Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

The one and only Gilmore Girls AND Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast brought to you by comedians/real life couple Bryan Morris & Stacey Kulow. Bryan grew up obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Stacey is a huge Gilmore Girls fan, but neither of them have ever seen the other's favorite show. Together they watch their way through both excellent 7-season series, discussing an episode from each show every week, in an attempt to figure out which show is better. Bryan & Stacey are New York-based writer/performers, both born and raised in the Midwest. They met doing improv in Madison, Wisconsin and have been together for over a decade.


September 26, 2023 82 mins

It's Wookie week! Rory still can't figure out her life, and Lorelai's is maybe starting to crumble a bit as well. We get to see a lot of old familiar faces in this episode, as well as one we've never seen. We take a trip back to Chilton where we get a whole lotta Headmaster, and liiiittle bit of the side of fake Tristan's face. It's hard to tell which is more impressive, how tall Paris' house is o...

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We've got some notes, per ushe, but we're really digging the comics so far! ...despite the super creepy, possibly problematic, underground slime monster. Buffy's back with a full slayer army, a big ole slayer budget, and big ole lil sis. The big bad seems to be a Marvel villain with a hairy chest and a secret identity... fer NOW! We get a lot of fun cameos, a very satisfying amount of Dark Giles, but also a lot more ...

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September 5, 2023 15 mins

As you may have heard, we're going to be doing some traveling coming up. We're heading to Maine for the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival. One of use has a work trip, and we've finally booked our trip to Italy! Rather than put a big ole pause in the middle of Season 8, we've decided it will be best to start releasing episodes every other week for the next few months. This episode explains all that, plus we throw in a f...

Mark as Played
August 29, 2023 78 mins

We're kicking off Season 8 by heading back to a snowy Stars Hollow to see what our old friends are up to! Some things have changed a lot in the last 9 years, but mostly things are weirdly pretty much the same. Luke and Lorelai don't seem to have had any meaningful conversations since we last saw them, unless you count the time Luke said, "That's the kid." Of course we were excited to see a classic Gilmore k...

Mark as Played
August 22, 2023 111 mins

This week, we summarize our thoughts on both series overall. We choose 10 favorite episodes from each show for a hypothetical weekend binge. Bryan can't believe Stacey didn't pick "Haunted Leg" but if you're counting, Bryan actually picked 11 Buffy episodes, so maybe she would have if she knew you could cheat. We make some final comparisons, realizing there's an interesting coloration regarding family....

Mark as Played
August 15, 2023 38 mins

We've been feeling a little overwhelmed by life, work, and Ikea dressers, so we decided to delay our series wrap-up episode until next week and bring you an episode reflecting on some of our favorite recent social media comments! We shout some of you out, sharing some fun thoughts, theories, and trivia you've passed along lately, as well as share which series some of you thought was better. We also tell you about Bryan&ap...

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August 8, 2023 91 mins

In this special episode, we recap our thoughts on Season 7. We count down our top 5 moments from both shows, discuss our least favorite moments, reveal our favorite episodes, point out some similarities, and decide which show had a better season overall. Most would agree that neither show is at its best in Season 7, but we still enjoyed ourselves immensely! Despite these seasons not having all that many similarities, somehow our yo...

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August 1, 2023 35 mins

This week we took a break from our regularly-scheduled programing to tell you about our Barbenheimer experience! (recorded the day after viewing) Would you believe we actually found quite a few similarities between these two movies? Obviously thoughts of death, but also Nobel Prizes, horses, and mermaids in both?!? (Amy? Rebecca Rand Kirshner? Was this your doing?) Both movies were excellent. We could have easily spent even longer ...

Mark as Played
July 25, 2023 114 mins

Gilmore Girls S7 E22 "Bon Voyage"/Buffy S7 E22 "Chosen"

Lorelai and Spike receive necklaces from their loves, as well as the bigger expressions of love they've been waiting for. Lorelai and Faith don't have time to be sad, so they channel those emotions into fighting Turok-Hans and power ironing. Rory and Buffy are still conflicted about their love lives, but have come to accept there'll ...

Mark as Played
July 18, 2023 83 mins

Buffy S7 E21 "End of Days"/Gilmore Girls S7 E21 "Unto the Breach"

Things get a lot more interesting for Buffy and Rory after receiving their respective objects, but will these objects be... the last surprise? The lore of Buffy's scythe comes kind of out of nowhere, but so does Rory's sudden acceptance of her uncertain future. Andrew and Anya get into a playful wheelchair fight, while Taylor is...

Mark as Played
July 11, 2023 86 mins

Gilmore Girls S7 E20 "Lorelai? Lorelai?"/Buffy S7 E20 "Touched"

Rory and Buffy's worlds are crumbling around them, so they hide in beds that may or may not be theirs. Lorelai and Spike "take the stage" to cheer up their girls but soon find themselves in the middle of beautiful declarations of love. Luke's mysteriously back to wearing his old hat. (We did later remember it was was Ror...

Mark as Played
July 4, 2023 82 mins

Buffy S7 E19 "Empty Places"/Gilmore Girls S7 E19 "It's Just Like Riding a Bike"

Giles has banished Spike and Andrew, and Lorelai's Jeep is busted, so this week, they're riding bikes! But that's not the only mode of transportation these episodes have in common. We learn that Michel and Clem both drive Volkswagens! Doyle gets kicked out of his apartment and his relationship, while Buff...

Mark as Played
June 27, 2023 103 mins

Gilmore Girls S7 E18 "Hay Bale Maze"/Buffy S7 E18 "Dirty Girls"

Faced with big choices, Rory says no to the ProJo after much deliberation, and after nearly no deliberation, Buffy says yes to leading her crew into a super sus winery. Stars Hollow and Xander's apartment are overrun by hay and girls respectively. Taylor and Caleb get to live out their fantasies re: hay and murdering girls (respectivel...

Mark as Played
June 20, 2023 64 mins

Buffy S7 E17 "Lies My Parents Told Me"/Gilmore Girls S7 E17 "Gilmore Girls Only"

Whether via road trip to visit an old mother figure, or a trip down mommy lane brought on by a magic slug, everyone's confronting their mama drama. Principal Wood deals with his by redecorating his garage and donning some freaky fighting gloves, while Richard concerningly dresses up like one of his mom's old lover...

Mark as Played
June 13, 2023 73 mins

Gilmore Girls S7 E16 "Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?"/Buffy S7 E16 "Storyteller"

Andrew's past and Luke's boat come back to haunt them, launching both men on missions to prove they can change. Lorelai and Andrew broker peace between the Kims and Xanya respectively. (Members of both parties wind up very happy in a bed.) Rory struggles to find a particular bald man, while Andrew has to see a pa...

Mark as Played
June 6, 2023 86 mins

Buffy S7 E15 "Get It Done"/Gilmore Girls S7 E15 "I Am Kayak, Hear Me Roar"

Whether they like it or not, Lorelai and Buffy realize they may have to continue going it alone. Buffy/Richard unleash anger upon their houses, expressing resentment towards The First/Fish. While Rory has a confusing reunion with Logan's dad, Spike has a powerful reunion with a jacket from Principal Wood's mom. After ex...

Mark as Played
May 30, 2023 93 mins

Gilmore Girls S7 E14 "Farewell, My Pet"/Buffy S7 E14 "First Date"

Buffy starts dating her boss/the principal, while Rory develops a big stupid crush on her new TA, in a very Buffy meets Riley manner. Rory's not the only one awkwardly flirting and allowing a "beast to emerge" this week, as Xander falls for yet another demon, who's planning some beast emergence of her own. Both Buffy a...

Mark as Played
May 23, 2023 15 mins

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing...

We're so sorry, everyone, but there's no regular podcast episode this week. As much as we would have loved to have given you one, it's been a bit of a crazy week. Stacey had a big work event to prep for, and her niece came to stay with us for 5 days. The next 2 weeks worth of episodes are all watched and recorded, but unfortunately there just wasn't tim...

Mark as Played
May 16, 2023 80 mins

Buffy S7 E13 "The Killer in Me"/Gilmore Girls S7 E13 "I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia"

Christopher and the Scoobies certainly aren't thrilled about the unexpected appearance of Luke and Warren, respectively. Willow copes with her grief by buying a gun, while Emily copes by buying way too much fish. After experiencing sudden pains, Richard and Spike find out they need to have serious medical proc...

Mark as Played
May 9, 2023 85 mins

Gilmore Girls S7 E12 "To Whom it May Concern"/Buffy S7 E12 "Potential"

Dawn and Christopher realize they may not be "the one." These realizations are narrated by the women they can never seem to win over. As Andrew continues his ascent into good guy territory, Anna takes a straight nose dive into villain town. Rory makes amends with Lucy. Buffy reunites with Clem. Clem and Jackson both revel s...

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