Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In keeping with the theme of our podcast, "Business Excellence" we have decided to release a new edition, the Business Excellence Top 5 Series. In this series we interview the best contributors we can source to tell us about their Top 5 tips, tools or ideas relating to their topic around business and / or life. Hosted by Lindsay Adams OAM CSP and Rael Bricker CSP bringing 60+ years of entrepreneurial success and professional speaking together.


April 15, 2024 21 mins

“Usually when the business stops growing, it's my fault. And sometimes it's not that comfortable to admit that. But the truth is, if you want to get great talent to follow you, you have to be a great leader.” 


Kody Thompson Top Five Tips For Building Offshore Teams


1. Get your own mindset and leadership skills up to scratch, as the entrepreneur/leader is critical for building a successful team.

2. Hire staff in the same lo...

Mark as Played

“You can't delegate successfully, if you haven't followed tip number one, documenting, right. If you don’t that, you're going to spend hours on calls, trying to explain things to people, you're going to get frustrated team members, because they don't understand what they should be doing. And then you'll probably think that they're incompetent, and then take back the task yourself. And then you&apo...

Mark as Played

“Too many people spend money, they don't have, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.” 

Rand Selig Top Five Tips For Thriving Personally and Professionally

1. Be a Lifelong Learner 

2. Establish Great Habits and Routines 

3. Figure out How Much is Enough 

4. Leadership

5. Power to Make choices 



01:10 Personal and professional growth through curiosity and habit building


Mark as Played

“Time is always moving forward, tomorrow is going to come whether you want it to or not. And so, you need to be aware of that and you need to plan for it.”

 John Foster Top Five Tips For Making Your Kids Savvy

 1. Failure isn't Fatal (it's essential).

2. People WANT to Meet You (and want to know, like, and trust you) 

3. Don't Make an Enemy on the Way to Making a Deal.  

4. Your Next Best Option is Your Backstop and Launc...

Mark as Played

"I believe human beings are built for growth. We're like elastic bands, you know, we're built to be stretched. It takes two things, it takes a mentality, to want to do that to want to put yourself out of a comfort zone. But then action is also required, small steps. And the more and the more small steps you do when you're trying to do something for the first time, the more you become capable and confident about ...

Mark as Played

"Drama kills deals, and this isn't a big one. It can mean drama in terms of not taking care of some of the stuff we read for instant number one, you know, a financial misstep or a tax liability or maybe you have a threatened lawsuit from a formerly disgruntled employee that you don't disclose to the buyer you forget about and there's nothing worse than for that to creep up on you.”

Brett Story Top Five Tips For M...

Mark as Played

"I think that there is some freedom and some flexibility there. And your staff members need to know, okay, my boss is available at this time. And you also need to know from your staff when they're available. So, if there are contractors, it might look a little different than if there are employees. But there should be some set time when everyone knows, the team is, is together, the team is available."


Donna Dube Top ...

Mark as Played

“So don't discount that just because I'm learning how to negotiate today that this is one and done. It can really serve you for your life on all of your career discussions. And even sometimes, where you go to lunch, where you decide where you're going to pick dinner with your spouse, it's always helpful to have these skills in your fingertips”

Dorothy Mashburn Top Five Tips For Bridging Pay Gaps Through Nego...

Mark as Played

“A personal brand is exposure, like repeated exposure to someone and what they post online, really sets the perception that other people have of you. So, you don't control what people say about you, but you can curate that perception.” 


Annie Margarita Yang Top Five Tips For Personally Branding Yourself As An Industry Expert 

1.   How does personal branding differentiate a job seeker in a competitive market, and how can it elev...

Mark as Played

Release the outcome, you have the right to action, you do not have the right to the results of your action.

Danielle Matthews Top Five Tips For Entrepreneurs 

1.       Be present

2.       Accept the polarity of life 

3.       Understand your inner reaction creates the outcome

4.       Look for the lesson in everything

5.       Release the outcome



01:21    Why being present is so important

06:15    Looking at the bi...

Mark as Played

“You have got to get engaged where you're passionate.”

Peter Winneke Top Five Tips For Using Philanthropy To Build Life Purpose & Legacy

 1.          Pause and think about your legacy

 2.          Think about what upsets you about your community or the world

 3.          Develop a structured approach to your giving

 4.          Get the family engaged

 5.          Best practice giving



 01:13   The importance of ...

Mark as Played

"You do actually need to know who to contact and know how to find the right support. And whether it is the right legal professional, or whether it is finding a mediator, or whether it is going to your business coach as the first step to find someone to be referred to. Knowing your first steps and finding the right support is really key. We don't want to be Googling for a lawyer close to you not knowing what the lawyers go...

Mark as Played

“I always work with my clients to help figure out what that problem is. And then let's spotlight it. Then when you think of an analogy of a spotlight, anything that's in the spotlight is brightened up, and you can see it crystal clear...”


Bruce Scheer Top Five Tips For Getting Your Sales Story Straight

 1.  Target the Right Buyers

 2.  Spotlight the Problem

 3.  Envision the Desired Outcome 

 4.  Showcase the Solution

 5.  Pre...

Mark as Played

“And because you've got no cash flow, you still can't leverage that… How many times have you heard people in their 60s, people in the 70s, say I'm asset rich, but cashflow poor? Yeah, happens all the time. And it's because they've injected all this money into the asset, which gives them a lot of equity, but they've started to run out of money.” 

Sanjay Parasher Top Five Tips To Make Your First Mill...

Mark as Played

“I think brutal focus is the key. So, you know, often when we start to think about a performance, one of the biggest questions people come and talk to me about is like, Oh, I'm trying to do so much. I have no time. I'm trying to figure out how to fit it all in. And I think it's really interesting that when we think about performance, we often approach the problem from the standpoint of how do I do more? How do I, you...

Mark as Played

“There are victories to be found even within failures. Because failure is part of the process of learning and achieving success. And through trial and error. Life is one long, ongoing boxing match. Losing one round or failing at something does not make us a failure for our entire lives. Even the greatest of the greats, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, they got knocked down. But it's not about how many times you get knocked down. It&...

Mark as Played

“Third is vision. You know, there's a proverb that says, without vision, the people perish. We've got to cast a vision for what we're trying to accomplish. And so, while I tease people by saying what do you want to be when you grow up? There's a lot of truth to that. Where do you see yourself? If it's a sales culture? Where do you see your customer or your client or your member using your product or service...

Mark as Played

“Challenge yourself. Pick something that is so far outside of your lane, something you never thought you would do because it scared you and say no, I'm going to learn this. I want to develop more skill and then set out and create that course, create that curriculum of what you're going to do to get to where you're going to be.”

Joe Curcillo’s Top Five Tips For Harnessing The Power Of Cross Disciplinary Think...

Mark as Played

“There is a famous saying isn't there, you always start out with the end in mind. And I guess that is very relevant to anyone listening to this podcast because we're all in business. I think that advice would flow through to even to all bricks and mortar businesses as well. What does a potential exit look like? Who would we sell it to? And how do you value it? And then what do I need to do? What we find is when people sta...

Mark as Played

"Trust is really a two-way street. And in order to build trust, there has to be a first mover. As a leader, it's incumbent upon you to be the first mover. And so, if you want to create a trusting environment within your team, you have to offer trust. And that means trusting that your folks have the organization's and the team's best interests in mind, trust that they have the skills to pursue the tasks and proje...

Mark as Played

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