Decision Masters

Decision Masters

How do you make decisions? How do you feel about your choices? This podcast will help you SIMPLIFY decision making and empower you to TRUST every choice you make. (Yaaaas!) I've been coaching big-brained high-achievers for years, helping them drop lifelong habits of overthinking & harsh self-criticism — so they can make powerful, authentic, self-honoring decisions every day. And now I'm sharing the science-based, tried-and-tested strategies that will work for YOU. Tune in every Thursday for tools to get out of overwhelm, angst & confusion - and finally feel present in your life, grounded in who you are, and certain of where you're going.


February 15, 2024 19 mins

How to make a clear, confident decision when you're confused? 

Well, that might not be the most useful question to ask here...Lemme try a rephrase.

 How do you solve the problem of confusion?

(Insert thinky emoji here)

Feeling stuck in confusion is such a normal, human, no-need-to-judge situation. 

But there's an easier solution than a) waiting for the answer ...

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The decision is DONE, hooray!...But wait.

You're not doing the thing you decided to do. (Ruh-roh.)

Whether it's sending a simple email or putting a large deposit down, implementing a choice can be the toughest part of this whole "deciding" process.

Today we break down 3 specific issues that can contribute to this (super common) stall-out scenario, and how to get yourself into action.

Listen in for how to:

  • Ma...
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February 1, 2024 20 mins

Your inner dialogue is like a radio station that's always running.

There are times you're super tuned into it and listening closely to your self-talk (usually when you're feeling really good or really bad about yourself!)

But even when these messages aren't coming through loud 'n clear...the station's still broadcasting.

Today I'm asking you to tune in on purpose, and find out ...

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What Kool-Aid are decisive people drinking, and where can we get some?

Look no further my friend.

Today we reveal the "secrets" that give decisive people their superpower.

Spoiler alert, they ain't hard, surprising or even out of your wheel house!

Let's dig into these 5 things you're already doing (yes, you!) that make it easy to make firm, confident decisions in certain areas of life. 

When you realize what you're al...

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Today we're diving into what you can DO differently in order to experience different results.

Specifically: The results of not feeling *behind* all the time.

If you want to be on top of things, prioritize on purpose, and feel good about how you use your time - this is the episode for you!

In Part 1 (Ep 85), we explored how you can THINK differently (so make sure to catch that, since half our problems can usually be so...

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GREAT. You're on board with the decision to stop living your life "feeling behind." 

Let's do it.

This episode is a two-parter because calendars can feel chaotic enough — We need a simple framework to de-behind-ify them.

So we're going to look at your schedule thusly:

To change your results — in our case, not feeling behind anymore) — you can either change what you're thinking, change what you're doing,...

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There are two main reasons I want you to consider unsubscribing from the "I'm Behind" mindset:

#1: What it does to your self-concept.

#2: How it distracts you from real problems worth solving!

Here's what we're covering in the first of this series on never living in this "I'm behind" story again:

  • How your Mindset Atmosphere works (what letting one belief in can do to the entire system)
  • Why this is a decision you need ...
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As the chapter of 2023 comes to a close, you may feel compelled to reflect on the year — but if you're like me, you may also be too tired and forward-focused for a big "reflect sesh" to sound fun right now.

So as to not miss out on any valuable lessons, but also to make reflection doable enough to, erm, DO...I'm offering a simple but powerful practice to look back and make a game plan for what's ahead.

Listen in ...

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Ever wondered what it's like to have a Coaching conversation? 

What do we talk about? How's it look to talk through an issue or goal? 

This is the episode for you!

We talk a lot about the benefits of coaching (clearer head, easier decisions, less angst, yes please!) — but I haven't shared a behind-the-scenes look like this before. 

In this episode, I walk you through examples of coaching convos, to pain...

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I like to think of goals as mountains we wanna climb.

An obstacle "at the trail head" for a lot of people is this big misunderstanding.

That you need a perfect routine and/or to go 110% HAM in order to achieve a goal.

If you've been frustrated at your lack of progress on a goal (or starting, period) - but you also can't (or don't want to!) get into systematized daily routine, or take a week off to laser-focu...

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Love it? Hate it? Prefer to ignore it? 

Today you're getting 4 Fundamental Tips to work through a money decision in a brand new way.

So you don't have to a) wait 'til you find out later if it was a "good or bad" choice, b) keep making money decisions out of reactivity to fear, or c) limit yourself from things you really DO want to invest in.

I'll walk you through:

  • How to figure out what you want (and how t...
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Thinking it might be time for a career change? 

Whether you're pretty happy but curious about venturing out of your Comfort Zone, or you're burnt out and one spicy interaction from quitting on the spot - this episode's for you.

Listen in on my conversation with fellow Coach and Career Changer, Shyloh Brown, as we talk about:

  • The messy, unsexy, real way a "pivot" usually looks (hint: it's not what you think a...
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Here's the truth about STUCK: It's a form of indecision that can become a habit.

We can get so used to not taking a step forward into "decided" that Stuck becomes a normal place to hang out!

If you have an idea you really want to take action on ('re sick of hearing yourself talk about it and NEED to do the damn thing) -or- if you're worried the only way to get yourself into gear is to activate Ye Olde Burnou...

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Ahhh, holidays. The time of year when otherwise confident, assertive, boundaried people tend to switch into some other gear.

This is when we can all of sudden become wildly susceptible to stressful decision-making!

NOT THIS YEAR, friend-o.

I'm cluing you into 3 mistakes you may be at risk of making in these final weeks of the year, so instead, you can have the best. damn. season. of 2023.

What's inside:

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November 2, 2023 19 mins

When it comes to Decision Styles, People-Pleaser might be the one with the most judgment attached to it. 

In this series on the Decision Styles, and with the Decision Style Quiz, my goal is to help you make the MOST of how you operate. And in that spirit, I don't want to simply accept all the historical & societal criticisms we can assume about what i...

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October 26, 2023 15 mins

How often have you put yourself down for your Perfectionism? 

"UGH there I go again, needing everything to be perfect, SIGH."

Ok, yes I agree sometimes this habit feels like a runaway train that costs you hours you never wanted to give to a project because who even is gonna notice that the background color of the PowerPoint is 4% off your normal brand colors........

But I want to help you look beyond the obvious hiccu...

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If you like raw, real and inspirational AF, this interview's for you.

I'm joined by Lauren Balukjian, fellow Ivy grad and founder of the Ivy Sisters. She's the mastermind behind the Global Virtual Summit (that I'm lucky enough to be a Panelist for - see below). It's all about dropping the veil of perfection and getting real & raw about success, vulnerability, imposter syndrome and so much...

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October 12, 2023 15 mins

Have you taken the Decision Style Quiz yet? 

It'll tell you your default Decision Style, how to avoid its most common (most annoying) pitfalls, AND how you can use it to your advantage. 

Welcome to Decision Style #2: The Procrastinator!

Wait, Kirsten, procrastinating is bad, evil, and actually any human's most condemnable character flaw...Isn't it???


Just because we have ...

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October 5, 2023 15 mins

Have you taken the Decision Style Quiz yet? 

It'll tell you your default Decision Style, how to avoid its most common (most annoying) pitfalls, AND how you can use it to your advantage. 

Today we're delving into Decision Style #1, which happens to be my personal default: The Overthinker.

Wait, Kirsten, are you telling me it doesn't have to be a completely bad thing that I overthink stuff?


Just because we...

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September 28, 2023 13 mins

How do we get ourselves to DO the things we wanna do?

Today's episode asks you to stop looking at motivation as gasoline in a tank (is there enough to get where we want?) and instead, as an emotion.

It's easy to forget that motivated is a feeling, just like grateful and irritated.

And too often, we expect this emotion to show up on cue when it's time to do the thin...

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