Career Building from the Inside Out

Career Building from the Inside Out

Take everything you thought you knew about job hunting, interviewing, networking, and throw it all out. We're going to start over from a mindful, heart-centered approach, and uncover career opportunities that are already aligned with your values. If you're ready to break through to the next level in your career, keep listening, because your life is about to change.


September 17, 2023 5 mins

Managing your online identity means understanding that your presence in the world is bigger than just your physical presence. Your digital presence is worldwide and it's accessible to everyone. Know what's out there, manage it, and get in front of things that are negative.

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Trevor Calton speaks to university masters students about job hunting and networking. (Live)

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September 1, 2023 9 mins

You're Not Applying for a Job
hen you apply, you're actually applying for an interview, and then you interview for a job. 

This is an important distinction to make because we often think that the only way that we're going to get to the job is if we get to the interview through the application process. 

You don't necessarily have to go through the application process to get the interview. There are a lot of dif...

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September 1, 2023 5 mins

Showing your personality is incredibly important.

If you try and water down who you are, what you're going to do is you're gonna end up diluting or masking all of the things that people, especially an interviewer, are looking for as a way to connect with you, as a way to get to know who you are and what type of person are you.

Because one of the things that hiring managers are always trying to do is evaluate whether or no...

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September 1, 2023 6 mins

The first thing a hiring manager does when they want to fill a position is look within within the company. Where's the second place they look?

They look within their network. They're going to reach out to people they personally know professionally and personally and say, "Whom do you know that may be a good fit for this job?” 

And only after that does the hiring manager then typically go to the public, which means pos...

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September 1, 2023 7 mins
How do people go about looking for a mechanic? Let's say you're brand new in town. You don't know anybody and you have European sports car that needs a very competent, skilled mechanic who specializes in European sports cars. You have a couple options. You could get online and let's say you find, 10 different mechanics that work on European sports cars. Maybe check out the reviews, but you don't really know how trustworthy those ...
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September 1, 2023 4 mins

"It's not what you know, but who you know." Right?

That used to be true, but it's not true anymore.  It doesn't matter as much who you know, but what matters is who knows you. In other words, what is really important is that we create awareness.

If They Don't Know You, It Doesn't Count
If you think you have a connection with somebody just because you know them, it doesn't necessarily mean...

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September 1, 2023 3 mins

Right after I finished college I was working a job in a restaurant. I was waiting tables and I was looking for that, my first professional job.

And one day I'm waiting tables at the restaurant and this gentleman strikes up a conversation with me and he is like, "Hey, you know, I really like your energy. I like your outgoing attitude. I think you might be a great fit for my company." 

And I said, "Well, what comp...

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September 1, 2023 3 mins

The most powerful tools that you have at your disposal (aside from your smartphone) are a handshake and a smile.

Being face to face, being able to see the whites of somebody's eyes, the expressions on their face, and the energy that somebody puts off.

When I do this workshop in person, I always show people like, "I can prove to you how a handshake and a smile is the most powerful thing that you have at your disposal."...

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September 1, 2023 5 mins

You are not what you eat.

You are what you like or dislike. What you do or don't do, etc. You are what you like. You are what you're interested in. You are what you're good at.

I'm just trying to reframe that that actually the phrase "you are", because the only thing that you actually are is an unique individual. 

You are not predefined. You can do whatever you want. You can learn whatever skill that in...

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August 31, 2023 3 mins

Almost Everyone Feels Stuck At Some Point

I can't recall anybody who hasn't felt that feeling before when you either know that you need to make a career change or you've just been laid off from your job and suddenly you have submitted a hundred resumes out around town and gotten no calls and and all you feel is just stuck in the mud and that, and then suddenly discouragement starts to creep in or despair, wondering&quo...

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The worst career question to ask someone: "What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?"

The word "what" implies that you have to pick just one thing. That you have to decide, finally, for good, what you want to do as a career. Well, the truth is you don't have to decide one thing.

The next part of this question I don't like is the word "BE".  Who says that you have to "be" anyt...

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August 29, 2023 3 mins

"Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty" - Harvey Mackay

Your Job is Going Away. You have a 99.99% chance of changing jobs. Your job is going away. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, not this year, but jobs go away.

Among all of the reasons why people change jobs, most of them are beyond our control. So plan ahead

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Take everything you thought you knew about job hunting, interviewing, and networking, and throw it all out.

We’re going to start over from a mindful, heart-centered approach that’s going to uncover career opportunities that are already aligned with your values, and your life is about to change.

What is Career Building from the Inside Out? The three elements are: Looking Inside, Changing Your Mindset, and Reaching Out.

Don't ex...

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