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Darts in the Dark

Darts in the Dark amplifies voices for change. We talk about branding, marketing, communication, and sustainability, and through our conversations with leading voices throughout business and culture, we help shed some light on how to move your audience to take meaningful action for your business and the planet.


August 22, 2023 34 mins

Guest: Duncan Meisel
Executive Director, Clean Creatives.
 A big part of running a branding and marketing firm focused on social & environmental impact is evaluating who we work with.
 I get asked a lot about what types of clients and projects we will or will not take on. And, yeah Serotonin Creative Consultancy won’t just work on any job that doesn’t have some true impact component to it.

A few ways we s...

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With summer in full swing, I’ve recently had a trip to the beach to get away from work and soak up some sun. 

Hanging out in the sand and seeing the homes, businesses, and infrastructure on the coastline it really hit home how climate change is affecting not only sea level rise but the lively hoods of millions of people living on and near the coasts.
 Sea level rise and the solutions to mitigate it are not just an environm...

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Weldon Kenedy is a social change campaigner and entrepreneur who has worked in the US, Europe, and Africa. He’s been the managing director for Change.org in Europe and co-founded Enda - the first running shoes made in Kenya. 

Now, back in the Bay Area, Weldon is co-founder and CMO for Channing Street Copper Company which produces the world's first energy storage-equipped induction electric range.

Resources below:

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Thanks for tuning in to a special live recording episode of Darts in the Dark. I recently sat down with a panel during the first-ever San Francisco Climate Week to host a conversation about evolving the climate narrative. 

I invited a stacked panel of climate communicators including documentary film director Richard Yelled, Co-Founder of Climate Designers.org Marc O’Brien, and Cynthia Lohr, Co-owner and Chief Brand Officer of J. Loh...

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Working at the intersection of branding, design, and sustainability my day-to-day work allows me to meet, connect and get to know some of the most talented, creative, and inspiring folks out there on the front lines of climate action and communication. 

Today on the podcast, is Marc O’Brien. Who in my opinion exemplifies all of those things.

Marc is co-founder of Climate Designers.org, which is a global community of designe...

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This episode of Darts in the Dark is sponsored by SF Climate Week


As a seasoned marketer having worked on several brands over the last 15 years, Kalyani Menon has transitioned across the blurring lines of traditional and digital marketing.  A brand purist at her core, Kalyani works with startups as they form, grow, and scale.

Kalyani Menon

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Thomas Schumann Capital:

Thomas Schumann:

Topics we covered

[:28] UN SDG #6: Water Security/Stewardship

[1:18] Thomas’s journey to water

[4:18] Project Greenland overview

[12:48] The global implications of the water crisis beyond drinking water

[15:09] Energy implications of water scarcity

[16:42] Solutions: Awareness & Consciousness


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Climate and Capital Connect:
The world's first professional networking platform for climate action

David Garrison:

Topics we covered
[2:16] experience in Networking on the platform
[3:50] Background leading up to creating the platform
[6:35] How Climate and Capital Connect was created
[7:35] The type of networking t...

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As water demand increases and sea levels rise, desalination becomes a more sought-after solution to provide clean water to coastal communities, Less than 2% of the earth’s water is fresh water and accessible for us to use. Current clean water demand is already high and continues to increase, while freshwater sources are dwindling. 

The process of desalination increases our water supply by converting seawater to fresh wate...

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Started in 2020 as a sort of Lincoln Project for the Climate Crisis The Climate Ad Project is a small team of creative writers, designers, videographers, and scientists working together to create content and activate as many of us as possible to take action. 

The team is made up of scrappy, smart, and downright funny people including Peter Kalmus, Aaron Hagey-MacKay, Harold Moss, Brian Emerson, and Sarah Harrison.

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Recently we had the honor to join forces with Marc O'Brien from Climate designers.org and Capitol Creative Alliance for a talk on Design Solutions for Climate Change at Design Week Sacramento.


Marc O’Brien


Design Week Sacramento

Capitol Creati...

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Lauren Murray

Lauren is the Pyrolyzer Front-End Lead Engineer at Charm Industrial working to bring the atmosphere back to 280ppm CO2 and reverse the damaging effects of climate change through the development of a carbon-negative pyrolysis process. 

Charm Industrial

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November 5, 2022 32 mins

Andy Behar leads As You Sow, a nonprofit organization, based in Oakland, CA, dedicated to corporate accountability and increased environmental and social change through corporate engagement, shareholder advocacy, and innovative legal strategies. They are focused on climate change, sustainability, human rights, and environmental health; engaging companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Southern, FirstEnergy, Duke, Dow, DuPont, Monsa...

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Manuela Zoninsein is an entrepreneur, and founder of 3 companies, and is on a mission to eradicate single-use plastics with her latest endeavor named Kadeya.

As a Brazilian-American fluent in Mandarin-Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, she takes a global and inclusive view in everything she does. 

Her company Kadeya is disrupting unsustainable supply chains by building an interlinked circular network where materials are infi...

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Heidi Harmon, Public Affairs Director of Let’s Green CA!, is a dynamic keynote speaker and featured guest on programs including Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, NPR, and TEDx. She’s held many titles in her life, among them maid, mayor, and mom. Heidi served three terms as mayor of the City of San Luis Obispo, where she led the city to adopt the most ambitious carbon neutrality goal in the United States. Heidi is a mother of two and ...

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September 25, 2022 24 mins

Will Nitze is the Founder & CEO of IQBAR who's on a mission to empower doers with superior brain + body nutrition! IQBAR plant protein bars and IQMIX hydration sticks are packed with functional compounds to help you win your day.

Connect with Will and IQBAR:

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