Chaos to Peace with Conny: Business and Finance Organizing Tips for Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants

Chaos to Peace with Conny: Business and Finance Organizing Tips for Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants

This podcast will deliver tips on how to declutter and organize your home, office, files and finances. I will show you how a few minutes a day can keep the chaos away and with chaos we're talking about the physical, digital, social, financial, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual clutter that can accumulate in our life and business. If you are a small business owner, service provider, coach or consultant that works from home, you are in the right place. I'll share tips, tools, and techniques on how to clear your clutter, get organized and how to put habits and simple systems in place that prevent the clutter from creeping back in. This podcast will provide answers to questions like: ☑️How and where do I start decluttering? ☑️How and when do I start organizing? ☑️What's the difference between decluttering and organizing? ☑️How do I find the time to declutter and organize ? ☑️How do I plan and execute my decluttering and organizing project? ☑️How do I prevent the chaos from creeping back in? ☑️How do I set up an organized workspace? ☑️What are some ways to reduce the financial chaos? and much more By living a clutter-free life you are making time and space for the things that are most important and you make progress towards your dreams and goals in life and business while being organized and at peace is simply a side-effect.


July 8, 2024 47 mins

Is resilience a myth or even a lie? 

My guest Malumir Logan has an extensive background in strategic roles, neurolinguistic techniques, and academia and she offers a fascinating perspective on mental clutter, intersectional leadership, and the often unseen barriers that marginalize individuals have to face. 

We talk about the intricacies of ethical and compassionate leadership and the sensitive issue of unintentio...

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In today's episode I talk about the power of investing time versus merely spending it. I challenge you to shift your thinking, I believe this is a corner stone of being organized and working efficiently.

Imagine having the support and guidance you need to set up the foundation to conquer your chaos once and for all. That's what I offer with Jumpstart —helping you pave the way to a more organized, efficient busin...

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This episode breaks down the critical distinctions between organizing and clearing clutter and provides actionable insights to help you take control of your environment, life, and business for enduring results.

Become a founding member of  Chaos to Peace Jumpstart - my brand-new live program

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From Chaos to Peace Consulting Inc -

You can bring your Ch...

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What if you could unlock a little helper, your inner animal alliy? I'm introducing my brand-new Archetype Quiz that helps you transform your approach to clearing clutter and organizing by revealing whether you resonate with a fiery dragon, grounded tortoise, curious hummingbird, or empathetic dolphin.

Inspired by the elements of astrology and Carl Jung's archetypes, this quiz highlights your natural strengths an...

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If you're feeling overwhelmed by chaos and clutter in your workspace and life listen up:  I've created the 21-day Chaos to Peace Jumpstart Live Program to help you transform your environment and finances.

Starting on June 20th, 2024, at the Solstice, we'll embark on this journey together. Using Astrology as a basis, you'll gain self-awareness and how you function (or I like to call it how you tick)...
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    Awareness preceds change, reflections transform your life. 

    In this episode I talk about how I align my life with my priorities and how I regularly check-in with myself and how this keeps me grounded and focused as well as clutter-free. 

    If you're ready to go from sabotaging to supporting environemnt, listen in as I introduce my brand new 21-day jumpstart program designed to help you transition from chaos to ...

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    Unlock the guiding compass within you as I sit down with the Intentional Optimist and transformational leadership coach Andrea Johnson, to unearth the transformative power of core values. 

    Are your decisions an authentic reflection of who you are? 

    This episode promises to equip you with the insights necessary to align your life's choices with your deepest principles, fostering a truer sense of identity and d...

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    Have you ever letting that all-or-nothing mindset sabotage your goals? I get candid about personal experience with the all or nothing trap, the traps of setting unrealistic standards, and why embracing self-compassion is critical. 
    I talk about that perfection is not the path to success and allowing ourselves the grace to be happy with a "B minus" is what actually gets us out of procrastination and brings us forward. ...

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    Words are powerful, in this episode I unveil the hidden consequences of this seemingly harmless word on our emotional well-being. By recounting my personal skirmishes with the word, I'll show you how altering our linguistic choices can ignite a gentler, more inquisitive approach to life's tasks—transforming obligation into opportunity.

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    From Chaos to Peace Consulti...

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    If you're drowning in chaos in your physical, digital and financial spaces and you have tried to get organized before but slid back into chaos eventually. 

    This is because you either skipped one of these stages or you didn't make sure that the doors were watertight behind you after you entered a new stage. 

    I share with you the journey I take my clients on to go from Chaos to Foundation to Expansion and ...

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    In the first part of the episode I talk about the reasons why a cluttered space feels so very heavy and how we are energetically connected with everything we own. Which then leads me to my guest Marilyn Penny. 

    Marilyn is a Soul Realignment Practitioner and a reader of the Akashic Records. She brings a unique blend of spiritual insight and pragmatic expertise to real estate as well as our personal well-being with a special...

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    It's so easy to focus on what is not right, what's not working, or what bothers us, on the mess and chaos that we forget to allow ourselves to honour and value what we do have and what does work. 

    With a Love tours we are showing appreciation and gratitude to the things we have and we show ourselves where we are succeeding, where we are organized, where it is working. As a result it's also a way of becoming ...

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    We can research what to do  and even how to do it, but if we don't take action all that we learn, all the knowledge, any intentions, goals, visions and resolutions don't change a thing. So what does it take to not procrastinate but to take action? 

    I share with you what I've done lately and how I made sure my intentions don't just turn into pipe dreams and what process I use to go from intention to acti...

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    Why do we/I procrastinate and how can we overcome it and actually take action and make progress on our goals whether that's decluttering, getting clear on our finances or start a new project (once Mercury goes direct) ? 

    I share with you what I found out about myself and what I think the solution can look like. You want to tune in and found out what Matthew McCaughnegy has to do with my solution and why it's impo...

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    A lot of people are worried when Mercury is retrograde, because things often go wrong or get delayed, but did you know this is a fabulous time for clearing clutter, finishing things and fixing things? 

    Listen in on what to be aware of, what to avoid, and what to do instead. 

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    From Chaos to Peace Consulting Inc -

    You can bring your Chao...

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    Our surroundings shape our mood and productivity, and organizing our living and working spaces is more than achieving tidiness, is actually an act of self-respect and self-love. 

    A clear supportive space equals a clear supportive mind and in this episode I'll share with you how I discovered this for myself at an early age and how you can start your journey too. 

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    Today I go back to the basics and talk about what clutter is. 

    A messy house, an overflowing closet, a garage or basement filled to the brim, a messy office, a chaotic desk, an overflowing inbox, overdue bills, non-existent financial overview.... those are all examples of clutter, but there is so much more to it

    I cover 4 categories of clutter and within these categories I talk about 6 different types of clutter that can oc...

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    In this episode I first talk about the connection between clutter and grief and the various life events that can cause us to be grieving, since that is not only when we lose loved ones. Often these challenging times can lead to a buildup of belongings that serve as a shield against the pain of loss that we don't want to process.
    That is also the reason why decluttering is often more than tidying up; it's an emotional...

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    In this episode, I explore the concept of 'Acting As If' and its transformative impact if we let it. I share my personal insights from my experience with a new computer monitor that created a bit of chaos in my otherwise very supportive workspace. You will hear how going though the Act as if process you too can make significant improvements in your home, life and work environment, and your mindset that will lead to more p...

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    If you're looking for tips around how to be strategic with your social environement you're in the right place. This week I share a tip on why and how to clear what I call social clutter. 

    Discover why and how I am letting go of certain influences and influencers who have lingered in my life for too long. Liberation comes from clearing not only physical spaces but also social circles, including personal relationsh...

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