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Welcome to The Complete Human Podcast, hosted by Janna Breslin and Evan DeMarco. We explore the world of bio-optimization, offering practical tools to support Mental Fortitude, Physical Health, Spiritual Abundance and Planetary Connection. But what is a healthy mind and body without a healthy planet? Complete Human takes the conversation one step further by shining a light on the problems of old and discussing viable solutions to many of the biggest issues we face as a species. Complete Human, with and without guests, bring authentic stories that encourage optimal health, vibrant community and social responsibility.


May 11, 2022 46 mins

Do you ever question your own thoughts?

In this episode of the Complete Human podcast, we discuss what it means to be free, how someone can know if they are suffering from their thoughts, what is the cause of all suffering, why is it our natural instinct to avoid uncomfortable feelings, and if self-questioning can ever be taken too far.

Bryon also walks us through what the four questions that can change your life. She shows...

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Do you know what your continuous glucose levels are? Most people don’t, so don’t feel bad! But, did you know keeping track of your glucose levels can reveal many important things about your daily diet and habits? It is possible and that’s why we are going to dive into in this episode of the Complete Human podcast.

How we do this is through were a Continuous Glucose Monitor. While many people think of these monitors for those wi...

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What the heck is regenerative farming? Why the heck should you prioritize regenerative farmed meat? These are the two questions we discuss in-depth in this episode of the Complete Human podcast.

Personally, we are fed up with people believing cows are bad for your health and the earth. We are fed up with people believing vegan is the way. And, we are fed up by people being under-educated when it comes to the meat they are/aren’t eat...

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Are we supposed to be vegans or carnivores? Dr. Paul Saladino has a very unique answer to that question.

Since the dawn of time, the food chain has been divided into two very distinct groups – carnivores and herbivores. The herbivores ate the plants and the carnivores ate the herbivores. We were really able to see this distinction in the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs died out, eventually paving the way for man, ...

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Let’s discuss the most beloved cookie in the world: The Girl Scouts Cookie. Many of us just buy this cookie because a little girl is too cute to say no to. But, have you ever stopped to think about what Girl Scout cookies are doing to the environment, the effects they have on your health, and where that money is actually going?

Evan and Janna didn’t record this episode to exclusively dump on Girl Scouts, rather they did so...

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Did you know that 70% of our brain’s information about movement comes from our feet? So, it follows that healthy feet come with a healthy mind. 

But a lot of what we do every day kills our feet, such as strutting in tight-fitting cushioned modern shoes!

In this episode of Complete Human, Vivobarefoot Founder Galahad Clark joins Janna and Evan to discuss everything you need to know about foot health and the evolutionary benefits of ba...

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Did you know your overall health is highly dependent on your oral health? There is a synergic relationship between the two.

Did you know gum disease is the most common chronic inflammatory condition in the world, plus gum disease is also linked to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis?

By combing through 1,000-plus medical histories, researchers at the University of N...

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Do you believe 8 hours of sleep at night is optimal? Do you also believe in taking sleeping pills or supplements when you can’t sleep will fix the problem?

We all hate a poor nights sleep, but unfortunately, many of our lifestyle habits don’t set us up for success when it comes to sleeping well. Plus, many of our beliefs around sleep are false, which is only adding to the problem.

In this episode of the Complete H...

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Let’s tackle food labels.

When you go to the grocery store and you are trying to pick out eggs, do you know which ones to choose? What about chicken? Steak? Milk?

Is cage-free the right option, or free-range? Or are neither of those the best option? It’s confusing. The issue is that most labels on your food are purely a marketing scam. In order to cut through the scams, we need to be educated on which labels actu...

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What the heck is metabolic flexibility?

In our opinion, it is one of the most important things we need to focus on when striving to be a healthier human. Essentially, metabolic flexibility is our body's ability to utilize different food sources at different times and switch between our different metabolic processes quickly.

How does our body utilize food? Can you deviate from your typical diet without it de...

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Curious about Janna and Evan’s relationship? We know most of you are and that’s why we put together this Q&A edition of the Complete Human podcast to give you an inside look into this couple’s relationship. They share how they met, what obstacles they face, and what has helped them the most in creating a strong and deep relationship.

As they share in this episode, no one wants to put in the work in relationships anymor...

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LSD, psilocybin, Ayahuasca, ketamine, MDMA, toad. For as long as man has walked the Earth, he has sought a way to expand is mind beyond the reaches of the physical body and connect to the infinite universe. Some of these psychedelic compounds have aided in that quest. Today, Janna and Evan discuss the real word applications of using psychedelic's to treat modern day mental health issues. Is MDMA or ketamine a much better alter...

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How do you know someone is a vegan? Because they will tell you. Okay, now that we have the dad jokes aside, we want to get serious about debunking veganism. There is so much bias information, studies, and articles on the internet spreading false truths about the vegan diet. At Complete Human, we believe you deserve the truth and we want to help you understand why veganism may not be the best the diet on planet. We are removing the ...

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Do you struggle with chronic inflammation? Do you feel like it’s impossible for you to lose weight and you’re unsure why? Do you feel like you’re not aging as gracefully as you would like? More likely than not, omega-6 is to blame. 

The average American consumes a 26:1 ratio between omega-6 to omega-3, whereas we should be sitting at 1:1 ratio. How crazy is that? In this episode of the Complete Human Podcast, you’ll learn why this i...

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Let’s chat about air quality. Many people in the past few years have to check air quality to see how safe it is to spend time out outside. But, who’s to say we should only worry about the air quality outside? Better yet, most people focus so much on what they put into their body and what they put on their body, but fail to focus on what they are breathing into their body.

Believe it or not, the quality of air inside our homes may be...

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Have you used nootropics before? They are quickly becoming mainstream in the biohacking – or what we like to call it, bio-optimizing – community. Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” are a class of substances that can boost brain performance. They are sometimes called cognition enhancers or memory enhancing substances. But here’s the thing: Most nootropics on the market only provide you with placebo effects. That’s why in this episode of ...

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Do you have the tendency to only seek out the information that favors your existing beliefs? 

If yes, you might be guilty of confirmation bias...which could be very problematic especially in COVID times. 

In this latest episode of Complete Human, Evan DeMarco picks apart the infamous Dr. Peter McCullough, an American cardiologist widely discredited by the scientific community for spreading misinformation on COVID-19. Aside from asser...

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In this special episode, Evan DeMarco takes us back to the greatest heist in history which, believe it or not, revolves around a coffee sprout! 
Fast forward to present time, did you know the world consumes 1.6 billion cups of coffee every single day? That's why coffee is a trillion-dollar global commodity. And yet, coffee farmers remain among the poorest of poor. Aside from climate change, they face exploitation, un...

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What if you can recharge your cells, get better sleep, and improve your skin health just with the flick of a switch? 

Red light therapy or RLT is a type of therapy that exposes you to specific wavelengths of red or near-infrared light. It's proven to stimulate mitochondrial function, suppress inflammation, and supercharge cell healing and recovery. In this episode of the Complete Human podcast, Scott Chaverri tells us more abou...

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Imagine a world where using Nicotine as a brain stimulant had positive effects on our overall cognitive health. Sounds crazy right? Well the research has been done and proven that using a minuscule amount of Nicotine, alongside Methylene Blue, can push us to reach our greatest potential.

In this episode of the Complete Human podcast, we’ll be talking about brain health, brain stimulation and the elements of optimizing brain function...

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