Denim and Pearls

Denim and Pearls

The Denim and Pearls podcast is “Business Casual with Pearls of Wisdom from The Porch”. Michelle Mras and Brian Swanson welcome you to the Porch each week to share their experiences in a work / life balance format. They share the nuances of entrepreneurship while relating them to day-to-day life with real life examples and experiences. This fun podcast brings you laughter while covering serious topics that can help anyone grow in their life and business.


December 1, 2023 31 mins

Denim and Pearls - Safety Dance - 0913

When we embark on a personal journey or pursuing one's goals, it can mean leaving certain people or aspects of the past behind. The idea might be that sometimes, in order to achieve success or personal growth, one has to make choices that involve moving away from familiar situations or relationships.

And as an entrepreneur we where many hats. We are the accountant, the marketer, and m...

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Denim and Pearls - Thankful - 0912 Let's appreciate the lessons, celebrate the victories, and continue to build a future filled with thankfulness. #GratitudeInBusiness #ThankfulEveryday #SuccessJourney

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Denim and Pearls - Riding the Storm Out - 0911

REO Speedwagon tells the story that most folks believe their 1980 album Hi Infidelity was their first album. However, it was their 11th album after forming in 1967. Success overnight? We don't think so. Success is a journey, not a destination! Remember, it doesn't happen overnight. Every small step, every setback, and every lesson learned is a part of the process. Embrace ...

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November 10, 2023 36 mins

Denim and Pearls - Picture Perfect - 0910

Let's talk about wanting and needing a website. What's it going to look like and what's it going to take?

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November 3, 2023 29 mins

Denim and Pearls - Traveling Man - 0909

Whether it's traveling out of town or out of the country, try something different.

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Denim and Pearls - Blinded Me With Science - 0908 Everything is changing. Technology has taken over our lives. What used to be simple is supposed to be simple, but sometimes it's not. Technology makes things very impersonal. From grocery and retail stores to interviews.

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October 20, 2023 36 mins

Denim and Pearls - The Mask - 0907

Are you concealing your true feelings or identity, or does it relate to the popular phrase "wearing a mask" as a metaphor for presenting oneself differently to the outside world? Maybe your hiding and feeling more comfortable in your life and business.

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Denim and Pearls - Friday the 13th Special with Mistress Raven - 0906b

This is going to be awesome. It's a Friday the 13th Special live edition with Mistress Raven.

This turned into a really deep conversation about life! Come enjoy our first guest in a long time!

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October 15, 2023 44 mins

Denim and Pearls - Superstition - 0906Superstition and business can have a complex relationship. While many business professionals prioritize logic and data-driven decision-making, superstitions can sometimes play a role in shaping certain business practices and beliefs. Some individuals may hold personal superstitions that influence their decision-making or behavior in the workplace.

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Denim and Pearls - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - 0904

🌈🍀🌟 Searching for that Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow! 🌟🍀🌈

Life is a beautiful journey, full of surprises and treasures waiting to be discovered. 🌟 Let's keep our spirits high and our eyes open for those magical moments! ✨💫

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September 27, 2023 37 mins

Denim and Pearls - Pop Goes The Weasel - 0903

"Expected the unexpected" is a phrase that suggests being prepared for unexpected events or surprises. It encourages people to be flexible and open-minded, anticipating that things may not always go as planned. This mindset is often associated with adaptability and resilience in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

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Denim and Pearls - End Of The World As We Know It - 0902 Change is constant, and sometimes it feels like the world is shifting in ways we can't predict. But remember, we have the power to adapt, grow, and make a positive impact. Let's face whatever challenges come our way with resilience and hope. 💪🌟 #ChangeIsConstant #AdaptAndThrive #KeepTheHopeAlive #DenimAndPearls #MichelleMras #BrianSwanson #Keynote #Speakers #Entre...

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September 10, 2023 34 mins

Denim and Pearls - Free - 0901 🍔🥗🍕 "There's no such thing as a free lunch!" 🍔🥗🍕 We've all heard this saying before, and it holds some valuable wisdom. While it might not always refer to literal lunches, it's a reminder that most things in life come with a cost or trade-off, even if it's not immediately apparent.

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Denim and Pearls - Promises, Promises - 0808

Promises, Promises 💫✨

Life is a series of commitments we make to ourselves and others. Some we keep, some we break, and some are waiting to be fulfilled. It's all part of the journey.

Let's reflect on the promises we've made, both big and small. Have you followed through on your resolutions? Have you kept your word to a friend? Have you honored the commitments you've m...

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Denim and Pearls - Seasons in the Sun - 0807

We recall some of the things that some of us don't want to remember. But we have to remember them to move forward, besides, we don't really have a choice. So let's make the best of it.

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Denim and Pearls - Never Ending Story - 0806

Your life is a captivating tale, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected chapters. Each day is a new page waiting to be written, a chance to add to the beautiful narrative that is uniquely yours.

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Denim and Pearls - Lonesome Loser - 0805

Sit down, take a look at yourselfDon't you want to be somebodySomeday somebody's gonna see insideYou have to face up, you can't run and hide

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Denim and Pearls - You're So Vain - 0804

🎶 "You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you!" 🎶

No worries, though, this podcast isn't really about anyone specific. We must realize that not everything is about us. Many times it's simply a matter of timing. We don't always need to make a "Mountain out of a mole hill".

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July 17, 2023 24 mins

Denim and Pearls - Footloose - 0803 It's amazing how freeing it can be to let the rhythm take control and move your body without a care in the world. 💃✨ Life can be full of routines and responsibilities, but it's essential to remember that we also need moments of pure joy and spontaneity. So why not let loose, kick off your shoes, and dance like nobody's watching? 🌟

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July 17, 2023 33 mins

Denim and Pearls - The Power - 0802

Congratulations on feeling empowered and confident! It's a wonderful feeling to have the power within yourself to achieve your goals and overcome challenges. Remember to channel that power responsibly and positively, using it to make a positive impact in your own life and the lives of others. Keep embracing your strengths and continue to believe in yourself. You've got the power to make g...

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