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December 21, 2022 52 mins
All good things must come to an end. This is the final episode of DIE-ALOGUE! Tune in to hear my interview with true crime author and friend, Tori Telfer — learn the WHY behind my decision to end DIE-ALOGUE, at least for now.

Make sure to listen through to the end for some fun, surprise appearances!

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Jason Usry
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How can a justice system allow an innocent man to remain in prison?
Bone Valley explores that maddening question and so much more.

What a thrill to conclude our series on WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS today with Gilbert King, the host of my favorite podcast this year, BONE VALLEY. Gilbert is also the Pulitzer prize-winning author of Devil in the Grove. HE has written two other NYT best-selling books and his work covers race, crime, and justic...
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November 30, 2022 36 mins
It's November 30, do you know where your holiday spirit is?!?

I am delighted to present Season 2 Episode 1 of SANTA MAYBE, A CRIMINAL - on the feed today! Enjoy this true crime satire, Yuletide mystery podcast created by my friend and editor, Jason Usry.

Listen closely to hear yours truly for an audio appearance, along with several other true crime podcasters you know and love. If you haven't listened to Season 1, go back and binge ...
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In addition to the moral cost of incarcerating the innocent, it’s also literally expensive. Today’s guests are going to share about the high cost of wrongful convictions.

They are a dream team, a force to be reckoned with, a dynamic duo — and they are applying their talents to combat the horrors of wrongful convictions. Please welcome back Maggie Freleng and say hello to our first time guest, Jason Flom.

Maggie is a Pulitzer prize w...
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What happens when political corruption leads to a wrongful conviction? Unfortunately, that’s what unfolds in the podcast, Murder in Oregon, hosted and produced by today’s guest, Lauren Bright Pacheco. Lauren is an Emmy award winning TV Producer who has parlayed her storytelling skills to podcasting. It’s in this medium that she discovered “audio activism” which has illuminated something I’ve been seeking for quite some time!

Join me...
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What happens to an exoneree after they are released? Let's find out as we welcome BACK today’s guest, Jeff Deskovic. A truly remarkable human, Jeff is an exoneree, an advocate for criminal justice reform, a lawyer, and the founder of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation.

I would encourage you to go back and listen to his first interview (which is two parts) on DIE-ALOGUE where Jeff shares his practically unbelievable story. He was wrongf...
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What do you get when a successful reality TV producer crosses paths with a celebrity so famous that her social media following rivals the population of a small country?
A true crime podcast called THE SYSTEM, executive produced and hosted by Kim Kardashian and today’s guest, Lori Rothschild.

Now what you were expecting? Lori either. The story of Kevin Keith, the man at the center of ‘THE SYSTEM’’ found Lori before she’d fully underst...
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Let’s spook it up a little since it’s Halloween week! Christine Schiefer is here to talk about her podcast, ‘And That’s Why We Drink,’ and the book she co-wrote with her show co-host, Em Schulz; ’A Haunted Road Atlas: Sinister Stops, Dangerous Destinations, and True Crime Tales.’

From how she viewed true crime as a girl, to whether or not she believes in ghosts today, Christine kills the small talk and reveals what it’s like behind ...
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What does your safety look like? Trauma and sex education expert, Jimanekia Eborn, asks this question and allows victims and survivors to answer it for themselves.

Today we are taking a more intimate, less legislative/legal look at consent. Jiamekia Eborn is the perfect person to help us do so.

Jimanekia, a self- entitled TRAUMA QUEEN, is no stranger to the world of trauma, crime and consent. Jimanekia shares how she wanted to help ...
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October 12, 2022 37 mins
*Content Warning* Today's episode deals with consent and sexual assault, please listen with care and refer to the show notes below for resources.

What are three F words that should never take place in Sex? Force, Fear, and Fraud. Today’s episode will empower you to demand justice for victims and survivors of sexual assault.

After surviving three sexual assaults, Joyce Short began researching penal law in the United States and what sh...
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October 11, 2022 1 min
Welcome to a new season of DIE-ALOGUE! We are approaching 150 episodes and are ready to explore some new themes and re-visit others - always with fresh perspectives from the leading voices in crime, culture, and justice.

Join me this season as we explore the heart of true crime. Up first? The Complexity of Consent! Season 5 Episode 1 drops Wednesday, October 12, 2022!

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The dog days are over, my friends!

I am back and I can't thank you enough for being so patient with me. Today's episode gives you a glimpse into my life the last three months. I took some necessary time off and now I am more than ready to launch a new season of DIE-ALOGUE.

Please tell your friends about DIE-ALOGUE - the new season drops Wednesday, October 12! Subscribe/Follow/Leave a Review!

A million thank you's!

Did you enjoy this ep...
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This episode might be best enjoyed on a front porch with some sweet tea. I don’t live in the south, but my guest’s stories made me feel I was there; creaky doors closing to keep the mosquitos out, and humid air thick with mystery and secrets. I was transported as today’s guest told me stories of her life and career.

I met Sheryl McCollum at CrimeCon and knew she must come on the show and share about her work. She is currently a crim...
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David Robinson began the search for his son, Daniel, 11 months ago. Parlaying his military experience into the search, David runs the operation like an Army mission. After all, what greater mission is there than to find your missing child?

David shares an overview of his son’s case, the ways law enforcement has failed him, how he has garnered media interest, and the shocking discovery of human remains that David and his volunteers ...
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Picture it: you’re at a formal dinner and get seated among strangers. Everyone goes around and shares their name and where they’re from. One table mate says “I’m Susan, I’m from Galveston.” You can’t help but say “Galveston? I can’t hear that without thinking of Robert Durst.” People laugh knowingly. Did I mention the dinner was at CrimeCon? Aforementioned table mate says “I was the judge who presided over Bob Durst’s trial in 2003...
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I am just about recovered from Covid, but need another week to get the new series in tact. To that end, please enjoy a REPLAY with my friend and one of the OG true crime podcasters, Justin Evans. Justin even does the show's intro so enjoy his smooth voice until I am back with an all new episode next week. Thank you, Justin for lending your voice and for the fun walk down memory lane in this February 2020 interview!

Original show not...
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I’m taking a week off as I recover from CrimeCon 22 in Las Vegas, but I’ve got something great for your ears! A REPLAY of my November 2020 interview with Patrick Hinds! It’s perfect timing as we just announced that DIE-ALOGUE will be attending The Obsessed Fest in September in Columbus, Ohio! I will also be hosting several rounds of YELLOW TAPE TRUE CRIME TRIVIA. You don’t want to miss this.

Enjoy this interview and check below for ...
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April 27, 2022 62 mins
You think you know Paul Holes, but do you really? And for the 14 of you wondering “Who is Paul Holes?” Welcome to the bright side.

Paul Holes is an American former cold-case investigator for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office. Holes is known for his contributions to solving the Golden State Killer case using advanced methods of identifying the killer with DNA and genealogy technology. He is also inspired the true crime/pop cul...
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April 23, 2022 1 min
DIE-ALOGUE Podcast is hosted by Rebekah Sebastian. Each week, Rebekah speaks with the leading voices in crime, culture, and justice. Together, they attempt to answer: "What are we even talking about, when we talk about true crime?"

New episodes every Wednesdays.
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Have you ever known someone in childhood who became infamous or notorious later?

Today’s episode — the third in our “New True Crime Books” series, features a captivating story of an ordinary woman in an extraordinary circumstance. Like many of us,Jamie Gehring grew up with an eccentric neighbor - we all know the type. But in Jamie’s case, her neighbor’s solitude and “quirkiness” were anything but benign. Her neighbor was Ted Kaczyns...
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