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Dancin' Moon Songcast

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February 28, 2021 34 min

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 

Making Our Escape


It's dark in here, it's dark in here Most days I don't even hear, don't even hear A thing, no not a thing, not a thing...

So many years, it's been so many years Since he came to check on me, break open a box of tears... Not sorrow, no not sorrow, just love‚ tears of love

Yeah, we used to fly above the bed Him on his back me overhead ...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 

Ragged Set of Claws

I am not the man  I used to be I am not the boy  I was Some days I have trouble  getting used to me Some nights I fight A ragged set of claws... A ragged set of claws...

Brave adventures  Were my future Back when I dreamed myself A hero's cape and hood But every time I leave My bat cave these days Some clever joker shows me why I should stay cave-boun...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 

Answer to Pane


I look out on an empty field

but I’m not so sure my fate is sealed

They are building, building all the time.

Strip mall, industrial park,

duplex—it’s like a Noah’s ark

replenishing the city, two of every kind


Well, some say the eyes are me to the soul

But I’m not sure they’re big enough holes

To welcome in near enough light.

When someone...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 

Life Begins in Mud


Something green, something new

Something raucous, something true

Something muddy beneath the big, wide blue

Something me, something you,

Something you, something you.

Something you.


Mindful of the butterflies

Monarchs in migratory skies

Something wise and ancient beneath the big, wide blue

Something me, something you,

Something you, somethin...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 


Sky as blue as ocean

Summer clouds are sailing by

Black-eyed Susans on the shoulder

Sway and dance but they never cry

They never cry...


Setting out is all too easy

You think a map is all you need

But then the road is closed and the

Weather turns...

We will arrive just wait and see.


A log cabin near the Great Divide

Your hair loose in the breez...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 

This Lonely Road


I set out on the 1st of May

I had a hunger in the worst of ways

a hunger for a love, a love like you.

I rounded a corner in the morning light

almost blinded— almost lost my sight

there on the shoulder was you.

Oh my Lord...


I got a feeling

you and I’ve been down this lonely road

this lonely road before.

I got a feeling

you and I’ve...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2021's  Keys to My Head LP 

If You Wanna Make a Song

You gotta have a hole In your heart,

Stick out your neck so long,

Give everybody the keys

To your head,

If you wanna make a song. (repeat)


When the tension’s too much

Or even not quite enough,

I know I need to tune it up or else I’m

Always gonna play too rough.

Yeah sometimes it’s just electric

And other times it’s not

But all that really ...

Mark as Played

Ready For Jesus


The missionary is only 20.

He's telling us that the people in Honduras have nothing---

he describes a family of seven

who live in a mud hut

with a dirt floor and a doorway

with no door so the animals wander in and out.


They are ready for Jesus...

he says,

Their existence is painful,

so they're

looking for some meaning.


He tells us that they are the other race

in Honduras,...

Mark as Played

my dream


I see you like this:

you clutch the tiny warm ball

of a new brown field-mouse.

pressing it into the warmth of your

scented neck

where your hair bends gently in to

brush your careful fingers...


it is cold outside,

and your breath moves slowly


clouds of warmth

in the snow-white sunlight,

your words of comfort, your

essence atomized,



and later,

if the mists linger in the

year-old p...

Mark as Played



Jacob stole his birthright,

being clever and tricky

and gets the bad rap

on account of greed,

but what about the sin of Esau

who sold his birthright for a single

bowl of soup?


Sure, at the time

it seemed reasonable

Esau seeing nothing but his hunger

—gut wrenching hunger

but emptiness doesn't always

render us clear of sight—

sometimes it shapes desperate eyes

and snatching hands....

Mark as Played

near roubaix lake


they've made a new stream

the early snow has filled

this footbridge barely supports

my weight above the runoff


ten inch PVC hastily

placed releases water

from the makeshift dam

of mud and sticks

to rot the roots

of newly flooded chokecherry shrubs


they will die now

and fall over next spring

or early summer

brown, leafless chokecherryless


we are running

you and I


Mark as Played



We have a secret place

my daughters and I where

an old creek

has run empty


The sky above that hill

pushes fast past the swaying tips

of pines

but the birch, oak

and ironwoods have not yet

leaves enough to dance


No dry winter

no drought emptied our creek

the water turned aside

some years ago for other

work and my oldest

stares at the smooth stones

sunk into soil

When will the wa...

Mark as Played


Joe and Marge at the Movies

They were getting old and they didn't even know it. Joe smiled like the crowsfeet and the false teeth and the double chin didn't show--- weren't there. Marge walked just like the base of her neck didn't bow up and hump down into her spine--- just like the index and middle fingers of her right hand weren't twisting slowly, year by year as the knuckles grew to the size of chestnu...

Mark as Played



I'm burying my head deep

into a distant May


a stretch from this late January where an

unseasonable warmth

has reawakened

these lilacs beneath my skin


(they sprawl, varicose,

purple clusters

across my forearms

around the backs

of my shoulders)


come close

it's on my breath

the soil radiant but cool

just three handfuls down:

water from a spring melt filtering

deep to th...

Mark as Played


late august seminar in andrews hall


the fields

along I-80 are dark as

three years back

when you moved

behind every stalk

in the side-spill

of my headlights--


silent trips

only three weeks

four weeks


after your death marked for me

a new accounting of days


three years and I am here

and something like your arm

has wrapped itself around me

your hands

steer me through campus

the w...

Mark as Played



The voice that speaks us into engagement

names, and in so many words, creates us

--creates, not constructs,

names, not labels.


On the edge of an ocean I break again

and again... if I am alive;

what forms is not me but rather the one

who pronounces me lifts me up

and curls me over upon myself

translucent with living coral and darting

flecks of hunger and tosses me down,

digging out, eternally...

Mark as Played


I Don't Need Poetry

I don't need poetry

unless it scratches secretly on my window.

I open the door

to discover it was only wind.


I don't need poetry

until it doesn't want my observation anymore.

when I lower my eyes

it stretches great wings across the sky.


I don't need poetry,

and I say that with the best intentions.

I retract it

when it lies cold in my hands.


I don'...

Mark as Played

Featured song from 2020's  Ozzie's Guitar 20 Years Later LP & from 2000's Ozzie's Guitar LP 

Lonely No More

Out on the mesa You don't have to face A thousand prying eyes Up on the mountain You don't have to count A hundred cars pass you by   Just give me a place With only your face And I'll never be lonely no more   Down on the prairie It ain't ever scary Just to listen to a lone coyote'...
Mark as Played

Featured song from 2020's  Ozzie's Guitar 20 Years Later LP & from 2000's Ozzie's Guitar LP 

Wildflower Moon

The birds are singing And the rabbits play Down by the waterside Looking for love, looking for love   My love lives in a Hickory house Down by Buffalo Gap She's so sweet all the maple trees Won't give up their sap   Hi, ho don't you know She's my little wildflower You can't make ...
Mark as Played

Featured song from 2020's  Ozzie's Guitar 20 Years Later LP & from 2000's Ozzie's Guitar LP 


Shake his hand And you'd feel the knot; His knuckles were twisted But his spirit was not. As a younger man He built the roads, As an older man He somehow turned them all to gold.   Always the storyteller— We listened to his tales. He gave the plane its wings He gave the ship its sails And he'd laugh at...
Mark as Played

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