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DC on SCREEN | DC Studios News/Review

DC Studios news, reviews, and honest opinions about projects upcoming and past on a regular basis! We're debunking rumors and scoopers while covering the DC Comics multiverse on film and television including Creature Commandos, Superman: Legacy, The Batman Part II, Waller, Peacemaker, Batman The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl, Swamp Thing, Lanterns and more, including DC Universe Animated!


May 17, 2024 75 mins
We’re talking about the controversial costume reveal of the new Man of Steel, from James Gunn’s Superman! We have a release date for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow! We’ve also got more Daddy issues coming for Peacemaker, what Zack Snyder said about the DCU, exciting news about the Superman & Lois series finale, and screenshots and a release date for Batman: Caped Crusader, the animated series from Bruce Timm, Matt Reeves and JJ A...
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 We're continuing our review of the Tomorrowverse with "Green Lantern: Beware My Power!".

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"Mesmerizing Galaxy " Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 Licenseh...
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Man, we already had those new Dead Boy Detectives and Joker: Folie a Deux trailers to talk about, but now we find out that Ma and Pa Kent aren't gonna be smoldering models with washboard abs and cheekbones you could slice cheese with!?

On this episode:

Dead Boy Detectives

Joker: Folie à Deux
  • Joker 2 is rated R for "some strong violence, language throughout, some sexuality, and brief...
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As we continue to catch up on the Tomorrowverse, we review an adaptation of the classic Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale "Batman: The Long Halloween"!It may be the best Tomorrowverse film we've seen yet, but does it hold a lighted pumpkin to the original book?Join Our Riotous DC Debauch!
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March 28, 2024 61 mins
We have a confirmed release date for Netflix’s The Sandman spin-off, Dead Boy Detectives, our reactions to the new trailer for The Penguin, we detangle the Gunn DCU timeline and offer even more clarity on Peacemaker season 2, plus we have a bunch of news about Superman, The Batman Part 2, and so much more...

  • Dead Boy Detectives Premiere Date Confirmed by Netflix
  • Showrunners Discuss Neil Gaiman's Involvement and...
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On this episode of DC on SCREEN – Jason and I are talking all about that very real new Superman symbol reveal, the very fake AI Superman Suit scoop, who is playing Perry White, and a possible filming location implication. Plus, news about Creature Commandos, Joker Folie a Deux, rumors of Gotham City Sirens, a weird Arrowverse resurgence – if you think that’s a lot, I’m sorry because there is SO MUCH MORE...
  • First Look at...
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We're heading back to the past in our on-going review series of the Tomorrowverse! This time we're discussing Justice Society: World War II, plus the DC Showcase Shorts Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth! and Adam Strange!

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February 16, 2024 59 mins
We have confirmation of when Creature Commandos is airing, news on some of the cast members that are coming back for Peacemaker season 2, plus Gunn basically gives a list of lesser-known characters he likes... Oh, and could DC and Marvel finally be teaming up for a cinematic crossover? Or at least laying groundwork? It's a mystery smothered in secret sauce and wrapped in a spandex suit! I can see it’s elongated clitoris.
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February 7, 2024 84 mins
We officially have a new Supergirl, surprising news about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and why Batman can’t be in Superman Legacy! Also we rank live action Supergirls, update on the Elseworlds Black Superman film, and a whole lot more...

  • Box Office: Aquaman 2 Is Highest-Grossing DCEU Movie Since 2018
  • James Gunn Confirms Creature Commandos Episode Count
  • ...
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January 29, 2024 34 mins
With the animated Tomorrowverse possibly ending, we take another look at Superman: Man of Tomorrow and find ourselves pleasantly surprised!Join our riotous DC debauch
"Full On" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative...
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January 22, 2024 48 mins
Dolph Lundgren wants to release the Wan cut, Gunn gives a response to whether or not Ryan Gosling is in Superman Legacy, also –what happens when the Superman and Batman rights expire!?
  • McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Dawn of Justice Batman Figure Pre-Orders
  • Aquaman 2 Star Dolph Lundgren Is Disappointed Fans Didn't Get to See Original Cut
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Home Video Release Date Announced
  • Creature Commandos: James Gunn Con...
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This is an impromptu episode of DC on SCREEN -- Jason gives thoughts on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, we discuss Nic Cage's recent comments on returning to Superman, Gunn's response to a fan's request for "psychic" pirate in Peacemaker, why James Mangold is making a Swamp Thing film instead of Guillermo del Toro, understanding the confusion of Arkham Asylum statements and AAA games, the rumored actresses on the short list for Super...
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January 10, 2024 69 mins
We have updates on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom numbers, a release window for Creature Commandos, Gunn debunking recent rumors for characters appearing in The Batman Part II – plus David Ayer says he’s done with DC, Christopher Nolan thinks all modern superhero films are inspired by Zack Snyder and SO much more...
  • Andre Braugher (61) Has Died
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Box Office Update
  • Creature Commandos Release Window: Late 20...
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December 23, 2023 88 mins
Dave and Effie discuss their feelings about the final DCEU film, Aquaman and the Lost Relevance, er, Kingdom.

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"Full On" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 L...
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On this episode of DC on SCREEN, Gunn gives us an idea of what HIS Maxwell Lord will be like and clears up his involvement in that Shazam 2 post-credit scene, David Ayer lends more hope for his cut of Suicide Squad being released, and we have hope that Multiversus will be back soon. All that, and a wee bit more...
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On this episode of DC on SCREEN, we got tons of news, from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Box Office Projections to Superman Legacy castings: who is and ISN’T officially confirmed? We’ll get into that. The Penguin, Suicide Squad Isekai, The Sandman, Peacemaker, Zack Snyder’s recent statements about what would bring him back to DC… as well as word from Mark Hamill on whether or not he’ll ever play the Joker again.
  • Aquaman and the L...
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November 17, 2023 69 mins
We talk new trailers for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Dead Boy Detectives and Merry Little Batman – plus, post strike, the business is booming again! We have exciting news about Superman Legacy, Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow, and more
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We make fun of an idiot at HBO before talking about Nicolas Cage's supposed disdain for his cameo in "The Flash" and a number of now-canceled projects.
  • HBO Bosses Used ‘Secret’ Fake Accounts to Troll TV Critics
  • James Gunn Confirms Creature Commandos Release Plans After DC Rumors Swirl
  • J.J. Abrams-Helmed DC Project Scrapped by Max
  • Nicolas Cage on Superman Cameo in The Flash: "I Didn't Do Any of That"
  • DC Movies Hitting Netflix in Dece...
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October 30, 2023 38 mins
On this episode of DC on SCREEN, Jason and I tumble down a strange, short path of DC news, saying goodbye to Two-Face, finding Aquaman 2 delayed yet again, hearing vague rattlings of a Blue Beetle sequel, terrifying statements that Matthew Vaughan has been in talks with James Gunn, and updates on Keanu’s Constantine 2, but then, did we crack the code? Have we encountered secretly sentient symbiotic switches? Are abandoned Walmart l...
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October 25, 2023 46 mins
We say goodbye to Phyllis Coates and Keith Giffen, Take a look at that Momoa/Heard Horse Hockey, catch up with James Gunn on Superman Legacy and Peacemaker and find out how well My Adventures With Superman is doing... Dave is joined this episode by Frank MaGuire of Meanwhile Back on the Podcast.

  • Phyllis Coates, Star of Adventures of Superman and TV's First Lois Lane, Dies at 96
  • Keith Giffen, Rocket Raccoon and Lobo Co-Creator, Di...
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