Diary of a Bald Man

Diary of a Bald Man

A podcast for those burning old bridges, developing the perfect chicken and dumpling recipe, racing through life at the speed of dark, and making changes they never thought possible. It's for the underdogs who love to bark, and have to put their tooth in to bite. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/allen-woffard/support


May 8, 2024 30 mins
In this episode of "Diary of a Bald Man," Allen Woffard takes us on a fascinating exploration of the art and history of tattoos. He delves into the significance of body modification, its origins dating back to ancient times, and its diverse cultural implications. From discussing the therapeutic and mindfulness aspects of tattoos to uncovering the transformative power of rework and covering up scars through tattoos, Allen passionate...
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Welcome to the Diary of a Bald Man, where we delve into the heart of human connection and understanding. I'm your host Allen Woffard, and today, we're exploring a topic that demands our utmost attention: the critical need for active listening and engagement, especially when it comes to supporting those who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide or contemplating life-altering decisions. It's easy to underestimate the power of a ...
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April 23, 2024 36 mins
Welcome to the Diary of a Bald Man podcast. In this episode, titled "Time and Opportunity," your host Allen Woffard takes us on a journey through missed opportunities, the value of time, and the importance of seizing life's gifts of options. Nominated for the third year in a row for the People's Choice Podcast Awards, Allen shares his personal experiences, reflections, and the impact of time and opportunity on his life. Join us as ...
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March 20, 2024 32 mins

Welcome to Diary of a Bald Man, where we explore the connections between imagination and reality. In this episode, our host Allen Woffard delves into the influence of the mind on our perception of reality and the impact of self-deprecation and negative thoughts. Through personal experiences and reflections, Allen emphasizes the importance of effective communication in relationships and the need to change one's mindset. He share...

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January 10, 2024 45 mins

Welcome to another episode of "Diary of a Bald Man," where we dive deep into the personal stories and experiences of individuals overcoming life's challenges. In today's episode, we have a captivating conversation with our special guest, writer, comedian, and influencer extraordinaire Joseph Jenkins. Here is  a man who has battled through addiction, served in the Air Force, and now aspires to help others in their ...

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Welcome back to Diary of a Bald Man with your host, Allen Woffard! In today's episode titled "New Year, Same You: Unfiltered Thoughts and Targets for 2024," Allen shares his unfiltered thoughts on setting goals and making changes in the new year. From personal targets like rowing and learning new languages to reflecting on the importance of maintaining healthy habits, Allen takes a no-holds-barred approach in his mess...

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Ancestry And Inbreeding: I Told You, You Were My Brother

Welcome to Diary of a Bald Man! In this episode, titled " Ancestry And Inbreeding," host Allen Woffard shares his thoughts on a wide range of topics, from preparing for the new year and taking care of ourselves, to exploring the complexities of ancestry and familial connections.

He delves into the personal impact of discovering his own heritage through DNA testing ...

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December 25, 2023 26 mins

Welcome to the first episode of the third season of "Diary of a Bald Man"

 In this episode titled "Into the Light", Allen reflects on the challenges, triumphs of the past year, and shares his vision for the year ahead.

He touches on important health advice, firsthand experiences, and societal issues. Additionally, he introduces an exciting and ambitious project aimed at uniting people from diverse cultures arou...

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Welcome back to another episode of Diary of a Bald Man! In today's episode, titled "Finding Purpose After Service: Transitioning to Civilian Life with Aaron Sullivan," we have an incredibly special guest joining us: Aaron Sullivan, a retired member of the United States Army. We will be diving deep into Aaron's experiences in the military and his transition into civilian life.

We will begin by discussing how Aaron...

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Welcome back to another episode of "Diary of a Bald Man," where we delve deep into the experiences and stories of fascinating individuals from all levels of society. Today we have an incredibly special guest joining us.

Ofc. Julie Joyce has had a remarkable career in law enforcement, with a journey filled with complications  and challenges that have shaped her perspective on mental health and crisis intervention. Fro...

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August 1, 2023 32 mins

Welcome back to Diary of a Bald Man, the podcast where we delve into the highs and lows of life, one brain cell at a time. In today's episode, "One Brain Cell at a Time," we explore the importance of taking breaks, enjoying quality family time, and finding balance amidst the chaos of our fast-paced world.We begin by discussing the joys of cooking together with your spouse and how it can create meaningful bonding mome...

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June 14, 2023 46 mins

In this episode, I have the opportunity to speak with Jaykob “Dylan” Morse about his new podcast show, The Morse Code.


Originally from Alabama and now growing older and wiser in McMinnville, TN – this former firefighter/EMT, now safety consultant, farmer, and well-spoken chatterbox is about to bring a new level of communication to the hearing impaired. And that includes me!


Information about the guest Jaykob Morse and The Morse...

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June 7, 2023 34 mins

In this episode, I discuss how change can either bring you down, elevate you to new levels, or leave you covered in tears.

No one likes when life throws a fast curveball when we are used to catching cotton.

But why do we hold back when we stop and think about the things we never experienced and the strength that new experiences provide?

Lets find out.


Diary of a Bald Man



Thanks to Techsmith/ Camtasi...

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April 16, 2023 29 mins

When we think about the many things in our lives that affect us, very little time is spent reflecting on our impact on that environment and our own life.

In this podcast, we think, reflect, and discuss the significant impact that recent guests have had on listeners and how it impacts our thoughts on others.


Diary of a Bald Man



Thanks to Techsmith/ Camtasia for the amazing music and sound bites:


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How do you go from winning a bronze medal at 18 to working at nuclear facilities in your early twenties? One step at a time.

Listen as Daniele, and I discuss the first time we met, then eventually working together while developing and consistently improving as one of the top welders in her field.

From having boots on the ground in Chattanooga, TN, during the SkillsUSA event, to turning metal into functional pieces and art in Misso...

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March 21, 2023 42 mins
For many of us, we find ourselves in a constant state of growth, with our roots deeply set into a single location – but for Daniel, those roots move with the wind. From his time as an Army Medic, through the refineries of California, and austere locations around the globe, listen in on how this professional gypsy takes the world by the ears, and gets it’s soul to listen. More about Daniel https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-hughes-m...
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March 15, 2023 38 mins
For many who are transitioning into a new career path, they face a variety of frustrations, and mental hurdles waiting to see if they are the chosen one, or just another interviewee never to be contacted again Listen to Logan and I as we discuss his decision to begin a career as a safety practitioner, and how his faith and attitude kept his sails full on an uncharted journey. When your compass fails, your faith can get you to your ...
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For many of us, the first step is often the most challenging part of any endeavor or journey in life. But for one man to inspire others to take that first step and drive onward without a final distance or destination is an even more challenging task. That is until they meet and speak with Mateusz “Matt” Marcinowski.

Originating in Poland, now hitting the roads of Massachusetts, Matt Marcinowski is breaking down the mental and physi...

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February 5, 2023 36 mins

Now that I am 55 – I realize that I have far surpassed my personal expiration date.

In this episode, let us focus on slowing down and altering the constant mental race to perfection, happiness, or misery – It’s a race that will never end because there are no goals in sight.

Everything is in our mind.

Read more:

David Goggins


Diary of a Bald Man


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December 31, 2022 34 mins
Well we can now close off the first season of the podcast, and close the curtains on 2022. It has been a strange and amazing year for many – our ability to purchase and provide Narcan, while those with life threatening allergies suffer on the side while their coworker overdoses for the third time. Who and what influences us to be better, or to do great things is accomplished when we open our minds, and turn off the social media bar...
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