Dear Divorce Diary: A Fresh Approach To Healing Grief & Building A Life Of Confidence After Divorce

Dear Divorce Diary: A Fresh Approach To Healing Grief & Building A Life Of Confidence After Divorce

Join us twice a week, where we go beyond talk therapy to process your grief, find the healing you crave, and build back your confidence. We cover essential life after divorce topics like: codependency, loneliness, boundaries, nervous system health, attachment styles, Law of Attraction, and homeopathy. On Tuesday, we have our listener segment called: "Getting Unstuck," where we anonymously unpack a difficult situation a listener is going through in their divorce healing journey. And on Thursday, we explore a "Hidden Healing Gem," which is a healing product or process we've tried and tested personally and/or professionally and are sharing our results and observations with you! We are on a journey to get into the nitty gritty of divorce recovery and reveal why your divorce healing journey is still not working for you–even after you’ve tried all the therapies and read all the books. We emphasize nuance because overcoming challenges after divorce means questioning everything that got us here and using your divorce as a springboard to a better, more resilient (and certainly happier!) you. I’m Dawn Wiggins, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and EMDR specialist, and I draw on decades of experience to help women navigate the emotional rollercoaster that comes after ending a marriage. Using a little bit of science, a few alternative remedies and emotional release techniques, a whole lot of love, and zero BS, we step out of the victim mindset and into building a new life after divorce. Now’s the time we reclaim your healing journey–and why exactly we struggle to not only heal from past traumas but move beyond them to the ultimate goal: inner peace. Let's transform your pain into strength and take charge of your own narrative. Get ready for a world where we embrace radical self-acceptance by honoring the nuanced differences between us all. That is real self-empowerment, and this is Dear Divorce Diary.


April 18, 2024 9 mins

Navigating the rough seas of trauma can leave a deep imprint on our spiritual compass, and this is the voyage I embark upon with heartfelt vulnerability in today's podcast. Drawing from the profound insights of Janyne McConnaughey's "Trauma in the Pews," I peel back the layers of how my own spiritual journey transformed post-divorce, and how trauma can challenge the very pillars of faith—meditation, prayer, fast...

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Do you ever feel like you're battling internal shadows that no one else sees? Ever wonder how these 'dark, twisty parts' can coexist with the brighter aspects of your spirit?

If you've ever confronted moments where your actions, desires, or secrets seemed at odds with the person you strive to be, you're not alone. Our quest to embrace our authentic selves can often be clouded by feelings of shame or fear, es...

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Are you struggling to shake off the emotional baggage post-divorce and start anew?

Navigating post-divorce life can be a complex puzzle of emotions and healing. For many, the end of a marriage isn't just a legal separation; it's the unraveling of intertwined lives, shared dreams, and personal identity. If you've experienced divorce, you know the emotional toll it can take, leaving you with feelings of grief, anger, or...

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Have you ever felt adrift, as if the person you once knew yourself to be has become a stranger? 

After a divorce, feelings of disorientation and loss can make navigating the complex emotions even more challenging. You may feel like you're losing a part of yourself, but the journey to rediscovery starts with facing those difficult emotions head-on.

In this episode of Dear Divorce Diary, you'll uncover the deep-seat...

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After divorce, you've gotta shed your resistance and trust the transformative power of healing to become the most of yourself you've ever been. You will learn how to uncover the secrets to finding emotional healing after a divorce and moving on with life.

This episode is about Healing after divorce and how to understand and accept the process of change. You will learn about the importance of shedding resistance, ...

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Ok this episode is really deep. We are going to explore things like free will vs. fate and the truth behind this path you are walking. If you are ready to uncover the enormous PRIZE hidden in your pain, grab your tea and join me in considering why it often requires immense pain for us to surrender fully to God. This soul-stirring convo will lead us to the fascinating idea that God is more interested in our sanctifi...

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How can a flower essence blend be a game changer in your divorce recovery journey?

If you're feeling blindsided and put upon after your divorce, the powerhouse flower essence blend can be the energetic support you need to strengthen your sense of freedom, accomplishment, and autonomy. By using this blend consistently over time, you can experience personal empowerment, free-thinking, and healing from the victim mindset, providin...

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Why Setting Boundaries with Family is Crucial for Your Emotional Well-being

Are you struggling to find a healthy balance in your relationships with your family? Setting boundaries can be the key to reclaiming your emotional wellness.

In this episode, we explore the intricate web of family relationships and the transformative power of setting boundaries. You'll learn how to identify individuals who may need to be moved to a diffe...

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Navigating life post-divorce can feel like sailing through uncharted waters, but anchoring yourself with the right set of boundaries is key to weathering the storm. Embark on a transformative journey with me, Dawn Wiggins, as I unveil an eight-point checklist that's your compass to setting boundaries that promote personal growth and healthier relationships. As we traverse the emotional landscape that often dictates our boundar...

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Navigating the complexities of co-parenting post-divorce can feel like trying to solve a puzzle with pieces that just don't fit.  Today's episode addresses how to Set boundaries with Your Ex in Coparenting without Getting Stuck in Power Struggles

How often do you struggle to set boundaries with your ex when it comes to coparenting after divorce? Do you find yourself stuck in power struggles, unable to enforce the boundarie...

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Has the thought of setting boundaries after your divorce left you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? 

Let me share the hidden gem of EFT tapping with Brad Yates, a powerful tool to rewire your unconscious patterns and help you maintain boundaries with ease. (I've always found Brad to be a calming & respectful male presence...but it's also ok if he's not your cup of tea!)

In this episode, yo...

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Are awful boundaries holding you back in romantic relationships?

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in romantic relationships plays a vital role in maintaining your individuality, well-being, and identity throughout the ups and downs of dating and partnership.

By listening to this episode, you will gain a deeper understanding of the different types of boundaries in romantic relationships, find ways to protect your emotional, ...

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Why Learning About Boundaries After a Divorce Is Essential...

Are you struggling to balance being a good Christian or spiritual individual while still maintaining healthy boundaries post-divorce? Wondering why setting boundaries feels like a constant struggle? This episode of Dear Divorce Diary dives into two essential books that will help you understand and implement healthy boundaries in the context of your faith and personal grow...

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Struggling to set boundaries can feel like an emotional tug-of-war, especially for women.  This episode invites you to explore the three most common boundary-setting blunders, teaching you to anchor your life in self-awareness and self-care. Setting boundaries is an expression of love, not just for others, but for oneself.

Boundaries aren't just fences we build around our well-being; they're the foundation of emo...

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How can you cultivate a sense of safety and well-being in the midst of divorce trauma?

In this episode, Dawn Wiggins guides you through a powerful meditation, touching on the wounded parts of yourself and the potential for ultimate healing.

By tuning in, you'll benefit from remembering to lean on your faith during challenging times, allowing the divine to soothe you and your nervous system for a sense of safe...

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How can you manifest a secure attachment style post-divorce, and why is it crucial to your healing journey?

If you've struggled with setting boundaries, navigating intimacy, or managing conflict after your divorce, embracing a secure attachment style could be the key to transforming these patterns. We'll navigate the teachings of Dr. Dan Siegel, emphasizing the need to be seen, soothed, and safe. I'll share personal i...

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Are you struggling with finding effective tools to navigate the complexities of trauma and disorganized attachment in the midst of a divorce? Don't miss the inside scoop on a powerful app that's making waves in the therapy world in the latest episode of Dear Divorce Diary.

If you've ever felt like traditional therapy approaches aren't enough to address the deep-rooted trauma and complex attachment styles, this ep...

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Ever felt an aching pull for intimacy yet found yourself recoiling from it at the same time? That's the heart-wrenching contradiction of disorganized attachment, a topic that hits close to home for me. This episode peels back the layers of this complex attachment style, from the roots of neglect and inconsistent caregiving to its impact on our adult relationships. As we traverse these emotional landscapes, we look into the mir...

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Have you ever struggled with being vulnerable in your relationships?

Many of us find it challenging to open up, feel and express our emotions, and build deep, meaningful connections, especially after experiencing attachment wounds. Understanding vulnerability and reshaping our attachment styles can profoundly impact our relationships and overall well-being.

In this episode, thanks to Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly, ...

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Have you ever wondered why some people find comfort in the distance while others seek perpetual closeness? We'll explore these contrasting needs, examining the subtle art of balancing intimacy with independence, especially after life-altering events like divorce. 

Discover the invisible threads that weave through our relationships, binding us in patterns we often don't realize we're repeating. Let's jou...

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