Conspiracy Theories Football

Conspiracy Theories Football

We take football conspiracies and after much research try to describe what happened and why some feel that the game was rigged, fixed, or scripted. We will try to explain both sides of the argument. Then you can decide if it's fair or foul. During the season we'll give you the information you need to make educated picks yourself. I will give my picks and the reasons for them. My purpose is to call attention to games that I think will be controversial. Calling the Conspiracy before it happens is my goal. If you have ideas, corrections, or objections you can contact us at Disclaimer: There are many logical explanations for Bad play, coaching, officiating, and rules. The thoughts of my guests and I are our opinions, assumptions, and ideas as to why we think these things happen.


January 26, 2024 36 mins

   On this episode I will explain how bad calls, officiating, and coaching created this thing we called the GOAT. As always, all the information in this podcast is researched and explained by me Josh McDaniel.  I have reached these opinions by means of years of viewing and researching NFL games.  If you like the podcast or this episode, PLEASE subscribe, like, and 5 star me. I'll need it after this episode since many Tom Brady...

Mark as Played

      Super Bowl 3 famous for Joe Namath's guarantee that his 19 point underdog Jets would beat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.

 His Jets prevailed 16-7 over the Colts raising suspicion that this game was fixed. Adding to the suspicion Colts player Bubba Smith alleges his owner bet money  on the Jets, and payed QB Earl Morrall to throw the game.  I started investigating this game with only the knowledge listed ab...

Mark as Played
January 16, 2023 22 mins

   In this episode the gloves come off and it has become necessary to unveil a hidden Conspiracy that has now been put in the spotlight and crossed over into football itself.  Obviously, I am no Doctor and am giving my OPINION as to what I think is going on. Just taking common sense, adding 1+1,  and completely giving an unbiased opinion. I am not Right, Left, Democrat, Republican, Pro Vacc, or Anti Vacc. Just doing research from s...

Mark as Played

    This episode I have awesome guest Antonio (semi-pro) Roberts and Eric (Ebay) Coleman. I am your host Josh (Paul) McDaniel. We are outside talking football in the middle of a parking lot, what's happened up till now, and our predictions for EVERY NFL  game this week. We also have an appearance of our resident Chiefs fan William (Scrappy) Ewing with his bold prediction on his Chiefs game with the Raiders.  I sent these guys ...

Mark as Played
September 29, 2022 26 mins

   In this week's episode, with the help of my lovely wife, we will talk about the NFLs money. Where does the NFL get most of its revenue? How much does it cost to rig/fix games? Who owns the NFL? How does money effect how a game is called or played? These questions along with other topics will be discussed in this episode. Once again all of this is a result of my research and the opinions expressed are my own that I have form...

Mark as Played

  In this episode I will give what I feel are the keys to identifying when a game is being decided by something other than the players on the field. I will have my lovely wife Kelley as the interviewer. Why are games fixed, who are involved, and the most important question this episode HOW are games fixed?   I will explain in my opinion why I think games are fixed and how I believe this is accomplished.  As always at the end I will...

Mark as Played
September 14, 2022 29 mins

  This episode with guest Chad Owens is dealing with the Gruden Bowl SB 37. Players on both sides questioned the result of this game. The Oakland Raiders got destroyed 48-21 by the Buccaneers. Buccaneers players claimed they knew what plays the Raiders were going to call and were able to get 5 interceptions. Were the Raiders once again slighted in a big game? At the end I will make my insane upset predictions. If you listened to my...

Mark as Played
September 4, 2022 27 mins

     Chad Owens and I discuss THE TUCK RULE. This infamous rule cost the Raiders a trip to the 2001 AFC Championship. It also was a catalyst that helped launch the Tom Brady/ Patriots Dynasty.  Was it legit? Was the rule properly applied? Were the Raiders Cheated by the League and or the officials? You decide. If you have comments, corrections, or ideas for another episode, send an email to

Mark as Played

Chad Owens and I discuss The Immaculate Reception. Was it a touchdown, an incomplete pass, or a missed penalty. We'll talk about the research we've found and whether or not it is a valid conspiracy. This is only the 1st episode on the Raiders history of bad breaks the next one will be on the Tuck Rule. if you have comments, corrections, or ideas on another football conspiracy contact us at Spec...

Mark as Played

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