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February 14, 2024 8 mins

Two years, four seasons, and 53 episodes later, here we are! This is the last episode before we take a (tiny) break and return for Season Five. No guest today, just your inimitable hosts talking about dreams. 

Listen as we talk about … 

  • How we’re feeling about the podcast and where we might go next with it. 
  • A recap and mashup of all the INCREDIBLE guests we’ve had on from season four and the gems they’ve left us thinking about lo...
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If you have ever struggled to connect with someone you love, this episode is for you. Sometimes we just need to look at things from a different perspective. This is exactly what this week’s guest - MacArthur Genius, UWM Professor, and founder of the non-profit, Timeslips - Anne Basting discovered when she began working with those living with dementia. Instead of counting on memory, Anne uses her ‘beautiful questions’ to encourage c...

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Look up mover, shaker, connector, change agent in the dictionary and you are SURE to find this week’s guest, Julia Taylor. Past President of both the Greater Milwaukee Committee as well as the YWCA of Greater Milwaukee, Julia is a dream MAKER in the Cream City. She is also a consummate connector of people and builder of relationships across the city getting things done at the “speed of trust,” which we both agree is exactly the rig...

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January 24, 2024 57 mins

You’ve probably noticed if you’ve been following us for some time, that we have a slight bias for women who are working hard to make Milwaukee a better place for EVERYONE. We love a good DIY story, and this week’s guest Symphony Swan is literally building her dream from the ground up. Or should we say, giving her dream a makeover. Voted Milwaukeean of the Year by The Shepherd Express, Symphony is turning her childhood home into The...

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January 17, 2024 56 mins

 In need of a bit of respite and rest to reflect on those resolutions (how's that for alliteration?)  You’ll definitely want to tune into today’s episode with Sevan Arabajian-Ries of Mother Lion. Mother Lion is a special place in Bayview open for hosting workshops, retreats, overnights, and other intimate gatherings. It was created with the deep intention of both nurturing and nourishing its guests. Get a glimpse into this sac...

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January 10, 2024 63 mins

Happy New Year to all the Cream City Dreamers out there! We’re kicking off 2024 with a delicious episode featuring the owner and founder of The Real Good Life, Maggie Joos. What can you take off your plate so that you’ve got time to enjoy the real good life? This episode may just inspire you to dream big this year by prioritizing what (and who) you love and what matters most! 

Listen as we talk about … 

  • What I...
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January 3, 2024 9 mins

Short and sweet this week, we wanted to hop on the airwaves to wish you the happiest of New Years! We hope this year is full of DREAMS of all shapes and sizes for you. And we’d love to hear what you’ve got in store, if there’s a big dream you want to share with us, drop us an email here

Listen as we talk about: 

  • What our guests are up to for 2024 - we’ve got a few updates from some of them! And some updates on what they’ve...
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A lawyer walks into a podcast this week. Listen to this delightful conversation with Makda Fessahaye where we talk about how and when dreams begin … in her case, with an inciting incident across the world. This is yet another conversation where we see how our values determine the way we live and the choices we make. 

Listen as we talk about … 

  • How an experience for Makda in 7th grade set her on her path to law school (and so much...
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December 13, 2023 59 mins

You are going to want to pull up a seat at the table for this conversation with Christie Melby-Gibbons, Founder and Executive Director of Tricklebee Café on North Avenue. This is NOT just your average café, in fact, it’s anything BUT average. A pay-what-you-can model offers patrons the chance to give and receive with a spirit of generosity, dignity, grace and abundance. This is a place to nourish your mind, body and spirit, and you...

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December 6, 2023 45 mins

We need more people like Samantha Starr in this city: organizing events that build community with intentionally curated themes that bring people together (often over food!). Samantha is the powerhouse behind Battle of the Chefs and Dining with Friends, as well as local events like MKE Fest.  And she's soon to be the host of a new podcast Flavor Fix Radio Show with @wnov860 launching in January 2024!! 

Listen as we talk abo...

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November 29, 2023 54 mins

Money sense is something many of us take for granted. Not today’s guest, Brenda Campbell, CEO and President of SecureFutures, an organization determined to empower teens with the money management skills needed to make sound financial decisions by providing school programs, coaching, and mentorship. This organization is changing the way teens in Milwaukee (and especially those from under-resourced backgrounds) approach money. 


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Tables are turned this week and WE are in the hot seat! If you’ve ever wondered how we got our start with the podcast, why we decided to take the plunge and launch Cream City Dreams, and what keeps us going, listen in to this conversation with Stephanie Melnick, of Melnick & Melnick.

Listen as we talk about … 

Who were Shelly and Meagan BEFORE Cream City Dreams? Find out a little bit about how we both landed in Milwaukee

  • Our m...
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November 15, 2023 57 mins

Another week, another creative and inspiring Milwaukee woman! Listen as we talk to yet another champion of our city, Brit Nicole. Brit is a spoken word artist, healer, performer, author, film maker, musician, and facilitator who uses her voice to lift up our community. But more than that, she’s working to change the narrative around Milwaukee through storytelling and connection.

Listen as we talk about … 

  • What does it mean to mat...
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November 8, 2023 63 mins

Pull up a chair at the table for this delicious conversation with Lori Fredrich, Senior Writer for Food and Dining at You’ll hear all about her new book, and the local farmers and restaurants who were so grateful to have Lori tell their stories. And hear her own stories of life at the table. (Is that a dream job or what??) 

Listen as we talk about … 

  • Excuse me?!? How a BURP! started her career in food writing. 
  • Lo...
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November 1, 2023 57 mins

On average, three children a week come into  Children’s Wisconsin Hospital with gunshot wounds. 


If this doesn’t make you angry, we don’t know what will. Listen this week as we talk with Pediatric Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Megan Schultz, about her dreams for our city and our world, and what she’s doing about this desperate statistic every day in the emerg...

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October 25, 2023 56 mins

How does a stay-at-home mom/trained art teacher with a passion for cloth diapering become the founder and Executive Director of a thriving non-profit that serves over 3000 families (and tiny bottoms) around Milwaukee?  Listen as we talk to Meagan Johnson of Milwaukee Diaper Mission about how she found her way through and into non profit leadership.

Listen as we talk about … 

  • The staggering statistic about diaper need and diaper a...
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Welcome back! It took us a little longer, but we're back - and we're ready to hit the ground running this season with some fantastic Milwaukee women who are living their dreams. This week, a short episode with a glimpse into the dreamy things we've been doing ourselves and the incredible guests we've got lined up this fall!

🎶 PLUS 🎶  We're SUPER excited to share our dreamy new theme song with yo...

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We're BAAAAAAAACK ... did you miss us? 

Just a teaser for what to expect in Season 4. We'll be dropping episode one sometime in September when school is back in session. (You'll remember we have seven kids between us - so we took the summer off). 

Until then, we wanted to let you know we're still here, and more importantly, STILL DREAMING! 

Can't wait to have you along for the rid...

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May 10, 2023 14 mins

Whaaaaaaaaaa?!? Season Three is over already!? Yes, it’s true. This is the season finale of our third season of Cream City Dreams. It’s been a year, folks! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and interview SO many incredible Milwaukee women who are living their dream. We hope you’ve enjoyed coming along for the ride and we look forward to getting back to the mic this fall for even MORE inspiring stories from the ...

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As the name would imply, The Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee is determined to raise money in support of girls and women in our community, but they are SO. MUCH. MORE. Listen as Meagan talks with Lisa Attonito, Executive Director of the Women’s Fund and Sandy Cunningham, HER Scholarship Committee Chairwoman about the various programs and initiatives the Women’s Fund supports in the name of equity and advancement for women. 

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