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Crazy Good Talks

International Keynoter, Certified World-Class Speaking Coach, and Story Strategist, Deirdre Van Nest is obsessed with helping financial professionals and entrepreneurs express themselves in a way that attracts and wins them more business. Each episode of the Crazy Good Talks Podcast is packed with actionable strategies to help you effortlessly make emotional connections with your ideal clients through the power of speaking, storytelling, and content creation. Come on this journey with her; when you use these strategies your influence and your impact are limitless!


June 8, 2022 8 mins

Do you know that feeling when you take on too much at once and feel like you’re spinning a million plates that could fall and break any second?

Deirdre Van Nest knows this feeling all too well.

The way to get out of this chaos is knowing when to say NO. With this in mind, we have made the hard decision of temporarily pausing the Crazy Good Talks podcast.

In this episode, Deirdre explains why the Crazy Good Talks podcast is going on...

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Humans have been using storytelling to communicate, pass on knowledge and connect for thousands of years.

But, did you know that when you share your wisdom and stories, and package them in the right way,  your stories actually become assets in your business?

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest has a conversation with John LoDuca, founder of Playbook Builder, to discuss the importance of storytelling, packaging your wisdom, and how th...

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A ‘Thought Leader’ has the ability to transform people, industries, and sometimes even the world.

In order to be considered a thought leader you must voice (or pen) original ideas AND you must differentiate yourself through a unique process. 

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest speaks with John LoDuca, founder of Playbook Builder, about how to capitalize on your wisdom and be viewed as a thought leader.

Deirdre and John discuss: 

  • Wha...
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    Remote work has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

    But, there is still some resistance and fear from business owners who are not comfortable moving to this new way of working. The truth is if you’re not willing to provide at least some remote options, you will not be competitive when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent!

    In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest sits down with Andrea Schlapia, founder of Ironstone Consul...

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    Most people think their presentation starts when they take the stage, but it actually starts at your introduction.

    A Crazy Good introduction paves the way for you and is just as important as the presentation itself. Why? Your introduction needs to be compelling so your audience is primed and excited to hear what you have to say vs. looking at their phones or thinking about what’s on TiKTok!

    In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest breaks ...

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    Just saying the word…Video. Strikes fear in hearts of even the most courageous advisors and entrepreneurs. 

    In addition to hearing your inner critic tell you how bad you look and sound, if you’re not a video expert, filming, editing, and producing a video can be really intimidating! Plus, it’s easy to make mistakes. 

    That’s why Deirdre asked Laura Garfield, the co-founder of Idea Decanter ,a video production company focused on help...

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    Would you believe that the subject matter of a great story is almost irrelevant?

    What makes a story great and what can RUIN it… is all in the editing! Finding the right details in a story to capture the audience’s attention and relate to the presentation’s topic is much more important than having an action-packed story.

    In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest reveals the importance of editing and why a great story is not what you leave i...

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    Do you want to know the secret behind the success of Michael Kitces, one of the most sought-after speakers and thought leaders in his industry?

    Through consistency, practice, and following specific communication strategies, Michael has become the legend he is today.

    In this episode, Michael talks to Deirdre and reveals the strategies he uses to improve as a speaker, the most powerful medium to establish yourself as a thought leader...

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    Imagine if one presentation could change your life forever.

    That’s exactly what happened to Michael Kitces, one of the most sought after speakers and thought leaders in the financial services industry.

    But if you’re an entrepreneur, don’t tune out. This episode is for you too because even though Michael’s an advisor, at his core, he’s an entrepreneur and someone every business owner can learn from.

    In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest...

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    One of the biggest challenges a presenter has is grabbing the attention of your audience from the first words out of your mouth. 

    In this episode of Crazy Good Talks®, Deirdre will teach you how to inspire your audience and hook them at the beginning of every presentation both virtually and in person.

    In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you should skip the “unpleasant pleasantries” in your opening
  • Techniques to open your next presen...
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    What would you do if you could no longer speak? It’s unimaginable isn’t it? That’s the reality our guest Tim Schut is facing.  In June of 2021, Tim was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Apraxia of Speech. This means he is progressively losing his ability to speak.  He now uses optimism and courage to inspire others, … Continue reading 26. What Would You Do if You Could No Longer Speak With Tim Schut →
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    FACT: Your clients are INUNDATED with messages and attention spans are short. That’s why when you express yourself, you MUST take the time needed to create messages that are relevant and interesting. Messages that stand out, can make or break your client and audience engagement.  In this episode of Crazy Good Talks®, Deirdre talks to … Continue reading 25. How to be RADICALLY Relevant With Bill Cates →
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    You’ve recorded your ‘Why Story’. Now, how do you get people to see it?  In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest speaks with Kalli Fedusenko, owner of Kalli Collective LLC. Kalli shares her top tips for promoting and getting more views for your “Why Story” video – or any video for that matter. You’ll learn:  How … Continue reading 24. How To Get More Eyes on Your Videos With Kalli Fedusenko →
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    It’s time to stop juggling all those balls. Having your own business or practice doesn’t have to be so stressful. You CAN create a self managing company.  In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest speaks with Barron’s top 100 advisor Erin Botsford, CPF®, founder and chief executive officer at The Advisor Authority. Hear about Erin’s extraordinary … Continue reading 23. Stop Juggling All The Balls With Erin Botsford CFP® →
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    Are you struggling to hold your audience’s attention and own the room every time you speak? If so, you might be making the most common delivery mistakes without realizing it.  Let’s turn that around! In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest unpacks 13 mistakes that derail speakers of all experience levels from giving a Crazy Good … Continue reading 22. 13 Mistakes That Stop You From Becoming a Crazy Good Speaker (And How To Fix Them!) →
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    You’d love to get paid for your professional speaking. But you’re not sure how to go from free-based to fee-based. Sound familiar? In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest tells all! Having gone from speaking for free to now earning a living from delivering her Crazy Good Talks®, Deirdre has proven tips to help you initiate … Continue reading 21. From Free to Fee: Proven Tips for Becoming a Paid Speaker →
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    There are two emotions you can use to motivate and inspire your audience every time you speak. In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest talks with Sam Palazzolo, the managing director at Tip of the Spear Ventures and author of “The Influential Leader”. Sam shares his advice on harnessing the power of two emotions to build … Continue reading 20. How Harnessing the Power of Emotions Will Create Value in Your Presentations With Sam Palazzolo...
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    As a speaker, you’ve probably heard this advice: “Be vulnerable. It will help your audience connect with you.”  But when does being vulnerable cross into TMI? After all, you want to engage your audience and Own the Room –– not clear it! In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest shares two ways to show vulnerability that … Continue reading 19. How To Be More Vulnerable When You Express Yourself – Without Scaring People Away →
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    During a virtual presentation, one of the most difficult tasks can be keeping the energy moving and your audience engaged throughout the entire presentation.  It’s time to relieve yourself of “virtual fatigue”; keep your audience AND yourself energized during your next presentation! In part two of this mini-series, Deirdre Van Nest reveals the rest of … Continue reading 18. Got “Virtual Fatigue”? A 4-Part Formula for Keeping Your A...
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    Energy and the internet can be a tough combo for any speaker.  That’s why keeping the energy moving during your virtual presentations is THE key to engaging your audience. In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest reveals her go-to formula for getting and KEEPING an audience’s attention during virtual presentations. Use this formula so that YOU … Continue reading 17. Got “Virtual Fatigue”? A 4-Part Formula for Keeping Your Audience AND You...
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