China in the Americas

China in the Americas

A podcast exploring the growing economic, political and social relationships between China and the Americas. Hosted by Rasheed Griffith.


July 25, 2022 69 mins

To China or the market? Why borrow from a Private lender instead of China? In this episode, Rasheed talks to Federico Sequeda about why international US-based commercial creditors invest in Caribbean bond markets. 

Federico Sequeda is Head of Country Research and Portfolio Manager for the Emerging Markets Team at Eaton Vance. Eaton Vance is a part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management. 

Key Points Include:

  • Fundamental Debt Metrics
  • W...
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    The Republic of Panama officially recognized the People's Republic of China in 2017. Ever since then, there has been a constant parade of op-eds from think tanks about the potential risk of China's advance in Central America. We are joined by Sebastian Naranjo, a PhD candidate at Renmin University in Beijing and an Asia Desk Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panamá, to seek some truth from facts on this issue. 

  • W...
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    IMF Structural Adjustment Programs; Private Creditor Committees; Chinese bilateral loan contracts; Activist Hedge Funds; Paris Club vs China Development Bank.

    In foreign policy circles there is so much talk about Chinese  bilateral loans in Latin America and the Caribbean (and globally). But there seems to be little understanding of the dynamics sovereign debt markets which have important players like private investors and the Inter...

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    February 12, 2022 57 mins

    U.S Foreign Policy in the Caribbean seldom contemplates Monetary Policy. Domestic currencies in the Caribbean pervert economic freedom. Rather than being seen as economic imperialism, the spread of United States Dollars in the Caribbean should be seen as the spread of economic freedom. I am joined by Dr. DeLisle Worrell, former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados to discuss why all Caribbean currencies should be permanently re...

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    February 9, 2022 64 mins

    In this episode I am joined by Ethan Knecht (author of The China-LAC Dispatch) and Mitch Hayes (author of The China Signal) for a roundtable discussion on what we think were the top stories of 2021 as it relates to China-Latin America & the Caribbean relations.

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    Music: Silver Tongue Devil by Masego ft. Shenseea 

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    August 20, 2021 43 mins

    Following the 2018 arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou 孟晚舟 on extradition charges to the USA, the political relationship of Canada and China has entered a "Deep Freeze" (as stated by David Mulroney, former Canadian Ambassador to China). In retaliation Chinese authorities arrested two Canadians in China; one of them recently sentenced to 11 years in jail.  Earlier this year Canadian parliament declared that the treatment of Uy...

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    August 5, 2021 45 mins

    How should the embassies of small states be structured to optimize their economic return in relation to China? This episode features Dr. Chelston Brathwaite, Barbados's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China (2014-2017). Prior to that, Dr. Brathwaite served as the Director General of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). 

    Show Notes

  • Dr. Brathwaite's recently published memoirs- Memories ...
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    Earlier this year China published a white paper on its new approach to International Development Finance. Our guest, Stella Zhang, described this white paper as a "landmark document" in Chinese foreign policy. We discuss the implications of the document along with the nuances of how Chinese firms currently approach international contracting projects and financing. How will these firms operate differently going forward? How ...

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    Scott B. MacDonald is a Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He is also the chief economist at Smith’s Research & Gradings. Prior to that, he was the head of research at MC Asset Management LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation; chief economist for KWR International and an international economic adviser in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in Washington, D...

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    July 24, 2021 49 mins

    To truly understand Sino-Cuban relations you need to understand the context of Cuba's relations with Venezuela, the US, and the former USSR. Why did USSR become the Patron of Cuba for most of the Cold War? Why did Venezuela step in to support Cuba after the USSR collapse?  Just as the last cold war will Cuba be the nexus of the "New Cold War"? We discussed all of these questions.

    Dr. Bradley J. Murg is Dean of the Facul...

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    Kanyi Lui is a Taiwanese-Australian international finance lawyer based in Beijing. He is a Partner at Pinsent Masons with almost two decades of experience advising major financial institutions and borrowers on the development and financing of energy, natural resource, and infrastructure projects in emerging markets.   

    He has particular expertise on projects falling within the ambit of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI).  Kanyi ...

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    Retired Lieutenant General Charles Hooper is the Former  Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (2017-2020). LTG Hooper was commissioned in 1979 as an infantryman. Since then his political-military assignments include: Assistant Army Attaché to China; the Deputy Division Chief, War Plans Division; Senior Country Director for China, Taiwan and Mongolia Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense; and U.S. Defense Attaché...

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    It is impossible to have a serious and nuanced conversation on the Caribbean's engagement with China without understanding the historical context of the Caribbean economies. When we study the arc of Caribbean economic history, a wide-scale engagement with China (as the world's largest exporter and soon the largest importer) should not be seen as any kind of hard pivot but instead the continuation of the Caribbean's long...

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    Barbados is 91% Black. East Asians account for just around 0.1% of the country's population.   

    In this episode I chat with my friend Lin Jiang (Jack) about his experience growing up and living in the Caribbean. He moved to Barbados when we was 7 years old and immediately had to deal with questions of identity and issues of racism that persist until today.

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    From BYD buses in Barbados, Huawei infrastructure in Antigua, Surveillance tech in Jamaica, and ZTE in Cuba, the US-China tech competition dramatically affects the Caribbean. In this episode I am joined by Matt Sheehan to discuss these issues as well as his book: The Transpacific Experiment. He is a Fellow at MacroPolo, a think tank of the Paulson Institute.

    Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattsheehan88

    Show Notes

  • Remaking "Made in ...
  • Mark as Played

    In this episode I am joined by Barbados's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, His Excellency Ambassador Francois Jackman. We discussed several major foreign policy and geopolitical themes centred on the Caribbean's diplomatic posture towards China and the North Atlantic.

    Ambassador Jackman on Twitter: @francoisjackman

    Show Notes

  •  Barbados Foreign Policy Fifty Years and Beyond by Amb. Jackman
  • The Caribbean als...
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    February 24, 2021 75 mins

    I'm now an Emergent Ventures Fellow! I've received a generous grant from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. The grant will be used to develop this podcast and create more China-Caribbean relations content (newsletter coming soon)! This is all thanks to this episode's guest - Tyler Cowen. He is the Director of the Mercatus Center and an Economics Professor at George Mason University. Tyler is also the coauth...

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    This episode features Wazim Mowla, a Program Assistant at the Atlantic Council Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Caribbean Initiative. Previously he worked at the Embassy of Guyana and the Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda in Washington DC.

    Wazim on Twitter: @WMowla

    Show Notes

  • The Strange Saga of Taiwan's Short-Lived Office in Guyana
  • Caribbean Basin Security Initiative 
  • Recommendations

  • Latin America Confronts the United States: A...
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    This episode features Parsifal D’Sola, a Chinese Foreign Policy analyst focused on Sino-Venezuelan relations. He is also the Founder and CEO of the Andrés Bello Foundation – China Latin American Research Center based in Bogota, Colombia.

    Parsifal of Twitter: @pdsola

    Show notes:

  • China, Venezuela, and the New Silk Road in between 
  • China in the LAC: Digital Diplomacy During COVID-19
  • What is PetroCaribe? 
  • China-Latin America Finance Data...
  • Mark as Played

    Why did the Black Panthers get offered asylum in China?  Why did W.E.B Du Bois change his mind about Mao? In this episode I am speaking with Dr. Keisha Brown about Sino-Black Relations. Dr. Brown is an Assistant Professor at Tennessee State University. She is a historian and Asian studies scholar whose work examines the representations of blackness in Modern China.

    Dr. Brown on Twitter: @DocKBrown85


  • Teaching Chin...
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