Building Remotely

Building Remotely

Welcome to Building Remotely! In each podcast episode, Sondre Rasch, CEO and Co-founder of SafetyWing, interviews remote founders and thought leaders to discover innovative and thought-provoking ways to successfully build a remote company. Through the series, we will explore a range of topics and ideas that will help you build, scale-up and accelerate your remote company and team success. Get original insights, tips and tools that leaders of the world's most successful remote companies are using today to succeed.


December 20, 2022 31 mins

How can you get an insight into your remote teams' productivity and impact it positively? 

Rob Rawson founded Time Doctor to help remote companies solve this problem, and is sharing his learnings from over a decade of leading remote teams

In detail we discussed:

  • Economic advantages of remote work
  • Pros and Cons of working async
  • Overcoming hard cultural differences remotely
  • Measuring the performance of your remote employees


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What is a startup city and how do you build it?

Prospera, is a charter city in Roatán, Honduras. Their goal is to build an innovation hub that is exploring new models for economic growth and social prosperity

We talked with Trey Goff, their Chief of Staff and Chief Marketing Officer on why they started this project and how they are aiming to make the vision of Prospera a reality. 

In detail we discussed:

  • Prospera'...
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Kim Hansen has over two decades of experience working with startups. His firsthand experience of the complications surrounding equity grants led to the founding of Cake Equity. 

In this episode, Kim and Sondre discuss the best practices for granting equity to a global remote team. 

Topics we discussed:

  • An introduction to equity and why it is important
  • Turning shares into money
  • An introduction to different equity policies
  • What are opt...
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After Taylor Jacobson started to work remotely and could not find an effective tool to help with his procrastination, he created it himself. 

Focusmate aims to increase remote workers' well-being and productivity by pairing them up in co-working sessions. 

In this episode, Taylor shares scientific insights behind stress and productivity and gives tips on how remote workers can leverage them. 

Topics we also discussed:

  • The foun...
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John Lee is a lifelong nomad and founder of "The Work From Anywhere Team", which aims to solve tax complexity for a global remote workforce. 

In this episode, John shares his insights on tax laws and risks to avoid when employing a global remote team. 

Topics we also discussed: 

  • Emerging tax risks for Remote Workers
  • Tax loopholes you should avoid
  • The 4 ways of setting up taxes for a global remote team
  • How governments and co...
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Ally founded Juno after experiencing the lack of individualised employee benefits himself.

Together with him, we explored how you can offer dynamic benefits for a global remote team. 

Topics we discussed

  • The necessity of remote specific benefits
  • Mistakes most remote companies make when it comes to benefits 
  • An evaluation of SafetyWing's benefits
  • The most popular benefits on Juno
  • Why you should offer small benefits to your team
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How can you communicate authentically in a remote team? 

Elie Dagher is a successful leadership coach and has made it his mission to teach authentic communication strategies to business leaders and teams. In this episode, he shares how you can create a healthy communication culture and handle conflict in a remote team. 

Topics we discussed: 

  • Training leadership in yourself and others
  • Defining authenticity
  • The power of non-violent co...
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After studying economics, Per Borgen switched careers to become a software developer in 2015. One year after taking part in a three-month Bootcamp he co-founded Scrimba - an interactive learning platform for aspiring developers. 

In this episode, Per gives advice to people that want to start their career as a software engineer. 

Topics we discussed:

  • How Per got started with coding, and how Scrimba grew from a side-project into a f...
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What are the possibilities of changing your citizenship as a remote worker?

After being fully nomadic for years, Pieter Levels decided to relocate to Portugal. Many nomads and remote workers were interested in the process, so he founded Rebase - a relocation service for remote workers. Starting with immigration and tax services for Portugal, they are moving onto Mexico. 

In this episode, he shares insights from his relocat...

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April 25, 2022 59 mins

Are your team's virtual meetings effective?

For guidance on how to structure meetings to optimize for efficiency, genuine connection and motivation, we reached out to Jordan Husney, the founder and CEO of Parabol - an app for effective remote meetings.

Find the full transcript here.

Stay tuned for the next episode with Pieter Levels from Rebase on the migration of the new wave of remote workers. 

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What are the characteristics of a good product?

Job van der Voort refined this judgement - first as VP of Product at GitLab and now as founder and CEO of
In this episode he is sharing how to create products people love as well as building and scaling an excellent product team.

Find the full transcript here

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Have you tried organizing in-person gatherings for your remote team?

Sam Laliberte has a great formula for organizing both virtual and in-person team gatherings that prioritize genuine connections and conversations, with a focus on making it accessible and fun for all attendees.

Find the full transcript here.

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How can we tell more engaging stories?

In this episode, we discuss the nuances of storytelling and its role in modern society with the Emmy-nominated television host and storyteller Jason Silva.

Find the full transcript here.

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How can you revolutionize institutions that have been set in stone for centuries?

We spoke to Jeremy Nixon, the CEO of Omni, an organization with the goal of bringing about a new set of institutions.

Find the full transcript here

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How to do customer research remotely?

Karen Mangia, the VP of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce shares how they talk with customers remotely and how to conduct customer research.

Find the full transcript here

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What exactly does a Head of Remote do?

Chase Warrington, the Head of Remote at Doist talked to us about this role and how remote companies can benefit from it.

Find the full transcript here.

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We talked to Sondre Rasch, the CEO of SafetyWing and our usual host for this podcast, about why he decided to build remote first, the YC application process, and building from scratch without relying on outdated traditional government structures.

Find the full transcript here.

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How do you raise money as a remote company?

Together with Yoeri Dassen from 7Percent Ventures, we are diving into different stages of fundraising, how to evaluate your startup and negotiate with VCs remotely. 

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How can asynchronous work simplify remote collaboration?

Together with Adam Nathan, the founder and CEO of Almanac, we discussed the benefits and challenges of asynchronous work, how to reduce meetings as a manager, and the art of switching your focus from inputs to outputs. 

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How can you connect with your team as a remote leader?

We spoke to Sarah Hawley, the founder and CEO of Growmotely about asynchronous leadership, creating alignment in a remote team and leading with integrity. 

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