Decision Masters

Decision Masters

How do you make decisions? How do you feel about your choices? This podcast will help you SIMPLIFY decision making and empower you to TRUST every choice you make. (Yaaaas!) I've been coaching big-brained high-achievers for years, helping them drop lifelong habits of overthinking & harsh self-criticism — so they can make powerful, authentic, self-honoring decisions every day. And now I'm sharing the science-based, tried-and-tested strategies that will work for YOU. Tune in every Thursday for tools to get out of overwhelm, angst & confusion - and finally feel present in your life, grounded in who you are, and certain of where you're going.


November 30, 2023 43 mins

Thinking it might be time for a career change? 

Whether you're pretty happy but curious about venturing out of your Comfort Zone, or you're burnt out and one spicy interaction from quitting on the spot - this episode's for you.

Listen in on my conversation with fellow Coach and Career Changer, Shyloh Brown, as we talk about:

  • The messy, unsexy, real way a "pivot" usually looks (hint: it's not what you think a...
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Here's the truth about STUCK: It's a form of indecision that can become a habit.

We can get so used to not taking a step forward into "decided" that Stuck becomes a normal place to hang out!

If you have an idea you really want to take action on ('re sick of hearing yourself talk about it and NEED to do the damn thing) -or- if you're worried the only way to get yourself into gear is to activate Ye Olde Burnou...

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Ahhh, holidays. The time of year when otherwise confident, assertive, boundaried people tend to switch into some other gear.

This is when we can all of sudden become wildly susceptible to stressful decision-making!

NOT THIS YEAR, friend-o.

I'm cluing you into 3 mistakes you may be at risk of making in these final weeks of the year, so instead, you can have the best. damn. season. of 2023.

What's inside:

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November 2, 2023 19 mins

When it comes to Decision Styles, People-Pleaser might be the one with the most judgment attached to it. 

In this series on the Decision Styles, and with the Decision Style Quiz, my goal is to help you make the MOST of how you operate. And in that spirit, I don't want to simply accept all the historical & societal criticisms we can assume about what i...

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October 26, 2023 15 mins

How often have you put yourself down for your Perfectionism? 

"UGH there I go again, needing everything to be perfect, SIGH."

Ok, yes I agree sometimes this habit feels like a runaway train that costs you hours you never wanted to give to a project because who even is gonna notice that the background color of the PowerPoint is 4% off your normal brand colors........

But I want to help you look beyond the obvious hiccu...

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If you like raw, real and inspirational AF, this interview's for you.

I'm joined by Lauren Balukjian, fellow Ivy grad and founder of the Ivy Sisters. She's the mastermind behind the Global Virtual Summit (that I'm lucky enough to be a Panelist for - see below). It's all about dropping the veil of perfection and getting real & raw about success, vulnerability, imposter syndrome and so much...

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October 12, 2023 15 mins

Have you taken the Decision Style Quiz yet? 

It'll tell you your default Decision Style, how to avoid its most common (most annoying) pitfalls, AND how you can use it to your advantage. 

Welcome to Decision Style #2: The Procrastinator!

Wait, Kirsten, procrastinating is bad, evil, and actually any human's most condemnable character flaw...Isn't it???


Just because we have ...

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October 5, 2023 15 mins

Have you taken the Decision Style Quiz yet? 

It'll tell you your default Decision Style, how to avoid its most common (most annoying) pitfalls, AND how you can use it to your advantage. 

Today we're delving into Decision Style #1, which happens to be my personal default: The Overthinker.

Wait, Kirsten, are you telling me it doesn't have to be a completely bad thing that I overthink stuff?


Just because we...

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September 28, 2023 13 mins

How do we get ourselves to DO the things we wanna do?

Today's episode asks you to stop looking at motivation as gasoline in a tank (is there enough to get where we want?) and instead, as an emotion.

It's easy to forget that motivated is a feeling, just like grateful and irritated.

And too often, we expect this emotion to show up on cue when it's time to do the thin...

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September 21, 2023 15 mins


"I don't have a choice" is one of the most toxic ideas out there. 

And we believe it...even when we're not talking about impossibilities born of the laws of physics!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to detox this poison from your mindset 
  • What that means about "liking your decisions"
  • And exactly what to do when this thought comes up, to make sure you land on an empowered choice




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So many choices are influenced by our fear of eliciting certain reactions from other people.

This is FOPO in action, right?

Fear of people’s opinions swooping in to compel us to not say what we mean, not advocate for what we want, agree to stuff we don’t want to do...

This mostly happens on a small scale. But when...

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How do you tell the difference between "being polite / professional / etc" vs. making an inauthentic choice out of fear of people's opinions? 

Short answer? You either feel in charge of your decision or you don't. 

Even if the choice LOOKS the same ( agree to meet your weirdest family members in Vegas for Thanksgiving)...

Your decision's motivation impacts the energy it takes to follow-through, your mood...

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FOPO: Fear of people's opinions.

Not just super annoying and we wish we were over it by now...but also, a huge influence on your decision-making.

Specifically? How empowered you do (or don't) feel in the choices you make. 

This episode will tell you how to spot (often sneaky, subtle) signs that FOPO is costing you some of your agency — and how to get it back!


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Why does the act of deciding inspire such feelings of fear & finality?

Well, turns out it's not just you being dramatic and/or indecisive...!

Etymologically speaking, it actually makes a lot of sense that we take decisions so dang seriously.

This episode explains why "deciding" really does inspire fear, and how indecision becomes the norm when...

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How do we make easier, better, more self-honoring decisions when it comes to FOOD and how we think about our bodies?

Well, if you're like me, you have a lifetime of influences that makes this a complicated question.

This year though, I decided I wanted answers (and good ones), so I hired Intuitive Eating Coach Victoria Yates! I gotta be honest - I had no idea what "intuitive eating" was (and frankly didn't really care). I ...

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You're unclear on your goals — but you still have time & energy you have to...use up on stuff.


This episode gives you actionable guidance for when you're in this super common, usually uncomfortable place.

We go into detail on how to:

1. Remove t...

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Sometimes, there really is no tidy, perfect solution where everyone’s happy and you get everything exactly how you wanted it...😬

BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t still feel totally in charge of your choices and be intentional about what you do.

If you feel backed into a corner, like you can...

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a) This episode was inspired by conversations on TikTok — come hang out with me if you’re over there! @thedecisioncoach

And b) if you’re getting any value out of this podcast, I would love love to hear about it. If you have the bandwidth & inclination, you can leave a rating and re...

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If the idea that "You don't have to be productive all the time" sounds scary AND wonderful, this episode is for you.

Hard-working high-achievers learn the mindset that To work is to succeed & earn value...To rest is to quit, fail and basically be worthless.

It's no suprise that, at some point, we get sick of this mindset and realize we'd love to rest AND get stuff done — and stop feeling so cra...

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There's a LOT of potential in the year ahead. 

But diving straight into a Goal Game Plan can set you up for burnout & misalignment if you don't take the time to reflect on the year so far!

This guided exercise is designed to help you reflect & reset in a structured, intentional, 

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