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Welcome to the Career Speakeasy, a casual, fun, and irreverent place to share ideas about career development, the world of work, and life in general. Hosted by Kelli Nottingham, a talent management & training consultant and public speaker, with (many!) years of experience in corporate learning & development. We'll chat about ways to make your career more enjoyable, meaningful, and impactful. So come on in and pick your poison!


February 4, 2022 27 min

The Career Speakeasy podcast is back for its 3rd season!  We're kicking off our new competency-based format with a long look in the mirror.  Yes, this episode is all about self-awareness and self-management.  These two skill areas are critical for any other professional or personal growth you may attempt.  Without them, we're all just oblivious wrecking balls of human beings, and nobody wants that, right?

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Light out of darkness: the theme of so many holidays at this time of year.

Know what else is all about light out of darkness?


Resilience isn't being impervious to setbacks - it's the ability to bounce back from setbacks.  Which is good, because we all deal with disappointments!

Think you're born with a set level of resilience?  Nonsense.  We can build that skill just like any other.  In this episode, we look at 2...

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It's Gratitude Time!  

Gratitude gives us a different (bigger) perspective on our lives.  It can make us feel humble, small, receptive.

That's awesome.  Except when it goes too far.  Then it's not great.  When we have too much humility, we may not advocate for ourselves like we should, whether at work, at home, or with any opportunity.  

In this episode, we turn gratitude inward, to discover how to be grateful to ourselves...

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November 10, 2021 24 min

I’m going to go on record here saying that the word "priorities" plural is just messed up.  The word priority (singular) means the thing that goes first.  

As in, the singular first position. 

Saying that we can have more than one thing in the first position is a recipe for stress and overwhelm and divided attention.

And here's a Big Truth:  Our priorities aren't what we say they are, they're what we actually DO.  ...

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It's the spooky season and this is a rerelease of a great episode all about Fear!  No, it's not scary (I promise!), but we are going to chat about how we can use our fears productively.  

Fear is there to help us - it keeps us safe and makes us alert to possible dangers, but sometimes gets so big and so all-encompassing that it holds us back in our lives and careers.  

In this episode we explore: 

  • The Benefits of Fear 
  • Three wa...
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    Hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, and those puffy vests that people dig out of the back of their closet as soon as the weather gets a slight chill.  Ah yes autumn!  My favorite season.

    Whenever autumn comes around, it sends me into self-reflection mode.  Something about the world shedding its summer glory to rest into winter's chill inspires me to slow down and think:

    How has my year gone so far?  Are there things I need to change to g...

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    August 30, 2021 23 min

    What if we discovered a switch in our psyches that would turn our fears into courage?  What risks would you take if your courage were doubled?

    What if I told you that courage is not a prerequisite for taking risks, but a RESULT of taking risks?  

    Interested in learning more?

    In today's episode, we explore a new way to think about courage: instead of an unpredictable emotion, courage is a muscle that we can train and build, so that...

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    Ever had a narcissist play you like an old ukulele?  Not fun.

    They can show up anywhere - home, work,  social settings, and they're hard to resist (at first, anyway).

    We're diving into the manipulative, self-centered world of narcissists today, to learn what they're thinking, how they interact with others, and most importantly, how we can protect ourselves from their wily ways!  

    Especially if you consider yourself an empa...

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    Are you trying to find more balance between your work and the rest of your life?  

    And does the whole "finding balance" thing just feel like part of your To Do list?  

    Well in today's episode, we're going to explore a new way of thinking about work/life balance, one that will lift off the ACTUAL cause of work/life imbalance.  

    Most of the advice out there on how to balance our lives is off the mark.  

    Instead of giving ...

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    Ah, personal and professional branding.? There's a slew of information out there on creating your brand through your online profiles, your personal elevator speech, etc.? The problem?? You already HAVE a brand, whether you have a LinkedIn profile or not. ?

    And if everyone thinks you're a pain in the butt, the fanciest elevator speech in the world won't help you. ?

    In today's episode, we're going to look at the way...

    Mark as Played

    REMASTERED!  When you want someone to share your opinion, but you know you can't force them to agree with you, what's left?

    Influencing them, of course!

    And despite what social media influencers would have you think, influencing is not the same as just directly selling someone on an idea.  It takes some deep thinking, some reflection, and of course, a plan!  

    In this episode, you'll learn my 3-Step Influencing Model, so yo...

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    Whether it's knee-knocking terror or just butterflies in your stomach, fear of public speaking holds so many people back in their careers and life in general.

     In this episode, I share 4 practical approaches you can take to manage (and even conquer!) your fear of public speaking.

     Don't hide your voice and ideas - the world needs them now more than ever!

     So listen now and get ready to speak up!  "Conquer Your Fear of Publ...

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    Conflict is NOT a 4-letter word!   

     If your reaction to conflict is either:

  • Slip on the ol' boxing gloves or
  • Run away as fast as possible
  • then today's episode is going to change your perspective (with no anger or yelling at all!)  The truth is, most of us don't like the idea of conflict - we think it'll feel messy, personal, and damaging.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  

    Conflict can be a wonderful opportunity...

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    Humans are emotion-driven creatures, whether we want to admit it or not.  And many of the most challenging situations that come up for us aren't based strictly on fact - they're based on feeling: managing conflicts, change, influencing others, sales, delegating.  Trying to fix a feeling-based problem with a fact-based solution, ain't gonna help.

    In this episode we dig into the work of Daniel Goleman, who wrote (arguably)...

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    Does the thought of networking make you feel:

  •   Icky
  •   Grumpy
  •   Queasy
  •   Terrified
  •   All of the Above  
  •  Well fear not, listener!  In this episode we're going to bust four common myths about networking that keep many people from building the strong, mutually beneficial relationships that great networks provide.  No pushy or smarmy behaviors needed.  Who knows?  You might even learn to *gasp* LOVE networking! 

    In this episode I mentio...

    Mark as Played

    Let's start digging into building our professional and personal networks.  Here's a mini episode  to prepare you for next week's full episode on Networking The Non-Icky Way.

    I'm on vacation this week, visiting with family I haven't been able to see in 1 1/2 years (yay for vaccines!), but I didn't want to leave you hanging.  Next week we'll have a full episode on how to network professionally without feel...

    Mark as Played

    Are you a Take This Fun Quiz kind of person?  If you said yes, today's episode is especially for you.  We're digging into different ways that people communicate, using a modified DISC assessment that we'll do right here!  In this episode!  No complicated test needed!

    But if you're afraid of being labelled as Type X or Style_______, no worries - we'll also explore how we aren't really putting ourselves into a ...

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    EXTRA EXTRA (mini-episode!)

    Are you a leader who is now managing remote employees or a blended team of remote and in-office people? You now have even MORE responsibilities, including one very important one: VISIBILITY! (Yes I'm shouting, because this is crucial stuff!)

    Today's video shares one straightforward tactic to start the process of building solid communication and visibility for both your team and yourself!

    Subscribe t...

    Mark as Played

    The world is so much more open to remote work, to being a digital nomad, and that's fantastic!  If that way of working is calling to you - great!  Go for it!  Bon voyage!

     But there are some really important things to keep in mind.  {Cue sad trombone}

     One of the most crucial concerns about remote work is the lack of VISIBILITY that comes with it.  And I don't just mean turning your camera off during video calls.  We're t...

    Mark as Played

    I’m all for individuality - doing things your own way!  Forging your own path through life!  Woo!  Unique Rules!

     But hey.

     If someone has learned a lesson the hard way, or has figured out an amazing technique for dealing with a situation, why reinvent the wheel?  

     We may be unique, but it doesn't mean we're remote desert islands in a sea of I Gotta Figure This Out By Myself.  

     We're more like an Archipelago of Shared Kno...

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