Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Join Channeler and Intuitive Guide Brittany Wittig as she discusses modern spirituality from a grounded, easy to understand perspective.


April 7, 2024 20 mins

In 2020 a high dose psychedelic trip led to the most profound spiritual experience of my life. This episode is not a trip report! Instead, I share a few key moments in my experience that permanently changed my perception of reality, AND the key takeaways that came from my experience. 

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Today I'm speaking with Oshauna of @oshaunitamedicina about the powerful truth that we ARE nature. You'll learn about the incredible ways that our bodies and physiology mirror the rhythms of nature, and how leaning into this truth mentally, physically, emotionally, AND spiritually we can naturally begin to heal ourselves on all those levels!

One of the most important episodes I've ever recorded, don't miss out on this one!

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This is a companion episode to the previous episode "A Grounded Approach to Plant Medicine", because this week I interview Dylan of @mambo_kambo, who works closely with Dan Arhakos from last week's episode. Dylan sheds light on many aspects of the plant medicine experience, especially the importance of integration after you sit with the medicine.

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This week I interview Dan Arhakos about all things plant medicine. I originally connected with Dan because her perspective on spirituality is so grounded! When I learned that she's a plant medicine facilitator I immediately asked her to come on the podcast.

If you're curious about plant medicine, or considering a plant medicine ceremony this is a must-listen episode!

Get in touch with Dan:  https://www.insta...
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Felicity Erin is back on the podcast! I think of Felicity as the queen of discernment, and this conversation was FULL of empowering (and fascinating) information. We discuss the Twin Flames Universe cult, how people get sucked into spiritual cults, and how to use your discernment to claim (and hold) your personal power.

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Felicity's Soci...

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Today I'm talking to Nicky, from Lunaseas Astrology. Nicky works as an evolutionary astrologer - which means she focuses on the growth of the soul.   In this 2-part conversation, Nicky will be looking at past transits; then combine her knowledge of mundane astrology (which focuses on world events, politics, weather etc) to make predictions on what we can expect in 2024 and beyond....she will predict what she believes this will mean...
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Today I'm talking to Nicky, from Lunaseas Astrology. Nicky works as an evolutionary astrologer - which means she focuses on the growth of the soul.   In this 2-part conversation, Nicky will be looking at past transits; then combine her knowledge of mundane astrology (which focuses on world events, politics, weather etc) to make predictions on what we can expect in 2024 and beyond....she will predict what she believes this will mean...
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I finally found the words for a truth that I've been consciously aware of since my cancer diagnosis (unconsciously we are ALL aware of this truth). There is a seed of power, of awe, in EVERY human experience, even the darkest, most painful ones. This is truly the foundation of fear alchemy.

In this episode I explain this "seed of awe" so that you can discover the powerful seeds that exist in your own life experiences.

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Are you a Human Design Projector? Do you have a Human Design Projector in your life? Then you do not want to miss this episode! I interview Charlotte Wright, a Human Design & Intuitive Guide who presents Human Design in a totally unique way!! This is not your basic rundown of strategy and authority. Instead, Charlotte shares what it's like to truly LIVE your Projector design day to day. If you want to begin truly embodying your...

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This week I interview Creative Flow Coach Adrienne MacIain, and she shares SO much actionable advice that will allow you to spark your own authentic, creative genius! 

Adrienne MacIain, Ph.D. is the bestselling author of the Creative Living for All series, as well as a celebrated speaker and coach on how to create & innovate with ease & enjoyment simply by realigning to your natural creative process, the DOER™ cycle.



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This week's guest, Sara Slabisak, is a doctor, lawyer, and spiritual alchemist. She shares her absolutely EPIC story of spiritual awakening- surviving a sexual assault by a supervisor, doing everything society told her she should (and still feeling unfulfilled), and finally finding her joy. This is an incredibly inspiring episode!

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The Aligned Design

Instagram: https://www.instag...

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This is probably my favorite solo episode I've ever recorded! I finally put words to some of the core principles that I live by, and that have brought me so much joy and peace in my life. 

I share a clear process you can use to put this life philosophy into action in your own life. AND keep an eye out for a follow-up episode in the next few weeks, where I'll go even deeper into this way of moving through the world!

What you'll lear...

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If the title of this week's episode feels a little confronting to you I urge you to listen to the episode with an open mind. Today I make a solid argument for WHY it would benefit the spiritual community to stop using the term "The Matrix".


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I met this week's guest in a cafe in Spain while walking the Camino de Santiago. I instantly felt called to connect with her more deeply, and very quickly asked if she would be open to an interview. Eliska is a model, artist, podcast host, and a creative. She has an almost otherworldly ability to see the beauty in life, and has followed her heart down a truly authentic path.

There's plenty of wisdom packed into Eliska's story, and ...

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This week's episode is SO f-ing important. Priestess Francesca returns for a second episode, and it's a big one!

Learn how puritanical conditioning, patriarchal, and capitalistic programming is seeping its way into spiritual containers focused on sexuality, AND ways to discern the difference between liberated and healing sexuality vs. repackaged oppression and sexual trauma (shown through real life social media examples).

To join P...

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In this episode I interview Jennifer Cooper, editor in chief of Jennifer Magazine, a media company celebrating the midlife evolution.

This discussion was SO powerful! We talk about ageism, the rich fertility of middle age, and the empowerment of women of all ages. 

To receive the exclusive price of $99 on your Jennifer Magazine membership head to and use the code: SPIRITLISTENERS 

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August 1, 2023 16 mins

In this episode I channeled several messages for the month of August and for the August 1st full moon. These were big, clear messages, and there is definitely a message for every listener here.


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This week I interview Alyssa Zander, author of "Healing the Mother Wound". Alyssa is a codependency and relationship coach, and she shares how you can begin recognizing and healing codependency in your life today!

What you'll learn:

  • What is codependency, what is the mother wound, and how they're both related to your inner child
  • How to work with your inner children (yes, children!)
  • How to begin shifting into true sovereignty
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In April and May of 2023 I walked the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage that was literally life-changing. 

SO many lessons and messages came through as I walked over 500 miles over a 50 day period. In this episode I share a POWERFUL practice that my Guides taught me as I walked, and that you can begin using in your life today! 

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I'm so excited to bring you this week's episode. Leanne Rose is a Multidimensional Manifestation Mentor and Source Channel. The first time I heard Leanne channel I had a full-body reaction, and I knew that I wanted to invite her onto the podcast to introduce my listeners to the Galayala Collective, a mutidimensional consciousness that she transchannels.

If this all sounds pretty "out there" I implore you to listen to this episode w...

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