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September 3, 2019 17 min

In Episode 10 of Close the Deal Without Selling
Hosted by Communications & Sales Educator, Ike Krieger

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  • When a prospect isn't sure of their budget you can use bracketing. (Pg.295)
  • Give the prospect two separate ranges of figures.
  • Ask them which of the two is most closely in line with what they’d be comfortable spending?
  • If your prospect is reluctant to share a budget amount, 
  • You didn’t do a good enough job of setting your MBAs. 
  • You didn’t do a good job uncovering the problem, or,  
  • You’re dealing with a problem client.
  • Get rid of discounting as a selling strategy forever.
  • Find out the details of the paying process.
  • The C. in Q.U.I.C.K uncovers your prospect's capability to spend the money to solve the problem. (pg. 299)
  • Discover if the person you're interviewing has to take your information to other decision makers. Would that person move ahead with you if were up to them alone?
  • Upon completing the C. in Q.U.I.C.K. ask permission to recap the entire conversation.
  • Revisit everything from the problems, to the money, to the decision-making process.
  • Verify that you both heard the same things.
  • Upon completing the C. in Q.U.I.C.K. it’s time for the best system-based closing question.
  • “What’s our next step?”
  • Use your presentation as your “close.”
  • The K. in Q.U.I.C.K. gives your prospect the opportunity to share how they believe your product or service will solve their problem. (Pg.301)
  • The K. section is as important to the success of the system as the other sections.
  • This is a top-down system. Management must have buy-in.
  • Episode Coupon Code : CAPABILITY


    Guidelines for The Easier Way to Sell

    Get a copy of these guidelines in the ACTION GUIDE PREVIEW

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    (Pg. 15)

  • Seek the truth
  • Just because you believe something is true… that doesn’t make it true. It just makes it true for you.
  • We’re all in sales
  • Nobody likes to be sold to, but you have to sell to live.
  • Shift your truth about selling and self-promotion.
  • Talk Less… Sell More™ 
  • Give up the notion that to inform is to sell.
  • Get information… Don’t give it. 
  • Interview rather than present
  • Think like a doctor
  • Examine, and Diagnose before you prescribe. 
  • Remain curious, authentic, and neutral.
  • Be a problem solver
  • What is a problem?
  • What is business?
  • What is closing?
  • Know the problem you solve
  • People don’t care about what you do… all they care about is what you can do for them.
  • People want you to help them get what they want. 
  • Be a trusted guide
  • If prospects knew how to get to their destination on their own, they would.
  • Be a navigator.
  • Be an expert questioner
  • The person asking the questions is the one that controls the communication.
  • The one doing the talking usually dominates.
  • People like to talk... so, help them talk.
  • Ask Open-Ended Questions.
  • Be an expert listener
  • Listen with an intent to understand rather than an intent to reply
  • Learn to shut down your response mechanism.
  • Establish rules for the communication  
  • Establish Mutually Beneficial Agreements.
  • Avoid “But, I thought you meant.”
  • Uncover a “no” that was going to happen anyway
  • Sometimes "no" means "no."
  • Stop spending too much time trying to turn a real “no” into a yes.
  • Give up the need to sell
  • Heighten your commitment to sell.
  • Eliminate the need to sell.
  • Know your outcome
  • If you don’t know where you’re going… that’s where you’ll end up.
  • If you don’t know what you want… how will you know when you’ve got it?
  • Maintain your outcome
  • Maintain your outcome, not your position.
  • Proving you’re “right” is unproductive.
  • Invent the future
  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  • Plan from the future backwards.
  • Be intentional
  • Do you want what you want… or do you just want to want it?
  • Meet people at their model of the universe
  • People like people who are like themselves.
  • People buy from people they like and trust.
  • Be interested rather than interesting
  • Shut down your response mechanism
  • Listen, and ask questions.
  • Avoid problem clients    
  • Trust your intuition.
  • You’ve got enough problems with your non-problem clients. To take on a client that you know is going to be a problem… is insanity.
  • Follow a system
  • Most salespeople “wing it.”
  • Use the Yes Formula
  • Achieve what you want more easily and more often.

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