Dice of Thunder Podcast

Dice of Thunder Podcast

A Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast! Join us as we play through the Outlaws of Alkenstar adventure path published by Paizo Inc. as part of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition tabletop role-playing game. New episodes are uploaded every Monday and promise a solid hour of gameplay content every week. The show consists of new players and an experienced GM. So, if you're looking for a bingeworthy show to feed your actual play addiction or you're interested in discovering all the magic of Pathfinder, then look no further. Starring Gamemaster Scott Hoffman, Brittany Hoffman as Lutin, Du'Vall Gibson as Kainros, Gregg Santee as Dar'Nyru, and Jordan Elwanger as Balnor. Visit diceofthunder.com for more info about the show. Thank you for listening and enjoy!


October 10, 2022 65 mins

Meet four new heroes, Dar'Nyru, Lutin, Balnor, and Kainros as they begin their adventure in the Mana Wastes! It's the Dice of Thunder Podcast starting the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Outlaws of Alkenstar Campaign published by Paizo Inc. Please join us every Monday for a new episode.

Mark as Played

Part 2 of Episode 1. The heroes meet Foebe Dunsmith the proprietor of the Barrel and Bullet Saloon!

Mark as Played
October 17, 2022 87 mins

The Heroes infiltrate the Gold Tank Reserve

Mark as Played
October 24, 2022 91 mins

The battle inside the Gold Tank Reserve rages on!

Mark as Played
October 31, 2022 74 mins

The heroes wrap things up at the Gold Tank Reserve and head into the Wailing Scrapyard.

Mark as Played
November 7, 2022 76 mins

The heroes get into a whole puddle of trouble in the Wailing Scrapyard.

Mark as Played
November 14, 2022 64 mins

The heroes deal with the consequences of their hair-brained scheming, but get help from a new ally!

Mark as Played
November 21, 2022 61 mins

The heroic dinosaur and its four travelling companions finish off a booger elemental and THEN things get really weird.

Mark as Played
November 29, 2022 77 mins

The 2nd release of episode 8. Sorry Thunder Buddies. When Scott edited the episode he had some technical difficulties. Please enjoy the expanded version.

In this episode the party deals with the crashed zeppelin deep in the Wailing Scrapyard.

Mark as Played
December 7, 2022 64 mins

Hey Thunder Buddies, this is a re-release of Episode 9. The original had some technical glitches with Du'Vall's audio. Please enjoy the re-mix.

The adventure through the scrapyard continues as the heroes encounter a camp full of mutated gnolls and a mushroom cult? Starring Du'Vall Gibson as Kainros, Gregg Santee as Dar'Nyru, Brittany Hoffman as Lutin, Jordan Elwanger as Balnor, and Scott Hoffman as Gamemaster.

Mark as Played
December 11, 2022 70 mins

Will all the heroes escape the junkyard? One final foe remains. One character's life changes forever.

Mark as Played
December 19, 2022 86 mins

It's time for a level up on the Dice of Thunder Podcast. The heroes describe their new powers. Then they find out a little more about their jolly employer.

Mark as Played
December 25, 2022 78 mins

The Outlaws finish prepping their escort mission and head off to good buddy Gattlebee's House.

Mark as Played
January 2, 2023 76 mins

The Outlaws enter Gattlebee's house to try and convince the inventor to leave with them.

Mark as Played
January 9, 2023 69 mins

The Outlaws begin the first leg of their masterfully crafted plan to smuggle Gattlebee across the Smokeside Quarter.

Mark as Played
January 16, 2023 72 mins

The outlaws duke it out on the Bottleneck Bridge. Will they get away before the Powderkeg Punks catch them? Find out in this episode. The chase is on!

Mark as Played
January 23, 2023 80 mins

The outlaws get chased to the Yeast of All Brewery, will they make it there without incident?

Mark as Played
January 30, 2023 77 mins

The battle inside the tasting room continues as the outlaws are tested like never before. It's the most dramatic episode yet of the Dice of Thunder Podcast!

Mark as Played
February 6, 2023 78 mins

After the most dramatic finale yet, the heroes must find a way to recover. One player has an interaction with an NPC that will change him forever.

Mark as Played
February 13, 2023 91 mins

The outlaws go to battle against several hundred pounds of animated booger in this installment of the Dice of Thunder Podcast

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