Creeps and Crimes

Creeps and Crimes

The Trifecta is finally here! Join Taylar & Morgan as they dive into the most interesting and terrifying Conspiracy, Paranormal, and True Crime Cases. These best friends and former college roommates will give you forehead chilling moments with a side of contagious laughter, just to take the edge off! Whether you're driving in your car or enjoying a glass of wine, kick back with these 20 something year old iconic, but chaotic besties every Thursday and Let's Get Creepy


February 29, 2024 26 mins

Hey besties!! We had so much to recap from Morgan's bday weekend that we decided to separate the intro from this episode since it is such a special week for Team Creepy!!!

Once you get your weekly dose of intro rambles and tea, hop over to episode 179. "The Allen House" featuring owner of the home and author of the book A Haunted Love Story: The Ghosts of the Allen House, Mark Spencer as he tells us how he came ...

Mark as Played

Happy Thursday, besties!! If you're missing the intro, it is on the feed right before this episode, but if you're here for the most iconic Creepy story of all time- you're at the right place!!

Today, Morgan gives us the history of the Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas followed by a first hand take from the current owner of the home and award winning author of A Haunted Love Story - The Allen House, Mark Spencer. ...

Mark as Played
February 22, 2024 103 mins


Today we are covering your CREEPY ACCOUNTS!!! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in and allowed us to share their stories today!

If you would like to have a reading with Susan from Angel Wings and Healing Things, the official Psychic-Angelic Medium of Creeps and Crimes, text or call her at 704-562-3476 and tell her we sent...

Mark as Played
February 15, 2024 85 mins

Happy Thursday, Besties!! Had to get all of our chats out before we jumped into the case we have for you today about all things LOVEEEE and life, of course!! Morgan's feeling pretty sickly this episode, so send her some healing vibes so our Creepy Account Ep next week is just that- CREEPY!

Today, Taylar flies solo with a case that caught her attention last week on ABC's 20/20 S46 E16 "Sealed with a Kill", wh...

Mark as Played
February 8, 2024 93 mins


But before we can get into the stories (all linked below) we of course had to catch up with you about all of the creepy, crimey, scary, and cool stuff going on in the world these days: It's February, The Weekends should be Longer, Apple has people crossing the street with Goggles on, the Royal Family has us shaking in our boots aft...

Mark as Played
February 1, 2024 96 mins

Happy Thursday, Besties!! So sorry for the delay, we had some technical difficulties, but baby - we made it, and that is all that matters!

Today, Taylar and Morgan take on the case of the Moore House Massacre of 1912 in Villisca, Iowa- an incredibly small town that is haunted (literally) by the horrific crime that left 8 individuals dead. To this day the case remains unsolved, but from the grave paranormal investigators have ...

Mark as Played

hi besties!!! Happy Thursday! The New Recording schedule is officially here, let us know how ya feel about it, or if you can even tell at all, lol!

Today, Morgan starts us off with the Athens Asylum in Ohio, at the University of Ohio, and in the direct center of a giant pentagram.. with some dark (hidden) history! Before Taylar wraps it up with the case of Hinterkaifeck Farm just north of Munich, Germany from 1922 that remain...

Mark as Played
January 18, 2024 78 mins

WE MADE IT BESTIES!! So sorry for the delay this Thursday, due to (what feels like) a FREAKIN BLIZZARD that left a foot of ice on all the roads, STILL BTW- We were unable to safely record until last night at 8pm. So, with a quick editing session (leaving most of this raw) we finally can deliver you this episode!!!

Today we are covering your CREEPY ACCOUNTS!!! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in and allowed us to share t...

Mark as Played

Happy Thursday, Besties!!!! What are you the CEO of? How’s your week? How are the 2024 goals going for ya? Good, great, amazing!!! We won’t keep ya long (yes we will) so let’s get creepy!

Today Morgan starts us off by covering the countless stories of paranormal experiences that have occurred as a result of the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan and took the lives of 19,759 people, devastating hundreds of...

Mark as Played
January 4, 2024 101 mins

**if you would like to skip our extended "2023 Recap" Intro, fast forward to the 44 minute mark!!


We have had so much time to reflect and prepare for this New Year and we missed you guys so much that we wanted to share our C&C "Wrapped" with you in hopes of motivating or supporting you!

But we just could not shut up, tbh so we decided to just let this episode be real a...

Mark as Played
December 28, 2023 124 mins

Hi besties!!! It is officially the final episode of 2023!!! Thank you all so much for chatting with us every Thursday and being our besties! We love you all so much and cannot wait for what 2024 has to offer!

It feels like it has been years since we have chatted because of the holidays, so we were feeling super chatty and giddy- which of course we had to get that completely out of our systems because of what we decided to do with ...

Mark as Played
December 21, 2023 61 mins

Happy freaking Holidays and Merry Creepsmas besties!! Let's catch up for a sec before we jump into these Creepy Accounts, Rule #5,987: don't dye your roots at home and Question: what are you the CEO of this week?

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in their stories, we are sending you all love and light!

Do you have a Creepy Account of your own that you would like to send in?? We would love to read it!! Plea...

Mark as Played
December 14, 2023 105 mins

Lots to unpack in this intro, good luck and love to you! However, I will say, this is the hardest we have ever laughed and craziest we have felt in a while, so it is pretty dang funny! UNTIL YOU HEAR WHAT MORGAN DID!

Taylar starts off with Part 2 of "The Black Widower" or the cases of Dr. Toni Jill Bertolet and Lynn Henthorn in 2012 and 1995 whose "accidental deaths" raised suspicions about their loving hu...

Mark as Played
December 7, 2023 71 mins

Hello December!!!! HAPPY THURSDAY!

Besties, we have missed you!! Feels like forever!! If you miss out on our Newsletter, you can find it linked: HERE or if you want to watch our new "SO UNSERIOUS" AITA Youtube Video, you can find it linked: HERE!

Today Morgan starts us off with the case of Granger Taylor, a 32 year old highly intelligent man who disappeared from a "blast site" on Vancouver Island, leaving behin...

Mark as Played
How are we all feeling post Thanksgiving? Stuffed? YES. Well we recorded this pre-Thanksgiving, so it was simply all that we could think about! But no fear, after we talk through what we are the CEOs of, we will get creepy with ya! Morgan starts us off by covering the Moberly-Jourdain Incident, aka two iconic, educated, female besties time slip so hard ON THEIR FIRST FRIEND DATE that they literally see a Historical Figure chill...
Mark as Played
HAPPY THURSDAY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, HAPPY C&C X SH CROSSOVER!!! The time is finally here that we get to bring on some of our most favorite people on this planet, who we are incredibly thankful for: Christie and Heather from Sinisterhood!! We had so much fun recording with this amazing duo and could not wait to bring them over on our show for some Creepy Accounts!!! Thank you so much to everyone that sent in your stories...
Mark as Played
Happy Thursday, Besties and Happy Almost Thanksgiving!! Life has been a little crazy these last few weeks and we have officially started the holiday pre-recording process, so we found it very important that we have a thorough catch up session and confess what we are the CEOs of this week! Head over to our instagram (@creepsandcrimespodcast) to make your CEO confessions for the week before we get creepy with you! Morgan starts u...
Mark as Played
November 9, 2023 83 mins
The long awaited not so part two of 162 is finally here- so let's get crimey... unfortunately..  Today, Taylar brings us a "two for one" type of case with the Yosemite Murders of 1999 and the 1972 Abduction of 7 year old Steven Stayner from Merced, California. No one would have thought that the abduction of a 7 year old boy would be connected in anyway with the brutal murders of: Carol Sund, Julie Sund, Silvina Pelosso, and Joi...
Mark as Played
November 2, 2023 62 mins
It's Thursday and you could not pay us to stop chatting... duh!! It's been a minute, but the time felt right to give you all an extended intro that could be a pipin' hot goss for the OG Pick Me Cult!!  Today, Morgan gives us the case of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro whose mysterious death and hauntings in 1991 inspired the Spanish Film "Veronica". This case will leave you with forehead-chills, a pit in your stomach, and so many qu...
Mark as Played
Happy Halloween, Besties!!! We are here with the darkest, scariest, throw up, shit your pants, not okay, EXTRA SUPER CREEPY ACCOUNTS to kick off the spookiest holiday of all!!!  Joining us for the last two stories and some nostalgic Halloween chats is Kelsey Kreppel from Circle Time Podcast!!! We had such an amazing time chatting with our new bestie, welcoming her to the darkside in the most C&C way possible!!! Make sure yo...
Mark as Played

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