Dad Like It's Your Job

Dad Like It's Your Job

Helping fathers have a rich productive home life and still succeed in their career.


May 9, 2024 22 mins

Tyler Graham believes "fathering intentionally." Zito couldn't agree more. This conversation is warm, funny, and full of surprises. And speaking of full, Tyler's house is filled with a big family! 

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Art Eddy is an author, podcaster, dad, collector, BIG Star Wars fan. A self proclaimed sneakerhead, Art is surrounded by Star Wars memorabilia during this conversation. He and Zito talk about being a girl dad, teaching driving, and Star Wars. Turns out, Art used to have a radio gig so they get into how that job has changed (spoiler alert: it's changed a LOT). 

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Zito's guest is an author, improv actor, and father of three kids under 6. He's also a pharmacist. This is a fun talk about the realistic challenges of fathering and being a professional! 
Also, Zito gets takes a little time to get personal before the guest. 
Be sure to check Cory out at and preorder his new book, "I Guess I'm a Dad Now here...<...

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April 18, 2024 30 mins

Zito and Nathan delve into the choppy waters of parenting after divorce. Nathan Fink joined the New Hampshire Children’s Trust team in 2019.  As the Advancement Director he brings nearly 20 years’ experience in education, fundraising, marketing, and narration. Nathan can be found forever (re)hammering the floor nail of his old house in Durham, NH, where he lives with his wife and two feral sons.

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What exactly is a "lead dad?" Paul Sullivan breaks it down in this conversation about breaking down gender roles when it comes to parenting. Be sure to check out Paul's website,

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April 4, 2024 8 mins

This week Zito dips into his signature talk, "Dad Like It's Your Job" and gets into how to deal with the fear of becoming and being a dad. This is quick, but helpful. These are proven effective techniques to diminish fear in a real way. 

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John Nero is an author who specializes in helping new dads. Zito's co-worker "Promotions God" Mike Perez is a first time dad. We dug through the archives and decided to relaunch this episode in his honor!!! 

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Marty Nadler is television sit-com royalty and a hilarious comedian. He's also dad to Charlie Nadler, also a comedian (but not sit-com royalty-yet!) Zito talks to Marty about his reaction to Charlie wanting to follow in his footsteps, their trip across country, and life as a year round family on Martha's Vineyard. 
Be sure to see Marty and Charlie together this Father's Day at the Adams Theater in North Adams, Ma...

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Apologies to anyone who tried listening to the episode with Dr. Barry Plummer. We fixed it and here it is. Great conversation about dealing with your kid while they transition into young adulthood. 

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Dr. Barry Plummer returns for his record breaking third appearance on the pod! He and Zito discuss the transitions that take place once a kid turns 18 and suddenly they're an "adult," but of course they aren't. 

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February 29, 2024 15 mins

Zito flies solo with some honest talk about why so many dads work too much. Surprise! It isn't your boss's fault. Here's a few practical suggestions on how to prioritize your relationships and focus so that you're home with your family more. 

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February 22, 2024 23 mins

Zito chats with Mike Hall, a "recovering middle school principal." Mike's insight in to how to help busy fathers stay involved with their kids are simple and effective! Great talk with a veteran dad of two grown sons. 

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Ben Killoy is a Marine, fathering coach, speaker, but most of all, a dad. Ben' s all about being a purposeful dad to his four kids. He and Zito talk football, babies, and different stages of fatherhood. Be sure to check out Ben's podcast "The Business of Fatherhood." 

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February 8, 2024 11 mins

Zito goes solo to share some of his basic beliefs about Life/Work balance. (NEVER Work/Life balance).
Your boss isn't the reason you're working too many hours, that's on you, why 
"No" is a complete sentence, and your co-workers have a place in your life, it's just not as important a place as your family. 

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Mark Riccadonna is a national headlining comedian. He's also the father of two. How does a guy travel this much and still parent his kids? It's not easy, even though Mark makes it sort of look that way. He's a hilarious guy who has made practical choices to make sure he's more than just a part of his kid's lives, he's made them the center of his. He's our kind of guy over here at Dad Like It'...

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January 25, 2024 10 mins

Zito goes solo this week to share a topic near and dear.  Zito learned "The One Duck Theory" years ago during a difficult time in life. A man he looked up to and trusted changed his perspective forever with one conversation. 
Learn more about "The One Duck Theory" and how you can get Zito to speak in front of your group at 

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Zito's guest is a complete accident. An email to a different Craig Kessler leads to this random episode just talking to an every day dad. Craig doesn't have a book to plug. He's not a speaker or a dad coach. He's a guy with a wife and two young kids and a career and he's puts he's providing for his family and still being a part of his family. And that's the kind of dad we love. Craig and Zito talk...

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Dr. Michelle had a private practice and noticed that her adolescent female clients had something in common, a longing to connect with their fathers. She's made it her life's work to help Dads find their daughters hearts and hold them. Zito's conversation with her cuts deep into what Dads can do to make a connection with their daughters that may be missing and is so vitally important. 
Find out more at www.drmiche...

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In this special holiday episode, Zito is joined by his radio neighbor Jim Polito and one of his brothers to reminisce about their dads. Jim tells a wonderful story about building something memorable with his dad during a Christmas break. 
Jim Polito is a radio host throughout southern New England. His contributions to investigative journalism and political commentary make him a popular figure in media.
Then Zito shares memo...

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Jeff Wickersham likes to think of dads as being the "tip of the spear" for their family. He talks like a warrior and this episode is bound to motivate even the most beleaguered dad! Check Jeff out at

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