Death With Dignity Podcast

Death With Dignity Podcast

The Death With Dignity Podcast is the story of a 33 year old male with terminal cancer. Join us as we navigate and explore the End of Life Option Act, signed into California law on June 9th, 2016. We will examine the physical, social-emotional, and spiritual elements correlated to the Death With Dignity process; including guests of various backgrounds from the medical, theological, and political realms. Learn more about the podcast & follow our story -


November 2, 2023 70 mins

Andrew's parents join the Death with Dignity Podcast. Steve and Suzy Flack open a window into what it was like the day Andrew ingested the medical aid in dying medication, what the last 8 months have been like, the California/Chicago memorials, and speak openly and honestly about what it is like to be in their position today.

Recorded on July 16, 2023

Learn more about the podcast & follow Andrew's story - deat...

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Andrew’s final transmission. It consists of three separate recordings he recorded on three different days. 

Andrew is joined by Suzy and Hasban to talk about his condition, how he's thinking about end-of-life options, psychedelics, life lessons, and friends/family. He also answers some questions from the listeners.

The outro (the Desiderata) was recorded around 20 minutes before he ingested the medicine. If y...

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November 22, 2022 118 mins

Show notes:
Recorded on Aug, 17 2022.

This is one of the two episodes that were released after Andrew’s passing. 

We originally planned on releasing this episode before his passing and the final transmission (episode 21) after his passing. But, things didn’t work out that way. 

It didn’t feel right to release them one by one so we decided to release them simultaneously. 

About the guest:

Ginger Fairchild is a registered ve...

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September 1, 2022 67 mins

Author Joanne Tubbs Kelly joins us to discuss her book titled, “Walking Him Home:  Helping My Husband Die with Dignity” (Amazon Link).

Joanne sits down with us to discuss her book and shares her experiences supporting her late husband as they navigate life with a terminal illness.

She discusses the writing and publishing process, the ups and downs involved with being a caregiver, and the idea that we all have the...

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August 19, 2022 57 mins

Nurse Penny has been comforting and supporting people during their end-of-life experiences for many years.  She also has a substantial social media following on TikTok and Instagram.  Nurse Penny uses social media to educate people about Hospice Services, Advanced Directives and wills, and death anxiety and how it impacts our lives.  We encourage you to follow Penny on social media. We thank her for her advocacy and enlightenment o...

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Spiritual care is an integral component of the healing process, and in this episode, Allison Kestenbaum and Rev. Katie Whipple-Hatelvig join us from the UCSD Chaplain and Spiritual Care Services.  These two individuals provide compassion and spiritual support to both patients and families, offering a variety of services including crisis intervention, spiritual support, support in decision making and ethical dilemmas, providing pray...

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May 20, 2022 100 mins

TW // Eating Disorders

Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani is an internist, who specializes in eating disorders. She is from Northern California, but moved to Boston for School. Once she finished her schooling, she moved to Colorado. Dr. Gaudiani now runs the nations top medical stabilization program for adults with eating disorders. She recently made news when she authored a study in which she prescribed medical aid in dying medication...

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Meagan Williams resides in Oregon and has a deep history of supporting others and empowering her community.  A retired transition teacher, Meagan now works with Compassion and Choices, an advocacy organization working towards the goal of giving people the option of Medical Aid in Dying.  Meagan also serves her community as a Death Doula, helping those transition from life to death.  In this episode, we are thrilled to learn from Me...

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April 14, 2022 60 mins

Dr. Chandana Banerjee is a medical doctor who works at City of Hope, located in Los Angeles, California.  She has expertise in pediatrics, palliative care, end of life care, and hospice care. 

Describing End of Life care as an “Art”, Dr. Banerjee also developed the End of Life Symposium in 2019, an annual event focusing on end of life care and education involving physicians, nurses, advanced care practitioners, hospice cl...

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March 26, 2022 86 mins

We were excited to sit down and interview Danna Nelson, a young woman living in Minnesota with a rare cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma; an aggressive cancer which forms in the soft tissues.  Danna was diagnosed while living in Finland at the age of 22.  It was a pleasure listening and conversing with Danna, as she is the first individual we’ve interviewed for the DwD Podcast who is in a similar position as Andrew; a young adult livin...

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March 25, 2022 72 mins

Friends, in today’s episode, Erika Gergerich joins us from Arkansas to share her stories as a stage IV breast cancer patient,  a professor at the University level, and a single mother!  She has a teenage daughter and a 4 year old son; Erika provides powerful insight to our listeners, sharing the difficulties and successes of balancing her life as a mom with a terminal disease, along with the other major responsibilities that comes ...

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March 24, 2022 69 mins

We are joined by Allyne Hammer, a resident of California who was diagnosed with lymphoma, and a brain tumor, over 12 years ago!  Since the diagnosis, she had tried the standard treatment of care, only to experience the rarest and most harrowing of side effects.  Recognizing that traditional medicine wasn’t helpful in her case, Alina has been experimenting with various homeopathic remedies for over a decade and continues to live in ...

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March 18, 2022 62 mins

A long-time advocate for medical aid in dying, Roger Kligler is a retired physician in Falmouth, MA, living with prostate cancer. In this episode, Roger shares his journey with cancer and advocacy experiences,  and gives us a glimpse into his life as he prepares for a lawsuit against the state of MA, which would declare that Medical Aid in Dying is not criminal under Massachusetts law, meaning prosecution of any physician providing...

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February 11, 2022 62 mins

Kim Callinan is the CEO of Compassion & Choices. With an annual budget of approximately $20 million dollars, she leads the largest national consumer advocacy organization dedicated exclusively to improving care and expanding options at life's end.

Learn more about the podcast & follow our story - // @DWDPodcast2021 (Twitter).

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January 20, 2022 95 mins

Brittany Maynard was perhaps the greatest advocate for Medical Aid in Dying in the state of California.  Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013, Brittany was forced to leave her home state of California in a move to Oregon so she could take advantage of their Medical Aid in Dying law.  Her husband, Dan Diaz, was with her throughout this experience, supporting and loving her throughout her bout with cancer.  In this episode, Dan Diaz ...

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December 31, 2021 70 mins

The team traveled to Moore's Cancer Center at UCSD to record this special episode.  Dr. Millard was a great source of information for all things cancer and you can learn more about him below.

Learn more about the podcast & follow our story - // @DWDPodcast2021 (Twitter)

About Frederick Millard, MD

Frederick Millard, MD, is a board-certified medical oncologist who spec...

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December 17, 2021 56 mins

Lynette Cederquist, MD, is a hospice and palliative medicine specialist who helps relieve suffering in people with life-limiting and advanced illnesses. Dr. Cederquist is also the head of the Aid in Dying program at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). She explains why she chose to be involved with the Death with Dignity process and her experience as a professional.  She also discusses body autonomy and movement from the ...

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December 10, 2021 62 mins

Dr. Tom Cummings is the medical director of Interim Hospice of San Diego.  A graduate of Stanford followed by University of California, San Diego, Medical School, Dr. Cummings has been an advocate for providing quality care for patients grappling with a terminal disease in the Hospice setting.  Being involved with over 200 patients and friends concerning the End of Life Option Act, he joins the Death with Dignity Podcast to help de...

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November 25, 2021 43 mins

Monika Lingle helps us understand the end-of-life process through her experience as a licensed clinical social worker.  Monika's specialties include: Oncology, California End of Life Option Act, Grief Counseling, Pediatrics, Maternal-Child health, Bioethics, Palliative Care, Post Graduate Clinical Supervision, and Advanced Health Care Directive planning.

Learn more about the podcast & follow our story - deathwithd...

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California State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman joins the podcast to discuss her role as a legislator advocating for the End of Life Option Act, passed into California law on June 9th, 2016.  Senator Eggman was instrumental in the passage of the bill and continues to advocate for Death with Dignity today.

Learn more about the podcast & follow our story - // @DWDPodcast2021 (Twitter)

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