Business Blasphemy

Business Blasphemy

Sarah Khan, Chief Ease Officer, is calling B.S. on the hustle-focused status quo of online entrepreneurship and getting real about what it takes to grow a business that doesn't become a statistic. In each episode, Sarah helps navigate the rampant B.S. that permeates business strategy, marketing, operations, and mindset that has business owners hustling and pivoting themselves into burnout. She cuts through the noise and gives you guidance on how to view the status quo with a more discerning eye. If you're ready for success without the B.S., buckle up for hard truths, fun rants, terrible puns and (more than) the occasional curse word.


February 20, 2024 36 mins

How much do you really have to give (or give up) to be considered "all in" when it comes to your job or your business?

This week, I recount a deeply personal journey, pulling back the curtain on the emotional rollercoaster of what seems like an increasingly convoluted job application process. I share the excitement of connecting with what seemed like the perfect team, where my expertise was truly valued, to the s...

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Ever thought about the fine line between content writing and copywriting? In this week's episode, I chat with Samantha Burmeister, the force behind Nomad Copy Agency, and we dive deep into the art and science of copywriting—a key element that distinguishes good brands from unforgettable ones.

Samantha shares her unique approach to 'done for you' and 'done with you' services, enriched by her adventures around...

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When life finally threw me the Covid curveball, the forced time off had me questioning the very notion of work-life balance. 

Here's the truth about our pursuit of balance: you'll never reach it because it doesn't exist. 

In this from-the-heart episode, I take a look at the cost of juggling all the balls: health, family duties, and professional ambitions, and reveal how the quest for balance actuall...

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In a world where entrepreneurs can sometimes see ads as the "fix" for business growth, Jenn Possick -- the Ads Maven -- busts the BS: ads are potent tools, but they're not a magic bullet. 

With her sharp insights and years of experience, Jenn shares the foundational elements your business must have in place before you even think about funnelling money into Facebook ads. From the significance of a working and...

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Have you ever tossed a business idea into the void after a brief effort, hoping for instant success but ultimately giving up? 

Hold that thought, because I'm dishing out a reality check on patience and perseverance this week. 

I'm sharing 3 tough love truths that we all need to embrace if we're going to make any progress in our business growth in 2024. Bold claim? Probably. But also probably not.

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Ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels in your business? You're not alone. 

This episode is all about getting unstuck and finding your groove again. We start off by tackling those feelings of fear and uncertainty that keep us frozen in place. I'll even share some down-to-earth advice from my mom that's helped me more times than I can count.

Then, we're diving into the practical stuff – how ...

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Stepping into 2024 doesn't have to mean sprinting full speed ahead. 

I'm all about challenging that relentless hustle culture as we ease into the New Year. 

Forget about the mad dash to be ultra-productive—this week, it's all about intentional pacing and embracing the power of rest. As I share my personal holiday recovery and the surprising clarity that comes from simply slowing down, you'll di...

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Online business has evolved enormously since 2020.

This week, I'm joined by 4 audacious and incredibly powerful and insightful business owners: Jennifer Battle, Rachel Aiken, Elaine Jardon, and Erika Tebbens.

Tune in as they share their journey and the evolution of online entrepreneurship over the last few years. We unmask the aftermath of the pandemic and its effect on business strategies and buyer habits. ...

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Learn more about planning for 2024 with the Growth Navigator Workshop HERE.

Diving into my nerdiness to find business strategy lessons? Absolutely! 

I received an unexpected perspective shift direct from the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, which tied directly to business strategy -- and it was a lesson I absolutely had to share.

We all know the struggles of business in the online space -- the shiny object syn...

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Learn more about planning for 2024 with the Growth Navigator Workshop HERE.

I carry on from last week and offer an intimate insight into my practice of year-end reflection. I reveal my 10 thought-provoking questions for self-reflection and discuss how it fuels my intentional planning. This year, I've chosen to fully embrace the holiday spirit by pausing all client work in December, gifting myself some time for rest an...

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Are you feeling the pressure to lay out your plans for 2024? I'm gonna share a secret with you -- I've discovered the magic of kicking off my planning in mid-January. And before I even get to that point, -- I prep.

You have no idea how much more effective planning in your business can be if you take the time to reflect on your journey so far before deciding where it goes next. Join me as I unpack the process and ...

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Get ready for a no-nonsense dive into the world of email marketing with the ever-delightful Elaine Jardon. 

Having swapped out her teacher's hat for an entrepreneur's cap, Elaine delivers the lessons of the day with the kind of no-nonsense truth-telling former teachers are really good at.

Elaine isn't just another voice in the crowd. She's breaking the mold with her fresh take on email marketing tactics....

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Ready for some goose-bumpy adventures with Business Blasphemy? 

This week we steer away from business as usual and cross over to the realm of the unexplained. We're bringing you a Halloween special filled with eerie and weird stories shared by our community. From haunted office spaces to unsettling vacation experiences, we promise this episode will leave you with goosebumps!

From ghost stories to UFO sighting...

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Military service, legal work in DC, and then digital nomadism in Thailand -- Amber Monaco has never been shy to take on new challenges and carve her own path.

Founder of You Need An Amber LLC, Amber's journey is not only inspiring but also incredibly insightful for anyone looking to streamline their business operations.

In this week's episode, Amber lifts the veil on the realities of hitting big entrepre...

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How often have you, as a woman, been told to sit still, be quiet, or to not make a scene? How has that shaped your journey into entrepreneurship, and does it hold you back from being audacious and authentic?

This week I talk very plainly about the conditioning that women undergo from childhood that follows us into adulthood, influencing our capacity to be authentic, even when we're invited to as entrepreneurs --...
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Easy money is the dream, right? And in the online space that means passive income, baby!

Prepare for a rude awakening as we call BS on the myth of passive income. Spoiler alert: it's not passive at all, or all that lucrative for the majority.

It’s a seductive idea, making money while you sleep, but passive income is in a lot of ways touted as a get-rich-quick type of tactic. 

This week, we unpack the challenges and real...

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Ever thought about how the relentless pursuit of profits often devalues people in the business world? I've been there, and I'm here to share my journey. From being a shining star in the corporate arena to feeling tossed aside as a new mother, I've seen the dark underbelly of business ethics gone wrong. 

This week, I recount one of my many experiences, and how it (in part) inspired me to break free and create...

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Have you ever found yourself in a busy networking event, feeling drained and disconnected as you attempt to navigate the sea of pitches and self-promotion?

That's where I found myself recently, moderating a panel for a local Women's Enterprise Centre event. As an introvert, I was anticipating the usual energy suck. But instead, I found myself energized, and it set off a light bulb moment. Networking (aka connecti...

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Have you ever wondered how our digital age's obsession with instant gratification is impacting our businesses, our goals, and our patience? 

This week I take a quick look at the change technology has wrought and how it's influencing our expectations in life and in biz. I share my philosophy on the concept of "active patience," a practice that combines consistent efforts towards our goals while understan...

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Have you ever had a business contract abruptly terminated by a client without any warning? I've been there, and it's a gut-wrenching experience that leaves you pissed off, inconvenienced, and questioning yourself. 

So, I decided to reach out to others in the business world to hear their tales of "Clients Behaving Badly." The response was astounding, with stories that opened up a Pandora's box of si...

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