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We are the Business Agility Podcast Broadcasting from Montreal where we talk all things Agile you won’t hear elsewhere! Join your host, Coach AF last Friday each Month, with or without guests and Dare real agile with Next Level Agility, Above and Beyond. On Air Since 2020. We Dare Because We Care! Agile Lounge® AF J Solutions Inc ©2023


May 25, 2024

Un Café avec Frédéric 🧡 Les Clowns de LinkedIN – Septième Épisode – Mai 2024! J’aimerais te parler et échanger sur l’actualités, des commentaires, des stratégies sur l’agilité d’affaire, l’innovation technologique et le leadership ouvert, libre et décentralisé. Ce mois-ci prennons un café en parlant des clowns, influenceurs de LinkedIN et autres bétier humain du […]

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Coach AF asking you if you are Bitcoin Halving Ready?It’s Happening at 17:57 EDT This day of April 19, 2024 So let’s mark this year halving with this shortcast from a DeFi, Freeman on the Land, Maximalist, Orange Pilled 🧡  With all the ETF in circulation asking for 2800 BTC / Day & right now […]

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April 21, 2024 39 mins

Coach AF reacting in nature, on a lame LinkedIn Post that again explain that agile and scrum failed. Plus a quick and Simple Sizing Trick for Scrum Team from the Coach include in this short episode! Actually, for Alexandre Frédéric – Scrum Eclipse Agile. Here’s why! Maybe Brian Link, with all due respect, you should […]

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🦄 RESONANT AGILITY – the agility I believe in: ✅ INVITE highly-CAPABLE people to co-CREATE somethingGREAT we:🔥 BELIEVE in the PURPOSE of🔥 WANT TO DO🔥 do with PEOPLE we LIKE and RESPECT✅ to benefit PEOPLE: CX, UX, EX✅ all-at-once RESULTS-driven✅ always IMPROVING “If you start out by looking at change as threat, you will never […]

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Thirteen Things a Great Scrum Master shouldn’t ignore that have a huge impact on team empiricism and agility: But first! What is Scrum? Is it just for SWD? Could it be scaled to the entire Business? Who’s the Scrum Master? Coach AF delve into his tutorial list of 13 action and element that a Great […]

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Agile Physics? Yes! Agile Physics, astrophysics, psychedelic. If you want an hour of divergent creative conversation with Rijon and Alexandre Frédéric: grab a drink and let’s dive deep and what agile is and is not and what is Life anyway? From An EPIC 82-minute jam session with the Orange Tiger and the Purple Squirrel, co-broadcast […]

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Alexandre Frédéric delves into a Personal Scrum tale inspired by Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s meeting in Boston last fall. It’s all about Dr. Sutherland playing with his book on Scrum titled himself: “Twice the Energy and Half the Stress” with his Fitbit controlling his blood pressure. That gave Alexandre Frédéric the idea of Twice the Exercise […]

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February 9, 2024 43 mins

Alexandre Frédéric goes and delves into 9 Agilities for TRUE Business Agility from the great work of Mike Beedle with Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility (ESBA). This will be a series of about six to nine special episode through 2024 to honour the work of Mike Beedle. This episode Reading is from this Post on […]

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Scrum is as agile as the moto mindfuck of Orwell’s Novel 1984! This is the Dare Real Agile Episode 60 From the 2021 Friday Livestream vault.  A forgotten interview with Daniel Mezick! So much actuality nowadays of the rising authoritarianism, at this beginning of 2024, as we call for Renaissance of our way,  by stopping […]

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In a value-based culture, a company or organization prioritizes internal values over framework and show more agility. In this special episode, Alexandre Frédéric explains how Value-Driven organizations are providing improved experiences to their customers and employees. They achieve this without boasting about any framework or imposing practices. This is an inspiring talking point and offers […]


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Agile Community: Es Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum e Surge sicut phoenix* *Don’t try to decrepit this, just listen to what I want to share with You, an Exclusive Direct Message to my Podcast Audience, to Thank you, and give you some reflection and what’s next with another level, way, for Renaissance. Way beyond this « […]

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January 5, 2024 50 mins

Intentions, NOT Resolutions! It takes more than objectives to WIN! Alexandre F. Joly review the Reimagine Agile – I say NO! It’s time to move away, far away from that professional toxicity, and be responsible, and accountable! STOP Imposition and the Neo C2 movement now! Really Agile Alliance?Reimagining Agile once again?  Just accept people just don’t […]

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Friday Night Live Agile SE end of Year Episode Live from the Agile Lounge! An Invitation from Coach AF  for an Anti-New Year, UNRETROSPECTIVE 2023 – ONWARD 2024 The Split happened. Now let’s reunite for Renaissance, with winners and anti-conformists, to move onward. Yours, AF 🔴First Segment: English 🔵Deuxième Heure en Français 🟠Tertio Segment Bilingual […]


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Coach AF talks about the rapidly advancing world of automation in creative art and business management jobs with AGI and ASI exploration in the VUCA world. Additionally, Alexandre will share his essay “Worktopia,” where he will present his objective and empirical observations and suggestions on how to adapt or create a new world of work. […]

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Coach AF delves into explicite connotation of many chasms that are happening now in 2023. From the World of Agile that is splitting to all the one vs three, CBDC vs BTC, Responsible Citizenship vs Postmodernism Fake Freedom, and AI vs HI. Chapters: – On my way to Give Thanks for Scrum in Boston (November […]

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November 24, 2023 67 mins

Coach AF goes into is takeaways from the Agile Boston Conference – 15th Annual Give Thanks For Scrum with Daniel Mezick, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Dan Lefebvre, Dave West and many more. This year GTFS Theme: Empiricism in the Modern World The Agile Boston Conference Reviewed : https://www.agileboston.org/gtfs/2023event Let’s Talk about agile survey Buy my Guests […]

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Coach AF’s latest episode features Harold Shinsato and Rijon Erickson discussing the short film “The Agile Paradoxon” by Stripped Giraf. The film sparked a conversation about what went wrong with the agile revolution promise made 23 years ago. They discuss whether agile has become a cult or process religion and the dark era issues of […]

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September 29, 2023 76 mins

AF is calling for an Agile Renaissance™ at his Agile Boston Talk this month. It has been 23 years since the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and IT Project Management was written. What lessons have we learned? What actions should we take? Are our employee’s happy and customers satisfied? Alexandre Frédéric Joly will share his […]

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September 11, 2023 62 mins

Coach AF is Back in IRL Livestream and this week, inspired by Arthur Miller, play “The Death of a Salesman” written in 1948, Alexandre would like to, authentically and with courage address what’s wrong with Agile Coaching. As always, after calling out a weakness, Coach AF will propose a valuable solution. NOTE: No Agile coach […]

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August 25, 2023 54 mins

This month Episode of the Dare Real Agile Podcast bring us to these questions: What’s in it for me ? What’s in it for Them ? To go back to the Office? To commute again Downtown ? Let’s talk about it and more on that Fake Debate around Working from Home or Remote Work. Or […]

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