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Crown Yourself

Welcome to the Crown Yourself podcast, formerly “The Princess and the B” podcast, brough to you by Your host, TEDx “warrior for possibility,” Kimberly Spencer is your fellow Queen who will lovingly kick your butt into becoming the high performing conscious leader you were born to be. Her clients call her a “game changer” and now she’s changing the game for what is possible for your life, body, business, bank account, and, most importantly, your belief in your infinite potential, so that you fulfill your Divine purpose in this lifetime. Each week Kimberly and her guests meet you, Queen to Queen, Queen to King, Sovereign to sovereign, to support you with the strategies, stories, step-by-step systems, and ancient secrets to help you successfully create a body, business, bank account and life that rules…on your terms. She combines her 13 year track record of entrepreneurship, with 7 years of coaching high-performing leaders to shift their subconscious self-limiting stories into serious success, so that you can activate and embody the Queen or King in you - with a sexy side of silliness, sparkle, and spice! From reprogramming your subconscious mind to healing trauma to spiritual business strategy to raising your vibration to manifestation and conscious entrepreneurship, this podcast will support you as you rise into your reign - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - so that you, ultimately, Crown Yourself. Let’s build your empire, Queen. Your sovereignty starts here. Your reign is now. Learn how to communicate like a queen on podcasts here: Follow her on Instagram, TikTok + Facebook for hilarious Queenly videos


March 4, 2024 17 mins

Ever reflected on how jealousy can mask our own potential? In a recent episode of my podcast, I had a heart-to-heart about the illusions of jealousy. Did you know jealousy is often just a scarcity mindset in disguise? It struck me that what we envy in others, often reflects what we believe we can't achieve. Let's shift that perspective together! 



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Ever wondered how our ancestors' experiences echo through time, affecting our health and relationships? In my latest podcast episode, Dr. Tiffany M. Smith shares profound insights on generational trauma—revealing its manifestations in hormonal imbalances, emotional blocks, and even sleep patterns. It's a deep dive into our collective past and its impact on our present wellness.

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Can we control time? Would you like the secret to how to control time with your mind? In this episode of the Crown Yourself Podcast, Kimberly Spencer shares more than just time management strategies, she shares the control time strategy to make time your ally instead of your enemy.

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What You W...
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    Ever wondered how a 13-time national elevator pitch champion crafted her art? On the latest episode of Crown Yourself, I had the honor of speaking with the "Killer Pitch Master" herself, Precious Williams. Pulling back the curtains to her journey, from launching Curvy Girls Lingerie, and pitching it to ABC's "Shark Tank," to homelessness, addiction, and bouncing back to becoming multiple Fortune 500 companies' secret...

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    Have you ever thought about the power of reverence in your life and business? In my recent podcast episode, I dive deep into why we should treat our creations like precious treasures. It's a mindset that transforms not just what you do, but how you do it. 🌟

    #CrownYourself #ReverenceInAction #Preciousness

    In this podcast episode, host Kimberly Spencer discusses the value of treating endeavors with preciousness and reverenc...

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    Can you still show up, sparkling in the face of adversity? Picture this: living in a homeless shelter, and still, your mother tells you to put on your sparkling earrings because YOU decide who gets to show up today. Do you let the darkness of your circumstances impact your destiny? Or do you rise above?

    It is my honor to deliver this encore episode with Valencia Key Jewelry founder, Lia Valencia Key, as we celebrate B...

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    Why do great leaders care about reverence? How can reverence quantum leap your manifesting power? In this episode of the Crown Yourself Podcast, host, Kimberly Spencer challenges you to purge the preciousness of perfectionism, and, instead, to cultivate a reverence for the Spirit and energy that is within ALL things, including (and especially) your business, and who and how you serve. Uncover the mystical connection betwee...

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    Have you ever considered how the echoes of your past shape your future? In a heartfelt discussion with Kalpa Gupta on the Crown Yourself podcast, we delved into the delicate art of weaving past experiences into a tapestry of personal growth. Kalpa's story of overcoming childhood trauma is a profound reminder of the human capacity for resilience and transformation. 


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    How do you lead with integrity? Why is integrity important in leadership? What does it mean to lead with integrity? In this episode of the Crown Yourself Podcast, host, Kimberly Spencer explores the connection in conscious leadership between integrity and expansion. She discusses how breaches of integrity can affect success and self-worth, and the distinction between honesty and living in true alignment with one's values. ...

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    How do you have an abundance mindset? Our guest today, Sarah Sharky Harkness, developed her abundance mindset in the hospital, alone, during the pandemic, away from her three kids, after 26  surgeries for autonomic dysreflexia, and being brought back from the dead, she is now pioneering a theory of abundance serving to transform the lives of others, to support you in overcoming adversity.

    About Sarah "Sharky" Hark...

  • January 15, 2024 29 mins

    Ever wondered what it feels like to truly become the person you've always wanted to be? In the latest Crown Yourself episode, I dive deep into the transformational journey of becoming. It's not just about setting goals—it's about who you grow into along the way. 

    #TransformationJourney #PersonalGrowth

    In this ...

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    How do you align rapid business success with spiritual alignment? Can having massive business success bring you the spiritual freedom you desire? In this episode of the Crown Yourself Podcast, Kimberly Spencer brings back Blinkbar CEO, Tirzah Shirai, as she launches her next venture, the Venusian School of Business. Tirzah's debut episode, "From Zero to $30 Million in a Blink" on the Crown Yourself Podcast (forme...

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    Want to change your look completely in 2024? Feeling the need to makeover your outer and inner world? In this podcast episode, Kimberly Spencer chats with Magnetic Stlisy and Energy Master, Jenn Koch, founder of Stylegasm, to discuss the profound influence of personal style on self-confidence and growth. They explore the journey of self-acceptance, particularly post-pandemic and post-parenthood, emphasizing the need to emb...

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    How to stay motivated to achieve your goals beyond the New Year? If you're feeling like 2024 is your goal-smashing year, how can you stay motivated beyond the resolution? In this episode, Kimberly Spencer, founder of, shares how to stay motivated to achieve your 2024 New Year's goals and beyond. She stresses the necessity of rest, discipline, integrity, and alignment for sustaining motivation in goal atta...

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    Most women suffer from hormone issues. Are you tired of trying to cure your hormonal health with standard approaches that aren't producing the desired results? Imagine a world where you can take responsibility for your health to create epigenetics for yourself and heal your body. What we eat, drink, think, feel, and do can alter how our bodies accomplish key hormonal activities that influenc...

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    Today, I want to share something that I learned from my marathon training. Doubt can be a constant companion, especially when we're out of our comfort zones. What I discovered is that every small step, every rep, trains the mind and body to be resilient, to face fears, and to break limits. What's your 'marathon'? How are you going to train for it?


  • Are you ready to embark on a journey of service and compassion? Join me in this captivating conversation with Tash Brooks, CEO of Walk With Sally, as we dive into the importance of creating a supportive environment for those battling cancer and their families.


    #JourneyofService #SupportiveEnvironment



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    How often do you find yourself focusing on the "how" instead of the "why" when working towards your goals? Sharing a fascinating perspective from my recent podcast episode - we often get stuck in the 'how' when we should be focusing on the 'why'. This subtle shift in our thinking opens up new dimensions in our approach to problem-solving. Stay curious and keep asking the right questions.&nbs...

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    The Crown Yourself podcast's Nonprofit November has kicked off with a bang! Co-founder of Common Ground Campus, Brent Hamachek, joined me today to discuss the mission of his organization: fostering unity and understanding among students on college campuses. Their approach isn't about debating political differences but finding shared perspectives and mutual respect. A much-needed approach in ...

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