Join Fortune & Jean, as they combine their wisdom, life experiences and reflections from their own individual journey to inspire personal and global transformation through sharing. Each episode is an honest conversation highlighting their “best friend” chemistry and support exploring thought provoking topics and everyday life challenges. Together they provide philosophies, practical tools and organic approaches that are inspirational to "ignite the spark" in yourself, to help you cultivate the self awareness needed to go from lack to fulfillment. The core of their consciousness is that we all are in control of the world we create for ourselves. Discover the conduit to turn on the CIRCUITRY of continuous blessings in all our lives, by finding your true purpose and sharing your gifts and prosperity with the world.


April 25, 2023 12 mins

Once again instead of our usual podcast format we "Circle Back” on Episode 5: Certainty.

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As we Circle Back on Certainty we explore how stepping back and entering in to a mindset of not knowing, is knowing, can bring the inner peace that leads us to ultimate freedom.

When we experience doubt, anxiety and stres...

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This week instead of our usual podcast format we "Circle Back” on Episode 6: Intuition.
Listen as we offer a sneak peak into our Subscriber page, which gives listeners a deeper dive in to our Podcast Episodes. 

As we Circle Back on Intuition we explore how to trust your higher transmissions and how we are all intuitive on some level. We reveal that most of the time we make decisions without processing data or even realizing...

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When we can detach from out comes and opinions we have found a true peace. When we can understand that our reaction is the enemy and every time we have a negative response we stay stuck in a robotic reality.

In this episode we uncover the trappings of the convoluted system we live in and realize we are not  free by just being able to do anything we want, when we want and how we want. We must realign in order to let go of patterns an...

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March 23, 2023 32 mins

Ego is defined as knowing who you are and what your identity is, in terms of how you see yourself. To be void of ego means you can lose any reactivity and any level of personal offense. This level of existence is something to strive for, but unrealistic.

Sometimes we can see our ego as our "drive" or the part of ourselves that will fight to survive. Although this can be a valid experience, our focus should be on pinpointin...

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Toxic positivity presents as valuing and appreciating everything in your life. The reality is, this type of negative positivity is  a denial of real emotions. Toxic positivity avoids taking a proactive and realistic approach to not just your own life, but of validating emotions, feelings and needs of others. In this episode we talk about our own personal experiences with this behavior. We highlight how to become aware when you are ...

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February 14, 2023 38 mins

Love can be experienced in many different ways, but no matter how it presents itself in our life, we all share  similar needs, feelings and desires. In this episode we take the journey and discover the many facets of love. We explore how to go from having expectations and needs to arrive at self awareness and realizing what we truly want. Ultimately embracing, accepting and loving unconditionally empowers us to support and give to ...

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Resentment appears in our life when we have a sense of injustice. This can trigger many other companion emotions such as envy, jealousy, disappointment or anger.
We sometimes have expectations that may not be natural or possible for the other person or scenario to fulfill. Or they simply might be unaware.
Learn how to acknowledge and clarify the negativity that comes from our assumptions and judgements. When we can cultivat...

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January 24, 2023 34 mins

Fear is a tool to help us sense and respond to danger, but fear can paralyze us. There are so many in the world suffering from anxiety, that can be life altering. These barriers  can keep us from long lasting and true happiness.
But, overcoming fears is not easy.It can feel real and overwhelming.
Fear, whether it is coming from an outside force  or internally, represents where we are needing growth.
When we  have let th...

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January 17, 2023 48 mins

When things that are going wrong or not falling exactly in to place, we must realize that the chaos is not the issue or problem. It is how we feel or what is triggered inside of us that gives us the clue as to what we need to be working on in ourselves.
It is in the process of pushing through and persevering that we can gain the most insight and reveal the most light in our soul and the world.
Persevering can sometimes be ...

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When you decide and can envision who you want to become, you have uncomplicated the path in front of you and opened the flow to new possibilities. A "New Year" is not the only time we can create this positive energy of transformation. We can decide to start anew or change a habit or situation at any time we choose. Learn how to reset and align yourself with the version of yourself you desire to become. In this fine tuning...

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December 20, 2022 29 mins

Go beyond the grace and mercy usually found in the energy of miracles and learn how it is possible to  create the miracles for your life by going outside of your comfort zone. When we sent intentions and take a proactive action, we open a channel that is aligned with the generous and limitless universe. When we give what we want to receive we attract the same back. Explore how sharing everyday brings the miracles we are all hoping ...

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We are all intuitive on some level and most of the time make  decisions without processing data or realizing  the source of the information . Explore how to distinguish the difference between true knowing and fear  based decisions. When we can stay in  the present and   find the place of inner peace, we are  tapping in to intuitive knowledge. This knowing  is beyond the available 5 senses, which  connects and  helps us to receive m...

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November 29, 2022 33 mins

When we experience doubt, anxiety and stress it can be difficult to surrender. It is in these exact moments we need to let go of logic and remove our thoughts from the past or the future. To truly adapt the consciousness of Certainty we must learn the difference between taking a proactive action or embracing internal reactive chaos.
Explore how stepping back and entering in to a mindset of not knowing, is knowing, can bring the...

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November 22, 2022 36 mins

The "Gift of Giving" is a powerful act of kindness. When we can shift the energy to giving with no agenda, we have cracked the code and opened the spiritual bank for all.The more we share the more we receive and this is the ultimate CIRCUITRY.

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In times of disagreement it can be difficult to navigate through high emotions and conflicts. Learn the strategies to find what connects us, instead of focusing on what divides. Explore how separation is a barrier that creates the illusion of friction and chaos. Take the steps to integrate a core spiritual practice of human dignity and validation to change the vibration from fear to love.

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 When we can make the decision to forgive, we can let go of the blame and the hurt. We can then focus on our healing and work on releasing the trauma bond that it created.
This changes the memory to  looking back with gratitude towards how the experience helped us expand our consciousness and how it has strengthened our capacity to love unconditionally.
Explore this process with us  and review the important questions to ask...

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Gratitude. It's not a positive mindset it's a conscious  decision. Experience the tools to evaluate your ability to experience true appreciation and open a channel for abundance to flow. Learn how to change your energy frequency and ignite limitless miracles in your life. 

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