Cryptid Warfare

Cryptid Warfare

Have you ever seen something you can’t explain? Something that shakes your core and makes you question everything you know? Maybe you’ve experienced something unexplainable, something that leaves you feeling scared and alone. If so, you’re not alone. Join us on this podcast as we explore the mystery of cryptids and share our own encounters. This is a safe place for you to share your stories and experiences. We want to hear from you! Your story could help someone by letting them know that they’re not alone. Do you have a story?Send us a voice message or email to:


July 16, 2024 60 mins

In todays show Drews Family share some of their paranormal encounters. We live in a big world, and there is honestly no where you cant go where you're not noticed by the paranormal. So, take to heart what is mentioned in this episode and stay on you feet. Spiritual warfare is no joke... ;)


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Hey Cw Fighters! Welcome back to another episode! Today Drewski and T are chatting with Nick and Jay. You will remember Nick from one of our previous episodes. Hes a dude ya dont wanna mess with... So, on todays show hes having one of the members from his Critter Hitter team join the conversation. There is  A LOT ya need to hear on this show. So make sure you have a pencil and paper ready!! 


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Hey Cw Fighters! Welcome back! This is such a jaw dropping episode of spiritual warfare at its finest! Join Drew as he cats with Christina and shares ways to combat the enemy. God has given us the authority and power to do a lot more in this world than what we give ourselves credit for. Draw close to God, and He WILL work amazing wonders in your life! 


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June 19, 2024 61 mins

Hey, CW Fighters! Buckle up! today Drew is speaking with Heather Rose who is part of the International Paranormal Group. The value bombs she drops is very helpful if you all are into this sort of thing... Just be safe when your on the field, and NEVER go alone. And remember... the paranormal can follow you. 


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June 14, 2024 154 mins

Wow, CW fighters! Today is a big day for Cryptid Warfare! Drewski and D are chatting with Omgeman! There is a lot to say about him. Hes doing so much for the kingdom and has many stories to share. A lot of wisdom to drop as well. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready because you're going to want to take note from this episode... as he covers spiritual warfare. 


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Hegewisch Baptist Church hbcde...

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June 11, 2024 60 mins

On todays show, Drew is chatting with Kathryn. She has some wild stories, from Bigfoot encounters to poltergeist activity. This episode is sure to make you question reality. Always be prepared for the unexpected! 



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June 7, 2024 98 mins

WOW! Who would have thought Japan would have been such an eerie place. There are a lot of legends and folklore out there. Most of the time, we're not sure where the stories started... but Japan is a whole new level of weird, unexplained, and freaky! Join Drew on this episode as he chats with Amanda and Irene on exploring spooky Japan. 


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Wud up, CW Fighters!! Stoked you're here for this Ep.! Todays guest is Arnie Dixon and ohhh boy.. I hope ya brought your brown pants cuz he has some wild stories to share with you! This guy is the man the Ghost Busters call when they cant handle the pressure! He's been a paranormal researcher for almost 10 years now and professionally hunting for 4! So, needless to say.. he will keep ya glued to the audio!


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Greetings CW fighters! Welcome back and glade you're here! Today we spoke with Audrey and she shares her close encounter that she had. More of us have these close calls whether we notice them or not! Jump on in and listen to her story 


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R.D. and Brenda Roads Have such an amazing story! Almost every time they go out, they have a cryptid sighting! The thing is... sometimes they dont know until they review the pictures! There is more to say but ill let the show do the rest of the talking :)


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April 18, 2024 101 mins

Toni has lived quite an extraordinary life. She has seen things that most people couldn't handle (supernaturally). In this episode, we will dive deep into the realm of the supernatural while understanding more about this unseen realm. 


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Dive deep into the controversial and untold tales of giants and the global flood with us on "Giants & Flood Secrets: Bible's Untold Stories Exposed!" 🌊📖 Hey, it's your boi's Z and Ski here, and this time, We've embarked on an expedition into the biblical depths that many dare not to explore. Join us and our special guest, the enigmatic Gary Wayne, as we unravel the mysteries that have perplexed Christians and scholars alike. ...

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Today we chat with Karen. She has had experiences with aliens, reptilians, abductions, and a slew of other things! We cover her book (and other topics) about her pregnancies that left her childless. It not just her though... this has happened to many women for generations. SO, get ready because this episode is gonna show you that NO ALIEN is a good alien (Sorry E.T.!). 


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🐍👼 Dive deep into the murky waters of the unknown as we unveil the mysteries of Human-Animal Hybrids And More! Hey there, everyone! It's your favorite explorers of the eerie, Z baby, and the infamous Druski, bringing you another episode that's sure to rattle your bones and spark your curiosity.

This time, we're venturing beyond the realm of the ordinary, discussing everything from Christian perspectives to alien hybrids, and how ...

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Todays episode is another interesting one! We have Josh Monday who is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to sharing his faith in Jesus! He is covering biblical cosmology and covers the hollow earth "theory" as well. 



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Ever wondered why Big Pharma seems to have it out for holistic healing methods? 🌿💊 In today’s explosive episode, your go-to source for all things cryptid warfare, and conspiracy theories, Druski, dives deep into the tussle between the pharmaceutical giants and the proponents of natural health. Flying solo, Druski brings on a special guest, Janet from the Deplorable podcast, a retired nurse turned holistic health hero, to unravel ...

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Wow! This episode was awesome! Humbly Awake will "WAKE" you up (pun intended). After this episode, there might be some movies and shows you might want to get rid of because you will never look at those actors the same again! On another note, this episode was very chill and real... just three friends hanging out and sharing things aroud God, Community, Spiritual Warfare, and Life. 


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Hey, CW Fighters! In this episode, Drewski and Z will be talking about chair vs field research. They are both necessary to equip yourself with when wanting to gain knowledge, but you can't have one without the other. Let's jump into this episode! 


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In this episode of Cryptid Warfare, hosts Z-Baby and Drewski delve into the topic of spiritual warfare and the armor of God. Zook shares his personal experience with the dark side of spiritual warfare, shedding light on supernatural encounters and the impact of spiritual battles on our physical and mental well-being. Meanwhile, Drewski breaks down the armor of God, simplifying its key components and providing practical insights on ...

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Welcome back, CW Fighter, to another thrilling episode of Cryptid Warfare! I'm your host Zook, joined by the ever-curious Drewski, and today we're bringing a special guest into our cryptid combat zone: the enigmatic Nomar Slevik! Nomar is an established name in the UFO/UAE community with gripping tales and a podcast that's a trove of otherworldly encounters.

In this episode, we're diverging into a labyrinth of unexplained phenomena...

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