Curious Curmudgeons

Curious Curmudgeons

If you love to explore ideas and consider life deeply . . . but you also can’t hold your tongue or help rolling your eyes at some of life’s crazy, then this podcast is for you. Join Barnabas Piper & Adam Read in their exploration of (and occasional grumpiness at) big issues in life as Christians.


June 19, 2024 42 mins

What happens when faith becomes more than just a family tradition? Join us in the final episode of the Curious Curmudgeon podcast's inaugural season, as we explore the profound journey of personal conviction in Christ. We'll share Adam's transformative experience at 16, shedding light on how to make faith truly personal and authentic. We also express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support throughout our ...

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What happens when the unexpected storms of life turn your world upside down? In this emotionally charged episode, we promise you'll gain insights into navigating life's most challenging transitions. Adam opens up about his harrowing experience with multiple lung collapses and surgeries during a time he least expected it. His story serves as a powerful reminder of how unplanned events can alter our life's path, and ho...

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Join us on the Curious Curmudgeon podcast as we explore the multifaceted journey of parenting through life transitions. With nearly two decades of experience raising children, we reflect on our transition into parenthood and the continuous evolution that comes with each stage of our children's lives. From the sleepless nights of infancy to the bittersweet moments of preparing our children for college, we share invaluable lesso...

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May 29, 2024 59 mins

Leaving a church is never a simple decision. Remember when we had to make that tough call? We felt the emotional and spiritual weight bearing down on us, wrestling with whether it was the right time to move on. This episode is all about those moments—whether you're leaving due to painful experiences or positive life changes, we’ve got strategies to ensure a Christ-honoring exit. We share personal stories to reveal the complex ...

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In this episode of the Curious Curmudgeon Podcast, Barnabas Piper and co-curmudgeon, Adam Read, take a stroll through their church histories, examining the fabric of their faith from childhood to the present. They reflect on their formative years in the pews, the nuances of congregational life across different geographies, and the profound impact of long-term church relationships. From San Diego's sun-soaked sanctuaries to the...

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Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane, exploring the evolution of friendship through the various stages of life. We start with childhood, reminiscing about the constant companionship of siblings and the golden days of high school with its bands and mild mischief. As we move through the timeline, we laugh over the social minefield of middle school and the burgeoning emotional connections of high school. Listen in as we reflec...

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Join us on the Curious Curmudgeon podcast as we unpack the various suitcases that come with moving through different stages of life. We share our own nomadic journeys, spanning countless states and homes, and reflect on how these transitions have reshaped our lives. From the thrill of adventure when flying solo to the intricate dance of relocating with a family, we tackle the less discussed human costs that accompany the financial ...

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Ever wondered how a job can be more than just a paycheck, or pondered the spiritual significance behind the daily grind? Join Barnabas Piper and co-curmudgeon, Adam Read, as they unravel the tapestry of career paths, job satisfaction, and the deeper meaning of work. This inaugural flight begins with brooms in hand as church custodians, a humble start that springs into a rich dialogue about the twists and turns of their professional...

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A suburban Nashville pastor and a rural Virginia technology director coming together to stir up a heartwarming concoction of wisdom and wit. That's what you're in for as Barnabas Piper and Adam Read swing open the doors to their lives, revealing the quirks of pastoral duties and digital dilemmas, all while herding chickens and wrangling kids. Amidst the hum of family chaos and clucking poultry, we delve into the everyday ...

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