Deep Healing with Greg Barris

Deep Healing with Greg Barris

Looking for a podcast to listen to while you sleep in your Tesla? Look no further than this meditative journey hosted by comedian and healer Greg Barris! Join him as he ponders life's big questions and glitches in reality, asking important questions like "Does this paper towel love me?" or "Will you get that flower pot?" With exercises, affirmations, odd life stories, and healing tips presented in a philosophical and comedic way, this micro-pod is the perfect way to start your day. Produced by Michelle Newman of Newman Media, this fantastical universe offers an immersive experience of every day into the uniquely strange, leaving your soul bio-hacked and refreshed. So why wait? Listen to this podcast now and experience radical healing like never before! Listener support is the largest single source of income that makes "Deep Healing with Greg Barris" happen. Love the show? Venmo: @deephealingpodcast


May 29, 2023 4 mins

“I am a dance.“ - Greg Barris

This simple meditation is to help with daily anxiety and stress. 

  •  Breeze Meditation
  • Action: They call me the breeze. I keep blowin' down the road. Which road? DM us the directions! 
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Mark as Played

“You whisper sweet nothings' in the ear of the apocalypse.“ - Greg Barris

You're here. Congratulations. It's time to celebrate.  

  •  The meaning of Apocolypse [0:25] 
  • “Apocalypso Song” [2:01] 
  • Bunker Pirates [3:20]
  • Action: DM us a video of your dance interpretation of the "Apocalypso" and we'll post it on our Instagram 
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May 8, 2023 5 mins

“My father is a wig maker“ - Greg Barris

How to time travel through your DNA.  Reclaim your family's lost baggage. 

  •  Epigenetic DNA dreams [0:25] 
  • “Time Song” [4:01] 
  • Action: Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?
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May 1, 2023 3 mins

“Yes!“ - Greg Barris

This one is for the kiddos. You are magik and never forget it! Whatever age you are.

  • Your words are magik!  [0:25] 
  • Chair Power  [1:12]
  • Words can make people feel good [1:52] 
  • Action: Email us if you move a chair with your mind asap. 
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April 24, 2023 5 mins

“You are the deluge!“ - Greg Barris

Is your soul lost? I got a guy who can help with that. 

  • “Help me Soul Detective! ” [0:25] 
  • You Are. Meditation [1:47]
  • “Soul Detective Return” [4:01] 
  • Action: Remember who you are. 
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March 27, 2023 31 secs

The wait is over, your favorite micro-pod returns on April 24th, every Monday with weekly doses of new healing magik. 

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January 30, 2023 5 mins

“My body deserves love. My body is love.“ - Greg Barris

Say this with me: I am a hot body.  

  • “Thank you, body” Meditation. [0:07] 
  • Deep Healing Wind Stretch [2:25]
  • Action: Moisturize your elbows. 
  • Take a screenshot, tag me ( and share your best hair flip. 
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January 19, 2023 3 mins

“You are the thing to BEE.” - Greg Barris

Do you find yourself losing focus, and then all of a sudden, the busyness of the day has taken over?

Take a moment and pay attention to what you’re doing right now. How can the simple act of slowing down and bringing awareness to your emotions help ground you and alleviate the day-to-day buzz? 

Honey bees sting for one reason: When they feel threatened. 

Mindfulness, or paying nonjudgmental att...

Mark as Played
December 30, 2022 4 mins

“I was just about to call you.” - Greg Barris

Synchronicities. Have you had these experiences? Have you felt a synchronicity in your life? 

You say something while driving, and the radio's on, and the exact word you say at the exact time is spoken or sung on the radio, you call someone, and they say, I was just about to call you.

I call this phenomenon The Broken Oven…

  • I call this phenomenon the Broken Oven. [0:21]
  • It...
Mark as Played
December 12, 2022 4 mins

“Put it in your pants pocket.“ - Greg Barris

Come with me as we explore this Burrito Exercise. Discover that you’re you, and you’re squeezing your magic burrito.

The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time. Goodbye.

  • Burrito Exercise [0:01]
  • You Have One New Voicemail [1:54]
  • Take a screenshot, tag me ( and send me a message about your favorite burrito. BONUS: Tag your favorite burrito spot....
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December 1, 2022 4 mins

“My waking life is pretty rad.” - Greg Barris 

 Have you seen my alligator? 

Try interpreting your waking life the way you would interpret a dream and see what your waking life is trying to tell you. 

To dream of shorts in a dream represents a relaxed, worry-free, laid back, or carefree attitude during a negative situation. One could also say it means you want to be in a relationship. 

  • Waking Life Interpretations. [0:22]
  • An All...
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November 13, 2022 34 mins

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November 7, 2022 4 mins

“Try living forever believing everything works out more perfectly than I plan it.” - Greg Barris

What is Reality, and who gets to decide what’s real or imagined?  

  • Bean Dip Song. [0:00]
  • There was a glitch in reality, and I have no idea what it means. [0:52]
  • Reality Tunnel Exercise [1:21]
  • Action: Start collecting evidence that your phone is bugged. [1:31]
  • Take a screenshot, tag me ( and tell me how you’re goin...
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October 31, 2022 3 mins

“Your hands are clean and now so are mine.” - Greg Barris

The importance of washing your hands. 

  • I wash your feet. [0:06]
  • Clean Your Room Song [0:41]
  • Should you have paper towels in the bathroom? [1:14]
  • Remember: You are so beautiful. [2:02]
  • Take a screenshot, tag me ( and tell me if you think bathrooms should have paper towels. 
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October 19, 2022 3 mins

“Someone just gave you money.” - Greg Barris

Come with us through this Money Meditation and call in abundance to your life. 

Repeat after me: I have money now.

  • Money Meditation [0:02]
  • Take a deep breath with this affirmation: I have money now. [0:022]
  • Flute Groove [1:14]
  • Quarter Song: Visualization Exercise  [1:53]
  • Take a screenshot, tag me ( and tell me how many quarters you found this week. 
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October 4, 2022 5 mins

“Wow. What a beautiful shirt.“ - Greg Barris

Why a Power Outfit is a Power Move. 

Join us as we create a Sigil together. What is a Sigil? An inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.


Repeat after me: I have a beautiful flower pot now. 

  • Power Items and how to choose yours. [0:03]
  • Let's make a Sigil. [0:56]
  • Make your own magic language. [4:05]
  • Remember: You are magic.
  • Take a ...
Mark as Played
September 26, 2022 2 mins

“Why am I tired?” - Greg Barris

Society structure and how it forced my Why. 

Tips for how to choose your Why: 

  1. What did you like doing most as a child? 
  2. What do people come to you for most?
  3. If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Discover what you're most passionate about in this episode and who’s responsible for it. 

  • This is the “why” meditation. [0:020]
  • So powerful and entraps all of us [1:11]
  • Take a scre...
Mark as Played
July 24, 2022 59 secs
Mark as Played

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