Dead On: A True Crime Podcast

Dead On: A True Crime Podcast

Do you love unravelling a good old fashioned whodunnit? Oh, honey. Me too. I’m Elisha, armchair detective and host of Dead On: A True Crime Podcast. Join me every Friday. We’ll dive into a case that scratches your itch for true crime, dark history, and mystery.


December 31, 2021 32 mins

On May 28 2018, Steven Augustine was brutally assaulted. After numerous surgeries and nearly two years in hospital, Steven finally succumbed to his injuries. 

Despite the fact Steven ultimately lost his life, his attacker was charged with assault in the third degree. And would serve just 72 days of a one year sentence. Leaving Steven’s mother, Donna Augustine, to fight tooth and nail to get justice for her son.

What really ...

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Lisa McVey Noland stared down one of Florida’s most notorious serial killers and lived to tell the tale. But not only that. She actually credits this harrowing encounter for saving her life. 

Sadly, Lisa’s childhood was incredibly horrifying and traumatic. It got so bad that Lisa actually planned to end it all. But a chance encounter with a hideous cretin showed her how much grit and determination she had left. 

Let’s dive into this ...

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December 17, 2021 33 mins

On March 29 2017, Raudha Athif's body was discovered in her hostel room on the Islami Bank Medical College campus. Despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, authorities ruled her death a suicide. Leaving her family to fight for justice for the last four years.

What really happened to Raudha? Let’s comb through the evidence and find out.

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December 10, 2021 27 mins

On December 15 1900, three keepers at the Flannan Isles lighthouse disappeared without a trace. Did these men suffer a tragic accident? Or was their fate sealed with something more sinister? Let’s unravel the curious case of the Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery.

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December 3, 2021 37 mins

Today we’re diving into a case from the history books. The legend and anti-hero of Australian folklore. The notorious bushranger Ned Kelly. While some believe that Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly was an idealist who fought for the rights of the common man and refused to be bullied by a corrupt police force. Others believe he was a no good, low down criminal who was driven by blood lust and greed. Once you've heard about his exploits, I&apo...

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Two mysterious disappearances, decades apart. When each set of remains was finally discovered, both deaths were ruled undetermined. The truly unsettling part? The descendants were mother and son. To this day, their deaths remain shrouded in mystery. So what really happened to Marcia Moore and Christopher Roof?

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On December 11 2019, a mother and son headed out to sea for a three day boat trip. When they didn’t return to shore as planned, a family member reported them missing. The following day, a fisherman found their partially capsized boat. But hide nor hair of them has ever been seen again. What really happened to Felicity Loveday and Adrian Meneveau?

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November 12, 2021 30 mins

On the morning of October 16 2021, Ellie Smith awoke to find that her 4 year old daughter, Cleo, had disappeared in the middle of the night. Luckily, WA Police took the case very seriously straightaway. Kicking off an investigation that should serve as a framework for all missing persons cases.

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November 5, 2021 36 mins

On the morning of March 27 2010, workers found Holly Bartlett lying beneath the MacKay Bridge. While her injuries looked far too severe for her to be alive, they were shocked to find that she was still struggling to breathe.

After learning that Holly was blind and had been out drinking the night before, police decided she must have been disoriented and suffered a tragic accident. Case closed.

What really happened to Holly Bartlett? L...

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October 29, 2021 45 mins

For nearly 40 years, it seemed like Robert Durst could get away with murder. No matter how many bodies piled up behind him, he managed to wriggle through cracks in the system. But eventually his own lies caught up with him. And this time, not even his piles of wealth and hubris could spare him.  

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October 22, 2021 31 mins

In the early morning hours of January 5 2020, Clifton Cargill headed over to Bell’s Bicycle Shop in North Miami Beach to meet with his cycling team. As he waited for the other members to arrive, someone snuck up on him and murdered him. So far, his killer has evaded arrest. But someone knows something. And it’s only a matter of time before someone’s conscience gets the better of them.

Special thanks to the lovely Kadie Cargill for s...

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October 15, 2021 28 mins

In this episode, Officer Jack and I chat about the most harrowing experience in his career as a police officer. And Jack shares all the goss about how he met his lovely wife, Sami the 911 Dispatcher. Check out the episode discovery file to get the full rundown about the episode:

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In the early morning hours of October 5 1995, a freight train was making a run through Quirindi NSW. As the train rounded a bend, the driver noticed something lying on the tracks. Unfortunately it was far too late to stop. Sadly, the train ran over the body of Stephen Smith Junior. Despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, police ruled his death a tragic accident. Leaving the Smith family to fight for justice for ...

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October 1, 2021 29 mins

On December 31 1983, The Brisbane Express was heading northbound through Kempsey. Suddenly the crew noticed something lying on the tracks. Realising they didn’t have enough time to brake and stop. They continued on, feeling a noticeable bump as the train collided with whatever was on the tracks. They had no idea that they’d just run over the body of Lewis 'Buddy' Kelly.

While the police chalked it up to a tragic ...

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September 24, 2021 37 mins

On January 16 1988, a train driver was making a run from Tamworth towards Sydney. Shortly after leaving the city limits, the driver noticed something lying on the tracks. With horror, he realised it was a person. Unfortunately he wasn't able to brake in time. But was it really the train that killed the young man? Or was he the victim of foul play?

This grim discovery kicked off a 30+ year fight to get justice. And rev...

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September 17, 2021 30 mins

Get pumped. Because this is the very first episode of Crime Time. Every month, we’ll be chatting with a fascinating guest who works in law enforcement, forensic science, or the legal system. So we can hear first hand accounts of crime from people who work the cases.

In this episode, we’re chatting with Sami the 911 Dispatcher. And woo, does she have a story for you! 

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They’ve been called the Bonnie and Clyde of the 90s. The Evil Lovers. The Dangerous Duo. But one thing’s for certain. Marrying either Aurore or Peter was a dangerous proposition. Both of their spouses died in tragic accidents. Leaving both Peter and Aurore with a substantial amount of insurance money. As investigators unravelled the tangled web left behind, they realised it wasn’t an accident at all. It was murder.

This episode is d...

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September 3, 2021 41 mins

For three decades, Peter Dupas stalked the women of Melbourne. Every time he was released from prison, this unrepentant criminal would reoffend with increasing violence. Eventually claiming the lives of at least three women. 

This episode is dedicated to the effervescent Hayley Hepburn. She is a kick-ass supporter of the show on Patreon. A generally amazing human. And a landscaping wizard. I can’t stop, won’t stop banging on about h...

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August 27, 2021 41 mins

On the morning of August 10 1991, Chawee Borders headed over to Wat Promkunaram to bring the Buddhist monks their daily meal. Instead, she discovered the bodies of nine people. Including five monks, a nun, the nun’s grandson, and a temple worker. But who would want to kill monks? And why? 

This episode is dedicated to the lovely Brandy Lewis. She is a kick-ass supporter of the show on Patreon. A sweetheart of the highest order. And ...

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August 20, 2021 36 mins

On April 22 2016, eight members of the Rhoden family were shot to death in their homes. Sparing only the very young children, who would be unable to identify the killer or killers. But who would want to destroy this hard-working, salt of the earth family? And why?

This episode is dedicated to the legendary Justin Wear. He is a kick-ass supporter of the show on Patreon. And I can’t bang on enough about how great he is. Thank you, Jus...

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