Build A Wealthy Spirit

Build A Wealthy Spirit

What would you accomplish if you felt empowered to take more risks and pursue work you love? Many of us live life on autopilot, checking boxes while constantly on the lookout for the next best job, only to realize we still feel dissatisfied and lack purpose. Each week, Sammie and Michelle explore tools their community can use to unlock their full potential. Since it’s hard to build a meaningful life without a secure financial foundation, they break down the most actionable ideas from the financial independence community to help people move from a season of scarcity to abundance.Money without purpose isn’t satisfying in itself, so they take things to the next level by sharing ways to identify your values so that you can feel empowered to pursue the dreams that are most meaningful to you. Join us as we rethink the status quo and Build A Wealthy Spirit!


April 16, 2024 22 mins

This week Michelle and I discuss our insights after reading Same As Ever by Morgan Housel. In Same As Ever, Housel talks about how many things- patterns, behaviors, economic cycles- never change and how these constants can be more interesting than things that evolve. 

He quotes Naval Ravikant “In 1,000 parallel universes, you want to be wealthy in 999 of them. You don’t want to be wealthy in the fifty of them where you got lucky, so...

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This week we are re-visiting one of our favorite early episodes interviewing Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson is know for his guided meditations and hypotherapy sessions. He created the first meditation app ever!

Michelle has been a huge fan of Andrew Johnson for years. She regularly uses his manifestation meditations and she genuinely feels these meditations helped bring in many of the blessings she received during her sabbatical. 


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April 2, 2024 20 mins

When I started calculating my net worth in 2019, I felt like a complete fraud. I had -$164,000 in student loan debt and I knew I would continue to have this debt until my student loan forgiveness period is completed in April 2025. Previously, I also assumed that my net worth would be negative until the loans were forgiven. This is where I was completely wrong. 

As I started tracking I found that with my deliberate saving and investi...

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March 26, 2024 23 mins

When Michelle and I heard that James Clear, author of the renowned book Atomic Habits, launched Atoms, a habit-tracking app, we had to try it for ourselves. Michelle and I are HUGE fans of James Clear, to the point where Michelle may have had a less-than-wholesome dream about him ;). (ahahaha that’s what happens when you let me write the newsletter, Michelle!) He is the captain of our generation’s habit-forming ship. 

Putting Habit ...

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Michelle and I often talk about the “FI Number”: your annual spending x 25. This is the amount of money you need in your nest egg to retire [based on the Trinity study, see show notes]. By retire, we mean you can live off this amount forever assuming you take a 4% withdrawal every year for your annual spending. 

Knowing my FI number helped me set a goal that I could move toward, but knowing these three additional numbers gave me a c...

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In this episode, Michelle and I discuss knowing two numbers, (1) monthly spending and (2) net worth, provides a great framework for understanding how much money we have available for our sabbatical. We also talk about two additional numbers, (3) FI number and (4) Coast FI number, that help create a clear picture of what our financial situation looks like relative to our overall spending needs. 

We also discuss the fear of unproducti...

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The average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. This tasks our willpower which slowly depletes throughout the day. Many of these little decisions waste our time and our decision-making bandwidth. Reducing decision fatigue helps us be more productive and reach our goals. 

Here are some strategies to combat decision fatigue:

  1. Create Structure: Group or batch routine tasks together. By doing similar tasks consecutively, you reduce th...
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If you've ever wondered if there is an alternative to the traditional corporate life, this episode is for you!

Sammie and Michelle had the great pleasure of interviewing Paul Millerd, author of The Pathless Path. We are sharing this episode again because this conversation had a huge impact on us and our listeners. Since we originally aired this episode, Sammie is on the Pathless Path now! 

Paul wrote The Pa...

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February 19, 2024 22 mins

If you want to save money but are afraid of being cheap, this episode is for you. Sammie and Michelle delve into why being cheap is considered bad but frugal is not. They look at the characteristics of cheap people and those of frugal people. A big difference is in values, people who know what they value, can say an enthusiastic yes to things they love and no to the things they don't. However, they don't complain or put o...

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This Valentine's Day Episode is for our single listeners and their busybody friends (you know who you are)! Oz Chen is a personal finance writer who decided to take his dating life out of the hands of Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. Instead of depending on the apps to match him with his soulmate, he took a couple creative turns. He created a "matchmaking program" which was a guide for his friends who knew people who could ...

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February 6, 2024 32 mins
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January 30, 2024 26 mins

Outside of exercise, the primary goal of my sabbatical is to build community. When I was working, I never had time to meet people and build deep relationships. 

Since we are making friends, Michelle and I have been hosting and attending a lot of gatherings. We have found Priya Parker’s tool of having a deep purpose very helpful in creating events that deepen relationships. 

Having a purpose for a gathering may seem simple and obvious...

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Going into 2023, Harris Jones had an impressive work resume. She was the third employee at RehabWallet, a successful real estate startup but she was unsatisfied with how she spent her time after work. 

She was a self proclaimed quiet and meek person, nervous to speak at the real estate events she attended for her work. However, she knew she enjoyed the events and wanted to shift from outside viewer to active participant. ...

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One silver lining of COVID is that it gave me a new appreciation for in-person gatherings. As much as online meetings can help connect when we cannot meet in person, there is nothing that compares to IRL meetings. 

Last weekend, Michelle and I attended CAMP FI in Florida. There were 80+ FI/RE lovers present at a summer-camp style venue with speakers, break-out sessions, outdoor activities- kayaking, yoga, archery, karaoke and lots o...

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With tax advantaged accounts, when it clicks, it's easy to become obsessed with all the ways you can use these money vehicles to build wealth! 

However, it's not always easy to understand! What is Roth? How much should you *really* invest in your 401K?

 This episode is our guide to the basics of tax-advantaged accounts. This includes, what they are, how much to consider investing and why Michelle and Sa...

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Michelle and I like to use Charlie Gilkey’s Four Project Rule from his book Start Finishing to help create our yearly resolution. Charlie recommends limiting yourself to no more than four projects a quarter. He includes things like moving and starting a new job as a project as they require a significant portion of our time. These projects can be re-visited every quarter. Projects that become systematic habits can be removed from th...

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December 26, 2023 21 mins

We have been hearing from a lot of listeners that they are planning to join the “sabaddie” crew and are going to leave their jobs in 2024. 

Other people have expressed concerns that there may be lay-offs at their job and they want to be prepared. 

Regardless of the reason for leaving our job, there are steps we can take to prepare for our departure to make this process smoother. 

  1. Pick a date
  2. I initially thought about leaving my job...
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Nick Gray, author of the The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, joins us today to talk about the best way to make friends as an adult, throw a party with new and old friends!

If that sounds scary, Sammie and Michelle can relate. Luckily, Nick literally wrote the book on throwing the perfect party. On this episode we discuss the challenges of making friends as an adult, why cocktail (or mocktail) parties are a great way to create and d...

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Growing up, I never thought I would leave the workforce and spend my time doing things I love. I had no comprehension of ideas like financial independence, early retirements, or sabbaticals. The paths I saw were laid out in straight lines and cheat codes did not exist. 

Reflecting on our journey, Michelle and I realize we have made some unconventional decisions that have given us financial abundance and, most importantly, time freed...

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This week, Michelle and I discuss the five love languages and how to choose a gift for each person based on their love language. We also share tips for gift-giving for each love language. For example, for someone who loves gifts the packaging can make the whole gift. A beautifully wrapped gift says I came here to give this gift to you, whereas a present in a grocery bag says I thought about this last minute.

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