Dadpreneur Freedom - Helping You Enjoy MORE Dad Time

Dadpreneur Freedom - Helping You Enjoy MORE Dad Time

Learn how to build an online business without sacrificing your money, your sanity or your reputation. Join Adam Dukes, a Dadpreneur, author and horrendous fantasy football player. This podcast is for Dads who are small business owners, entrepreneurs, course creators, digital marketers, coaches or have a desire to become an entrepreneur. We'll cover everything from marketing, mindset hacks, social media, productivity secrets, email marketing and living your absolute best life. Expect short, funny, mildly entertaining, and extremely actionable episodes that you can apply today and see extraordinary results this week.


November 4, 2021 29 min

In this episode, you'll discover two simple tweaks you can apply to your business to eliminate your competition & charge premium prices.

Earlier this week, I have a coaching call with my cousin about how to explode her business.

The advice I gave her, is the advice I give to most entrepreneurs who reach out asking for help. 

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Please LIMIT your "how to" content.

The internet has a plethora of "how to" content.

What the internet doesn't have are insights/wisdom from Y-O-U!

This is the content your marketplace craves.

This is the type of content that separates you from the sea of sameness.

In this episode, you'll discover 11 types of content that sells.

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Afraid to niche down?

Are you worried that your audience will be too small?

I am going to BUST that myth with some 3rd grade SIMPLE math….

You only need 100 clients per year to build a six (or multi-six) figure business 

That’s only two clients per week. 

In this episode, I reveal exactly how to do just that. 

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Join Our FR...

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October 7, 2021 19 min

This is a very important lesson I learned the excruciating way.

Learn from my massive mistakes with this one.

I share two stories that happened to me years ago with clients, and how these two incidents sent me down a deep, dark path because I took it personally.

The first story is quite funny, as a 75-year old man (former client) threatened my life in a unique way. it wasn't funny at the time, and it left me terrified. 

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In this episode, I reveal how you can defeat shiny object syndrome once and for all.

This is something that plagues online Dadpreneurs, and something I struggled with for years.

You'll hear why I think it's such a problem in the online world.

You'll also discover Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Secret to Success is. 

Hint: It's ONE word. 

At the end, I also reveal how I overcome the fear of judgement. This is, without a ...

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 In this episode, I share how I went down a DEEP rabbit hole over the last several months. 

Over the last several months, I’ve been consuming a truckload of content about a certain subject.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, reading Facebook posts from some who’ve got this thing dialed in.

It has the power to transform any business literally over night.

It was a book I read in July that sparked the curiosity in me to go down this pa...

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In this episode, I reveal an excellent book on the power of morning routines. As a Dad, it's essential you set some time aside for yourself -- I recommend the first part of your day.

Be selfish with your time. This morning routine is dedicated to Y-O-U time.

There are several scientific benefits to having a morning routine, such as: increased productivity, reduce stress, develop healthy habits, boost your energy levels, improve...

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In this episode, I reveal a hidden benefit of publishing content online.

For some reason, this benefit isn't discussed much.

I share two recent stories that happened to me that reminded me that I'm on the right path.

If you struggle with fear of judgement (94.3% of people), I reveal a mindset shift I recently made that melts that fear away.

I want you to start unleashing your message today, and you'll find out what an i...

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In this episode, I share 5 great side hustles for Dads. 

All 5 of these side hustles cost less than $50 to start, and are perfect for the time-strapped Dads. 

These side hustles can earn anywhere from $300 - $500 per month in extra cash that you can put towards; 

  • Paying down debt
  • Saving up for a family vacation
  • Knocking out a grocery bill or two
  • Car payment
  • Save for retirement
  • Any one of these side hustles can be turned into a full time on...

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    In this episode, I talk about the importance of building your stupid simple sales funnel today.

    There is NO reason that you should not have a working sales funnel LIVE right now. It's so easy to get up and running, and you can do it for FREE.

    I share a story about a gentleman on my email list who reached out to me about building a funnel. He was overthinking it (super common, and I did it for YEARS).

    I reveal exactly what I tol...

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    In this episode, I reveal 4 hard truths you need to know before becoming a Dadpreneur. 

    I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass and promise you instant riches or the ability to retire next Tuesday, if you buy my course.

    Business -- online or offline -- is HARD work.  There is a reason only 9% of the population are entrepreneurs.   

    However, it can be incredibly fulfilling. You have the power to transform lives with your message,...

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    In this episode, I share the power of 30-day challenges. Over the years I've used these simple challenges to quit alcohol, coffee & caffeine.

    I've also used these challenges to add healthy habits to my life. Push ups, gratitude, making offers and going live.

    You'll hear about a friend who quit sugar (cold turnkey) from a Facebook post of mine.

    You'll also hear about my struggles with alcohol for nearly 20 years,...

    Mark as Played

    This is a big problem I see in the online entrepreneurial industry.

    People are not making the money they desire, and it comes down to the fact that they're simply not making enough offers. Some make an offer or two a month, and wonder why business is so slow.

    The fear of rejection, failure, self-doubt and imposter syndrome are some of the reasons for this.

    In this episode, I challenge you to start making one offer (at least) ev...

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    July 29, 2021 26 min

    In this episode, I discuss the power of TikTok and why you want to leverage this platform to increase your influence, impact and income.

    In May 2021, I generated 1,191 leads from TikTok. Zero dollars in advertising. I typically average 300 - 600 leads per month with TikTok.  

    It's not a platform for teens to twerk to the latest Drake song. It's platform to generate truckload of attention, awareness, traffic, leads and sales.


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    July 22, 2021 15 min

    In this episode, we discuss what holds back the far majority of people. 70% of the population struggles with Imposter syndrome, so you're not alone.

    In this episode, I reveal 8 famous people who've all been open with their struggles with imposter syndrome. These are the uber successful, and it troubles them.

    I reveal 3 ways to overcome imposter syndrome in this episode. These are ways I've discovered in my entrepreneur ...

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    In this episode, we discuss my 60-second business plan. You'll hear how 3 questions (and answers) can give you crystal-clear clarity for your online business. 

    Clarity creates confidence. 

    And confidence leads to certainty. 

    Your potential clients/customers BUY certainty 

     After this episode, you'll have direction in your online business.

    This simple exercise is a powerful one, and eliminates confusion, overwhelm and complexity...

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    It sounds absurd, but it's absolutely possible.

    In this episode, I will reveal my M5 framework for building a wildly profitable online business. This is my twist on Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing program from the late 90s. Dan said marketing revolved around your Market, Message & Media.

    In 2021, things have changed (just a bit), and I added two more Ms, giving you the M5 framework.

    This is the foundation of any online...

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    This is episode numero uno for the Dadprenuer Freedom podcast. 

    "I don't have money" is a very common excuse I hear when it comes to starting an online business, so I decided to smash that excuse in episode #1. 

    In this podcast, I reveal how to start an online business for $41.88. You only need 3 things to start, contrary to what many will lead you to believe. A domain, a business email and a way to capture and nurture le...

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