games on the list, but we give it a good go anyway.

We also talk Hogwarts Legacy on the Switch, the latest offering from everyone's favourite publisher Game Mill, and there's even a bit of Bluey for the dads... erm, I mean kids...

This weeks episode ...

Mark as Played

This week we're taking the train to Black Mesa to talk about Half Life 1 (39) and Half Life 2 (20), the first two instalments of Valve's wildly successful FPS.

Half Life may have changed the game when it came to first person shooters, but does it deserve the lofty praise it receives?

Join us as we find out, then talk about Five Nights at Freddys and the much anticipated GTA 6 trailer!


*If you're wondering who everyone's...

Mark as Played

This week we take a trip down memory lane as Jay and Eddie take a look at Bubble Bobble (34) and Rainbow Islands (66), two arcade classics ported to home consoles in the 80's!

What's more, Jay fills in the second half of the show with talk of obscure Commodore 64 games from his childhood, including a plethora of British Kids TV themed titles, a trip back to school and the heroic adventures of an Egg wearing boxing gloves.


Mark as Played

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