CYKIAE (Christ You Know It Ain't Easy)

CYKIAE (Christ You Know It Ain't Easy)

CYKIAE (Christ You Know It Aint Easy) is about the very biggest mysteries we take for granted. Like how a pile of dirt, not alive, becomes alive (even you are basically a handful of dirt – same elements) – that’s one hell of a trick. Science doesn’t have the first idea how. And like how science says our universe, of 10 trillion galaxies, came from the Big Bang - first there was nothing - and then it exploded. You think life and our universe happened by themselves? Science hasn’t got any answers. CYKIAE takes a radically new look at what Christianity and God has done for the world.


December 4, 2023 29 mins

When I was growing up I heard this nursery rhyme a lot. It’s an old traditional nursery rhyme about what little boys and little girls are made of.

What the nursery rhyme’s telling us is that boys and girls, and so men and women, are very different to each other.

But today, picking up on Marxist ideology, that there are no individuals and everyone is the same, regardless of our gender. Liberal feminists, in particular, say that ther...

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“Star Wars – Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”, has probably the most unique scene in any movie, or any book for that matter, that you’ve ever come across, and what it has to say is what this programme is all about. Let me play this short excerpt from the movie.

Tag words: Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back; Darth Vader; step-father; step-parents; H. J. Sants; genealogical bewilderment; sperm donor; egg donor; Katy Faust; Stacy ...

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The Cinderella story is about a young girl whose mother dies. Her father remarries. His new bride was married before and had two daughters from her previous marriage. Cinderella’s father dies, leaving her in the not-so tender care of her step-mother and her step-sisters. Things work out really badly for Cinderella as it does for most step-children in real life. And in real life, at least in Australia, there aren’t balls at the pala...

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They say: The only things kids need to grow up healthy and happy are to be safe and loved. And here’s what Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) says to Vincent Vega (John Travolta) in Pulp Fiction about what they say: So “they say” a lot of stuff that they’ve heard from somewhere else and they don’t know whether it’s true, but it sounds true, so they treat it as if it’s true. But that’s not true – you can’t ignore your biology and I’ll tell y...
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In their book Them Before Us, Katy Perry and Stacy Manning spoke of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. They had this to say:

Every country on the planet understands how critical mothers and fathers are to children. The United Nations, an institution in which consensus is as rare as a winged unicorn, enshrined children's right to be known and loved by both parents in the Convention on the Rights of the Child...

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Louise Perry, young English feminist who published the book therefore with the surprising title of The Case Against the Sexual Revolution quotes the story that English philosopher, writer and Christian apologist, GK Chesterton, told. It goes like this and is entirely relevant to our modern tear everything down culture – which includes the sexual revolution going back to the 1960s, powered by the invention of the contraceptive pill ...

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In my last programme I talked about the discovery that although a lot of behaviour, of animals and humans, may be wired in, often it has to be triggered by a parent etc before it starts to operate. One instance of this that I talked about in the last programme is cats that are taken off their mothers too soon – they will never learn how to climb down from a tree.

Then there were Susan Minetka’s tame monkeys, wild monkeys and a snak...

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In this programme I’m going to tell you why some cats can climb up a tree but need the Fire Brigade to get them down. And how the explanation I’m going to give you for that explains how some women found themselves victims of the #MeToo movement, and eventually I’m going to tell you from knowing that, why that explains why we should ban surrogacy, egg and sperm donations, and even take a long, hard look before allowing same sex coup...

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Who has a right to adopt child a? Is it married heterosexual couples? Unmarried heterosexual couples? Same sex married couples? Same sex unmarried couples? Individuals whatever gender they identify as?

Well the answer’s surprisingly simple, no adults have the right to adopt a child that they’re not biologically related to. 

The proper question to ask is whether the child should be adopted out to the applicants seeking the adoption....

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Adoption. In my last two programmes I talked about the incredible biolological changes that happen in the biological parents of a newly conceived child and that keep on going through to their child’s early, even teen years.

Not every biological couple can have children though, and these days same sex couples are also allowed to adopt children.

Adoption’s a great way to go if you want children and can’t have them naturally yourselve...

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I’m looking into the market for buying babies. But first I’m covering off what happens when a man and a woman, who are married, preferably, or are living together, have children.

In the first part I looked at the incredible things that the body does to prepare the babies biological parents for what’s coming. In this programme I’m looking at what happens after the child has arrived, the role that the biological parents play in the l...

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It seems like only yesterday that it was illegal to buy babies – but then we have science to thank for new developments that have made that possible. Also society has made major changes to what is acceptable creating the demand for babies for people who couldn’t get babies the usual way themselves, same sex couples.

In this programme I’m going to start by looking at the old-fashioned way people got babies and the in-built mechansim...

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In 1882 the German philosopher, Nietzsche, said “God is Dead”. He was right – or he had been right for a few days. But how was it possible for God to die? No other religion even comes close to imagining such a thing – it would be an affront to any of their gods. In 500 BC the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates wrote to Plato: “It may be that the deity can forgive sins, but I do not see how”. These two burning issues plague our secu...

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When you look at something on the internet today you’ve just gotta wonder. So much rubbish there. So many lies dressed up as the truth. For me the good posts are the ones that are obviously wrong and funny – like the quote attributed to US President Abraham Lincoln who lived in the 1800s, before there was electricity and the internet. The meme on Facebook “quoted” him as saying “You can’t believe everything you read on Facebook”. S...

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A lot of people these days have been brought back from the dead thanks to the miracles of modern science. After a person’s been determined to be dead for a short period of time. But what happens if you’ve been dead for days – nothing modern science can do to bring that person back. What happens to that person when life returns to them? The evidence is that, besides other things, the person shows a great sense of humour and a voraci...

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In about 1995 the modern superstring theory was announced. It was revolutionary. It said that there were 11 dimensions. Bill Bryson, in his book, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, tells us that these dimensions were the three that we already knew about – length, breadth and depth – plus time (which we also knew about). There are also another 7 dimensions that are unknowable to us. How staggering? Scientific progress. Well exc...

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In 1970 Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the lyrics for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. In the title song to the musical Superstar, Judas asks what seems to be a reasonable question of Jesus:

Why'd you choose such a backward time and such a strange land? If you'd come today, you would have reached a whole nation, Israel in 4BC had no mass communication.

Today we know that Jesus had far less chance of getting his message out to...

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David, the man who as a very young boy killed the giant Goliath, wrote a poem (a psalm) when he was King of Israel, about 1,000 years before Jesus was crucified. It reads as a staggering account, by Jesus, of his crucifixion and death.


Now remember that the Old Testament was translated into Greek by over 70 scholars (why it’s called the Septuagint – from the Latin for 70) in about 275BC. At that time most Jews didn’t speak Hebrew...

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Jesus wasn’t crucified on Good Friday. Excruciating is a word that comes from Christ’s crucifixion. Why does Richard Dawkins, atheist hero extraordinaire, have his knickers in a twist for all of the wrong reasons, again, over a story from the Old Testament that’s really all about Jesus that he doesn’t understand anyway – as usual? Stick around and find out.

Tag words: Jesus Christ; the Messiah; crucifixion; the disciples; Matthew 1...

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The greatest injustice in the history of the world was about to happen. Pontius Pilate, Jesus’ judge, was blackmailed into sentencing an innocent man, the only man who never sinned, to death. There’s much more subtlety to this than “Jesus Christ Superstar” revealed – but then it’s my job to give you the real story in this programme.

Tag words: Pontius Pilate; Jesus Christ Superstar; Matthew 27:12-14; Luke 23:13-15; John 18:33-36; J...

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