Diamond Effect - Success Strategies for Service Businesses

Diamond Effect - Success Strategies for Service Businesses

This podcast helps service-based entrepreneurs and business owners scale their businesses in any economy without overworking or overwhelm. Here, you turn your business into a client-attracting gem and become a high-performing CEO. About the Host: Maggie Perotin is the founder of Stairway to Leadership. As an international business and leadership coach, Maggie helps service-based business owners start, grow, and scale their businesses without overworking or being overwhelmed. With her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, her clients scale while transforming into high-performing CEOs of their businesses. This is what USA Today wrote about this model in the article titled: "How Stairway to Leadership is turning small businesses into high-profit ventures." "(...) her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, she helps her clients align their mindset, business strategy, and high-performance habits to transform their businesses from an unreliable source of income to a super-productive client-attracting gem. Maggie adds that she uses all her knowledge and experience to help her clients grow their businesses in a strategic and innovative way while supporting them in building a successful business that consistently attracts their ideal clients. She specializes in helping them build a brand that showcases their uniqueness to reach their full potential, becoming the powerful CEO they’re capable of being." Maggie has over 15 years of experience in corporate leadership in various business domains and coaching. She holds an executive MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute. Maggie lives in Toronto, Canada, with her blended family with four kids. She loves spending time in nature, traveling, reading, dancing, good food, and giving back. To learn more, head to www.stairwaytoleadership.com To work with Maggie and gain break-through clarity on why your business isn't scaling- schedule a free 50-min consultation https://calendly.com/maggie-s2l/discovery-call


March 4, 2024 4 mins

39-41% of businesses in the US are women-owned
Canada is lacking at 17-18% but that number is growing

More and more women enter the entrepreneurship and business world. And with that more and more valuable perspectives and ideas.

Today I highlight what women value as they run their businesses. And encourage all of us #womenentreprenurs to use our voices and confidently share our perspectives. They are valuable...

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In this episode of the Diamond Effect podcast, I help you explore the intricacies of pricing strategies for service-based businesses.

I address the psychological barriers often leading to underpricing and the subsequent impact on business growth. With a focus on mindset and practical strategy tips on what to consider when first setting prices for your services and then how to raise them, this episode offers a comprehensiv...

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As your service-based business grows and you start getting busier and busier with clients, inadvertently a time comes when you start feeling overwhelmed. The feeling itself is not a problem. It can prompt you to change how your business is structured and/ or how you, the service provider and the CEO, work in it.

The problem starts when you don't do anything. When you accept the overwhelm as something you just need to ...

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You feel like you are being pulled in all directions right now. Trying to keep up with clients' work. Post something on social media weekly. And occasionally do a networking lunch between service projects and client emergencies. 

It feels like you've barely kept your head above the water.

You're tired of shooting in the dark, figuring out how to sign the next client while overworking to maintain the current o...

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Two types of planning will increase your productivity and effectiveness and save precious time doing unnecessary things. I talk about them in today’s Maggie’s Moment. Tune in :).

I teach these planning skills as part of my T.O.P. CEO Performance Enhancer Formula. All is a simple, practical, and easy-to-implement way.

If you want to double your service business without adding more work to your schedule, let's ...

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We've all heard that to be successful in business and entrepreneurship "you should leave the emotions at the door" or "skip the feelings."

I disagree with it. Not only because it's humanly impossible to do, no matter what you can be telling yourself. As humans our actions are driven by emotions And emotions result from what we think and how we think about anything that's happening in our ...

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Studies show that “talent” (the thing we are born with and can’t choose) doesn’t have as much weight on our success as learning and mastering skills through practice, training, and just work (the things we have control over and can influence).

And I believe that business skills are the “shortcut” to success as a service-based business owner. Not some new marketing tactic or one funnel.

So I challenge you to stop t...

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Today's Episode of the Diamond Effect podcast (the one I host 😉) is diving into 5 Ways to Become More Effective as the CEO of Your Service Business. Because your business results depend on you, the leader. The more effective you are, the better the results.

To work with me and double your business without adding more work, schedule a free initial consultation HERE - https://calendly.com/maggie-s2l/discovery-call 

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If you'd like to spend more time in your inbox dealing with emails, today's Maggie's Moment isn't for you.
But you want to tune in if you're among most business owners overwhelmed by e-mails, feeling like the inbox is running you and stealing your precious time.
Find out 5 reasons why you might have too many emails to deal with every day and how to fix that issue.
To work with me, one-on-one a...

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Business is just like having kids. Small business - small problems. Big business - big problems. Yet the idea of dealing with "big problems" shouldn't scare you or worse stop you from growing your business altogether.
The solution for "big problems" becoming small is to grow yourself. The more skilled you are in business and the more emotional capacity you have, the smaller the problems seem. The same w...

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Have you watched an Oscar-nominated movie Nyad?

I highly recommend it :). Even though it’s about the journey of a PRO athlete, marathon swimmer, Diane Nyad, the movie offers many business lessons too. In today’s Maggie’s Moment, I’m sharing two of them.
To work with me one-on-one, apply HERE. 

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January 26, 2024 18 mins

Embrace the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster! Some months are booming,  with clients and money coming, while others are quieter. 

In this episode, we tackle those slower times with tips on tracking income, smart budgeting, and attracting clients. Learn to see lower-income months not as setbacks, but as opportunities for growth. Tune in for a successful year ahead!  

Ready to boost your business skills and double your business without a...

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The more experienced you are as a service provider, the more knowledge you have, and the more your brain assumes that everyone else knows the same—especially your clients. Such expert bias can be dangerous and is probably costing you money: in lower marketing and sales conversation or even client retention.
How is that possible? Today's Maggie's Moment explains.

If you want to double your business without add...

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Establishing good habits brings a myriad of benefits that contribute to overall well-being and success. One of the key advantages is the efficiency they bring to daily life, as habits automate tasks, saving time and mental energy.
Moreover, cultivating positive routines enhances discipline and self-control, fostering a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. Good habits also contribute to long-term health and happiness b...

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If your marketing and sales strategy isn't attracting the type and/or number of clients you want; or if you don't have a business growth strategy, tune in to today's Maggie's Moment.
Inside you'll learn the key components of an effective strategy. And also discover why the hard work you're doing now isn't translating into the results you hoped for. 

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In this episode, I sit down with Maria Nenciu, the visionary behind Richvale Consulting, a commercial lease audit company.

Maria kicks things off by sharing the journey of how it all began – the spark that ignited the creation of her business and the passion that fueled its growth. We explore the early years, delving into the challenges and triumphs that shaped Maria's entrepreneurial path, highlighting the evolution of needs, ...

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Because of the slow economy or recession, your clients have changed their thinking about money and spending it. It doesn't mean they don't have money. Or that they don't want to invest in your services. It's just how they think about it has changed. I'm talking about how this affects your marketing and selling in today's Maggie's Moments.

I can help you double your business without adding...

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In this episode, I share how I approach practically setting a goal and then taking action to achieve it. I'm talking about the Strategic Planning process that I and my client use to learn from the past and inform what we're going to do in the future. Then how from there I improve things that are working to do them even better and fix the things that aren't but I still want to take action on them. I'm sharing spe...

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Happy New Year! 2024 is going to be great! Better than 2023 :)!

How? Because we're going to grow together as leaders. And when you grow, your business and results grow. That's how :).

And to help you to the faster and more powerfully, I am transforming Motivational Mondays of the Diamond Effect Podcast to Maggie's Moments on Mondays :). It's not just a name change of these bonus episodes. There...

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Learning from your own experience is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate your business growth. The second most powerful way to shortcut your journey to results is learning from someone who already knows. The two combined work magic :). I know because I do both, and my clients do both as well. And we experience that magic. 

In today's podcast, I'm sharing my own most powerful lessons from 2023. One of them...

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