Call Your Sister

Call Your Sister

Call Your Sister is a podcast for related and unrelated sisters or CYS everywhere co-hosted by Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson. Every week, Alex and Astrid call each other to discuss the complexities of motherhood, sisterhood, identity struggles, dating as a single mother, sex and much more. We’re real Latinx sisters who are fiercely opinionated, and not afraid to realtalk each other about everything from (men)strual cycles and body shaming to the Platanos versus Yuccas debates and current identity life drama. We highlight women who are both trying to keep it together and got it all figured out. We also care deeply about the lived experiences of BIPOC and Lantinx women who are just trying to get through the week. We’re here for every facet of women’s humanity because we are a community, a nation of CYS everywhere.


March 13, 2024 71 mins

Did I ghost you? yes but I am sorry. As a sorry for my disappearing act let me provide with updates to some topics we discussed last year:

  1. Ukraine vs Russia War by the way is still happening
  2. Donald Trump our favorite Cheeto. 
  3. Florida / DeSantis U...
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Current Events discussion: Imagine paying 250k to go see the Titanic, which is approximately 13,000 ft underwater on a submarine that is sealed from the outside, and end up missing 1 hour and 44 minutes into the voyage.
Prayers to the 5 victims on the vessel and their families.


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In this episode Lil Sis Alex and Cousin Sheera discuss Travis Rudolph and Dominique Jones case (trial still happening). This case is pretty nuts! What is loyalty to you? When does loyalty become stupid?  Cause man! What do you expect in return? Listen to how Alex and Sheera talk about Friendships, Social Media, Loyalty, B Simone, Caillou, Hair and the Canada Wildfire. 

Trigger Warning: this episode contains discussion rega...

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In this episode Lil Sis Alex and Cousin Sheera have a roundtable discussion on the controversial topic of gender identity.  Did you know there are 107 different gender identities currently listed for 2023!? Would you consider people whose gender identity does not match assigned sex at birth as having gender dysphoria? Do you believe in gender equally? Should there be a limit or restrictions to what activities transgender people can...

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Happy Late Mother's Day!   This week lil sis Alex shares her motherhood journey. Listen to Alex talk about becoming an autism mom.

Check out our new segment "Help a Sister Out!" Min Mark (51:00)
is this girl an asshole for not inviting her autistic sister to her art show? 

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This week Little Sis Alex, Cousins Sheera and Yassy have a roundtable conversation about Sexual Assault,  Abusers, Guns and D.A.R.E. Listening in to the cousins discuss: do you think there is real accountability for sexual assault crimes? How does race and generation play a part? What about men and their assaults? Survivors can never forget the abuse they endured. They live with it everyday, do you think the same applies to the abu...

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This week join little sis Alex and her Bestie Elizabeth as they discuss Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has super conservative views on race, gender and education. Currently in Florida law HB 5 prohibits an abortion after an unborn child has reached 15 weeks of gestation however Desantis stated he would sign an abortion ban outlawing the procedure once cardiac activity is detected — around the sixth week of pregnancy if...

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This week little sis Alex and cousin Sheera are joined by special guest Lakshmi Rengarajan. Lakshmi is a connection expert working to expand the narrative around romance in the age of big tech. After spending several years working for and WeWork, Lakshmi felt called to address what dating apps are doing to our hearts. 

When it comes to dating-- meeting is easy, but connecting is harder. How can singles cultivate a genuine ...

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This week little sis Alex calls her cousins Sheera, Owner of Quemas Candle Co, and Yassy, Owner of MissYassyBakes. Listen in as they discuss the horrific death of Shanquella Robinson. Imagine going on vacation with "friends" and 1 day into the trip everything turns south. Cousins Alex, Sheera and Yassy talk through what this case means to them. What new fears they now have with traveling with "friends" (Imagínat...

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Welcome to Season 2! Short and Sweet welcome episode. Catch up with Host/ Little Sis Alex as she gives you updates on the Podcast and asks what the fuck is going on in the world? Listen in as Alex talks about her thoughts on the War on Ukraine, Donald Trump R. Kelly and banking in the US. 

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In this episode sisters Alex and Astrid return from vacation to discuss the Roe v Wade overturn and what that means for society. Sisters raise some questions and logistics that were not considered. This includes health complications, the rising healthcare cost, the formula shortage, amount of children in foster care currently homeless and much more. It is a difficult time for women and families alike. The power of choice is slowly ...

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June 1, 2022 44 mins

In this episode sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson discuss their recent mini-vacation at Chicago, IL. They had the whole experience of visiting the Navy Pier, seeing the Chicago bean, and Boystown. They got to experience the LGBTQ+ community in a whole new way and loved the community of Chicago. This made the Memorial Day weekend one to remember and an excuse to visit once more.

If you have not visited Chicago we ...

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May 25, 2022 48 mins

In this episode sisters, Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson, discuss the top five characteristics of emotional intelligence and how the pandemic has caused a decline in social skills. Many of us have been noticing the over stimulation while in the office. We find the noise, small talk, and even the clock ticking as a distraction. This all has to deal with a decline in our social skills.

It is only natural that after two y...

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May 11, 2022 63 mins

After a couple of weeks of overcoming colds, company trips/engagements, and just life turning sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson into  anti-social bums, they decided to come back for a little catch-up. As many are aware, Kevin Samuels passing along with more pressing matters like the supreme court voting on the case of Roe vs. Wade implications on women's bodies.

While Kevin Samuels suggested that women who w...

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In this episode Astrid Ferguson and Alexandra Hodge circle back on childhood memories and define what feels safe in relationship. Astrid the older sister identifies loyalty and integrity as one of her core values. It is such a high value for her that when others don't reciprocate the gesture she begins to withdraw. Have you listener, ever felt like this?

Alexandra identifies the need for safety and transparency. No on...

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April 6, 2022 70 mins

In this episode sisters Alexandra hodge and Astrid Ferguson decide to weigh in on a clip from a fellow podcast that went viral. The aries and scorpio podcast shared a clip about a guest that stated "She would rather die on the side of the road than call her daughters father." Naturally, Alex and Astrid decided to share some of their own struggles with co-parenting and learn when to put egos aside for the best interest of ...

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March 30, 2022 42 mins

In this episode sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson discuss withdrawing from grief and it's after affects. It is not secret that grief has been the center at the demise of many of the characters we have witnessed in both real life and in our favorite stories (Bridgerton, Encanto, and even the Yeezy Netflix series to name a few). Grief is a tragic emotion most of us have or will experience in many different forms.

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In this episode Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace, biases they didn’t realize they had, and the brown eye blue eye experiment by Jane Elliot. Most people think of diversity and inclusion as one of the same but in reality they are separate. In the workplace the main thing that is missing and spent the least amount of time is in, is training. Alexandra who worked in HR many years, pa...

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In this episode sisters Alexandra and Astrid discuss what is the mom complex and how it compares to mom guilt. Hint: they are not discussing the mom complex referring to dating terms. Many know the mom complex when it refers to a guy dating females who mirror traits of his mother. We are talking about the mom complex as it relates to care vs. loving your children.

Big sister, Astrid Ferguson discusses a conversation she wa...

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March 9, 2022 56 mins

In this episode, sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson discuss experimentation with sexuality only to find out they are just extremely boring straight females! Alex genuinely wants to keep exploring and researching the topic of polyamory. So if you know someone who is poly or in a poly relationship send them our way. Besides the comical messy discussion on dating, the sisters tackle some current events that have hit the stree...

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