Calming the Chaos with Sarah

Calming the Chaos with Sarah

I'm Sarah and my podcast is all about supporting moms. As a mom, we have to fight constantly for our kids and for ourselves. We need to have confidence in ourselves to push when no one will listen and strength to fight when we are beyond exhausted. I want my podcast to be the place you come when you need a pep talk or to find answers to the questions we all have on this journey! Come chat with me! I'm on Facebook @ and Instagram @ Or check out my website, If you are ready to start your own podcast, check out Buzzsprout! Use my link below and it let's Buzzsprout know we sent you, gets you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan, and helps support our show.


December 29, 2023 61 mins

I love getting to share people's stories because I feel like when we hear others that are going through similar things, it helps us feel less alone on our journey. I also know first hand that many neurodiverse women have struggled for a long time with being undiagnosed and unheard. So today I wanted to share Shannon's story with you as she talks with me about learning how to navigate this world as a later in life diagnose...

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Just a huge warning here - I am laying out some parts of my journey I don't often share so it may be a bit much for some.

Hey hey mama! I found an amazing podcast a while back called My Invisible Disease and I reached out to the hosts, Jenny and Kassy, and shared with them how much it meant to me what they were sharing. As someone who lives with an "invisible disease" it is so hard sometimes because the out...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I talk with Stefanie on guilt, boundaries, and co-regulation.

Stefanie Fernandes is a conscious parenting coach and therapist. Her approach is parent-centric and gentle. Stefanie helps moms gain control over their parenting with tools that support communication and get their kids to finally listen!

Get Stefanie's free guide to getting your child to listen -

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Hey hey mama! When I connected with Laura, her story blew me away.  Raising 10 children, raising 3 children with FASD, and adding 6 of those children to the family over the course of only 4 years! Any one of those is an amazing feat but all three?! Laura saw that the typical routines and family organization ideas didn't fit with a family like hers, so she dug in, put in the work, and created one that did! Now she helps other m...

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Hey hey mama and welcome to Calming the Chaos with Sarah! A big part of this podcast for me is connecting you with mamas who have a story that inspires you and gives you hope. And that is what Alyse's story is: an inspiration.  Alyse kept pushing when she knew her daughter needed extra support despite so many not listening to her. And she kept pushing until she found someone who did listen! Join us today as she shares her jour...

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Hey hey mama! I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on a good friend's podcast. Joann Camacho or Josie as I call her has an amazing podcast for moms called Moms Need Moms. Listen in as we talk all about understanding the season you are in, finding a supportive community, and how to calm the chaos in your life.

You can find more  Moms Need Moms episodes @

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So often I hear moms say that life has gotten so busy, they don't even remember what they enjoyed doing when they used to have free time. We let life take over and forget how to find the joy. If you know what I am talking about, then this episode is for you! Caroline Busick started Make It Joy to help women live their life with joy and today she is sharing with us all about how to find the joy again!

Caroline believe...

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I know normally my focus is on making  mom life easier or offering support and solutions for our struggles but I wanted to share another perspective of mom life. The view of someone who is childless not by choice. When I connected with Carrie, I knew that her perspective would be helpful to so many whether you are someone who was just scrolling by and found this episode and it made you feel seen and heard as someone who is yourself...

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Like many of us, Anouk’s experience of parenthood was not always a smooth one. During her children’s younger years, she often felt overwhelmed, and doubted her skills as a mom constantly. She tried everything and none of it was working. From the outside, it looked like she had it all together but behind closed doors she was struggling with her kids intense emotional reactions! 

It took a while before she felt like she regained contr...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I chat with Vanda Aubrey and she shares all about her path with hormone struggles, how to truly get heard when we have concerns, and what to look for to know how to help yourself!

Vanda is a Women’s Health & Hormone Coach. She is on a mission to help Moms in the trenches of toddlerhood fix hormone imbalances so they can boost their energy, mood, & fertility! She has helped dozens of M...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I chat with Adriana about caregivers’ needs and rest and what that looks like. 

When I first met Adriana a few months ago, I knew immediately that I wanted her as a podcast guest! I have found resources for so many areas of our lives but have not really seen something out there truly supporting us as caregivers. In so many ways, our caregiver role needs nurturing and supporting more than all the others...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I chat with Tonisha shares about her experience dealing with a demanding life and autoimmune disorder

With a solid decade in Healthcare and IT recruitment, I've honed my skills as the go-to solver of problems and cultivator of results. Now, as the founder of SVS, I'm all about sharing what I've learned with enterprises, small businesses, and top-tier coaches and consultants. My...

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Hey hey mama! Join me as I talk with Dr. Gila  about dysregulation, connection based parenting, and how to keep our proverbial sink from overflowing.
Dr. Gila (rhymes with “tequila”) (she/her) is a certified parent coach and owner of Connection-Based Parenting. She's also a psychologist and neuropsychologist, and, most importantly, a single mom. She helps parents handle the hard stuff, & build strong, healthy rel...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I chat with Jen Nicol about hanging our outlook on movement in our lives and how to use movement to regulate our nervous system.

Jen Nicol identifies as a sensitive and empathic individual, recognized for her ability to pick up on energies and her deep thinking and feeling nature. With a profound belief in something greater than herself, she embarked on a journey into Reiki, becom...
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Hey hey mama! Are you neurodiverse? Do you feel like you have tried all the systems to get your home organized but none of them seem to work for you? You are not lazy or unorganized! You just need a different approach that works with the way you process! Join me today as Alyssa from Alyssa's Yellow House shares about the systems she developed to help make organization make sense!

Through a series of life turns (we all...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I chat with Ashley O about weight stigma and how to truly hear us when we say your weight does not equal your worth!

Ashley is a registered nurse turned health + fitness coach on a mission to bridge the gap between dieting and intuitive eating by simplifying the pursuit of wellness. She is also the host of The Ashley O Show podcast, which aims to challenge our definition of “health” and showc...

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Hey hey mama! Join me today as I chat with Ashley O about letting go of the labels that we let hold us back, finding pockets of time to take care of ourselves, and how to get big results from small actions!

Ashley is a registered nurse turned health + fitness coach on a mission to bridge the gap between dieting and intuitive eating by simplifying the pursuit of wellness. She is also the host of The Ashley O Show podcast, w...

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Hey hey mama! Do you have a child that is struggling in school but you aren't quite sure what's going on or how to help? Well join me today as I chat with Scotti about how to Reframe our Parenting and come at the struggles from a place of curiosity to help us get answers!

As we gear up for another academic year, I’ve got some fantastic news for you. Drumroll, please... the waitlist is open for our highly anticipa...

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Hey hey mama! Today I have Philippa Robinson on the show with me again.  Join us as we talk about having self compassion when we have a hard time accepting help, how to reduce our anxiety by not over-planning, and how to learn to listen to our body when it begs us to slow down. We also chat about balancing control, figuring out what needs to be controlled, and what control we can let go of.

Philippa Robinson studied law a...

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Hey hey mama! If you have a child that has executive function struggles, you know that often the skills needed are not taught in the traditional school system. Today's guest saw this need and found a way to bridge the gap and help students learn the skills needed to truly get a handle on time management and executive functioning skills.

Chris Fugelsang, an executive functioning coach for 2E, ADHD, and outside of the ...

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