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The DiscoPosse Podcast brings together great people to chat about technology, business, productivity, and much more across every layer of the stack.


February 28, 2024 70 mins

Sean Falconer is currently Head of Marketing at Skyflow. Prior to Skyflow, Sean led developer relations for Google’s Business Communications product suite, founded Proven.com and was a Postdoctoral student in Bioinformatics at Stanford University.

Sean is both a fantastic technologist and a storyteller, which makes him a great person to learn from. We chat on the challenges of securing and protection data for AI as more companies c...

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Gerry Neu from Tecflair joins for a fun discussion into the most important thing that a technology buyer/user should understand: being a good partner. Gerry brings true humility and pragmatism to his approach to building outcome-focused solutions using strong human and technology partnerships. It's a master class in how to delight customers and to be a solid supporter of your own alliance partners and clients. 

This podcast is brou...

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Leena Joshi is the co-founder & CEO at CloseFactor, helping sales teams multiply and accelerate their pipeline. This is a fantastic chat covering how we build human intelligence into automation and how to create good behaviors in the organization with technology and people.

This episode is brought to you by the fine folks at Veeam Software, GTM Delta, and Diabolical Coffee!

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Tori Barker is an insightful marketer with a great podcast and consulting practice to help companies get their marketing to the top of their game! This is a great conversation and I am super thankful to Tori for the insights! 

This episode is brought to you by the fine folks at Veeam Software, GTM Delta, and Diabolical Coffee!

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Scott Jones is the co-founder and Chief Scientist at Stackless. We chat on their freshly launched EstateJS platform. I've long been a fan of pragmatic approaches and the balance of opinionated solutions with open standards. Scott is a fantastic technologist and thinker, so this was a real pleasure to dive into what he and the team are doing.

Check out Stackless here: https://stackless.dev 

Join the Stackless Discord community here


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Al Grego an award winning podcaster and musical talent who is the host of the Shop Talk and Yes, We Are Open podcasts. His approach to storytelling, and creating opportunity for both his company at Moneris, and his customers in the Canadian community, is a real inspiration. 

Al is also the lead singer in the Royal Pains and host of The Produce Stand podcast when he's not busy traveling across the country capturing really great conv...

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Stephen Barr is someone whom I've long sought out as a guest. He's been a real inspiration on how he connects people and technology with a fanatical focus on finding the right answer over being right. 

Stephen works with his team at CloudFix to solve for cloud cost and complexity, and through his work there and over the years in academia and the tech industry, he's collected a lot of knowledge which he shares with everyone. It was ...

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Matt Butcher is CEO of Fermyon and they are solving a very interesting problem with the dev stack that has long been the dream of developers to fix. The promise of prototype to production in as few steps as possible has eluded the industry. Matt and the Fermyon team are trying to deliver what has been missing for far too long.

We talk about WebAssembly, startup challenges, solving hard problems by choosing the right abstractions an...

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David Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Stonehaven LLC which is a really nifty FinTech startup that has done something rarely even attempted, and they've done so successfully. David's focus on customer community, partner community, and company culture all come together in the trifecta of how to build a profoundly successful organization and raise value for all involved. 

It was a real pleasure to meet David who possesses a unique ...

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Ori Weizman is a podcaster, technologist, tech evangelist, and all around fantastic human. Ori works at Silk who are doing some really neat things around database optimization for the public cloud so you should definitely check out their work. 

This is a deep discussion into what makes a technologists tick, how to really understand ourselves, and how to have an impact with what we do in the technology startup ecosystem. 

Thank you,...

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Zack Brigman is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Commvault working on the Metallic platform team. We cover the most important facets of developing a product for success by understanding the human impact.

This is a lesson in product marketing and product features planning. Super helpful to have this chat and also a fun surprise at the end! Thanks, Zack!

This episode is brought to you by Shift Group, the 4-Step Guide to Deliveri...

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Don W Long is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and best selling author. His WCBS (World Class Business Systems) method has led world-leading companies to new levels of growth. Don joins to talk about the state of business and entrepreneurship in 2023 and to announce a fantastic new opportunity for a new community that I am proud to be joining for coaching startup founders.

Big thanks to Don for this great conversation. A real in...

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Derek Videll is the founder of Social Bamboo and someone who aims to make business and life better in many ways. Derek's approach and integrity are noteworthy and you should definitely check out his free course to learn about leveraging and monetizing social media.

Beyond that, he's just a fantastic human and really taps into some meaningful things to me which made this an amazing and enjoyable conversation. Thank you for a wonderf...

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JR Butler and Anthony Flaherty unpack what is the most powerful opportunity ahead as we head into a high risk period for so many companies. Startups are especially vulnerable as the market shifts. This is also the most critical time to hire the right people to sell into the downturn.

A must listen for anyone in tech startups or any business for that matter. Thanks to JR and Anthony for a great chat and don't forget to check out th...

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Yasmin Rajabi is a product leader focused on building products that empower engineers to move the business forward. She is currently VP of Product at Stormforge, responsible for Product Management, UX, and Docs.

We talk about the multi-variant challenge in Kubernetes Ops, the evolution of Ops, Platform Ops, and SRE, plus the real human experience that drives effective product building and adoption. Yasmin is a rarity in the level o...

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Noemi Greyzdorf is an experienced go-to-market professional with a passion for innovative technologies that drive value. Noemi does everything from Product/solution positioning, messaging, route to market, pricing strategy, channel program, to sales enablement, and much more.

We catch up after our last chat and get to learn more about Noemi's approach to market positioning, technical product marketing, and what is new with what is ...

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George Georgalides is the Founder of Basis, a startup that automates healthcare planning using a data-driven, person-centered care approach that integrates effortlessly into our daily lives. 

His mission is to reduce friction and expenses while improving an individual's health results via an AI-assisted autonomous care model.

George is also a serial entrepreneur who has created two medical products, raised $13 million in funding, a...

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Tim is CEO of Redmond Growth Initiatives (RGI), an organization designed to help you grow your profits, grow your business and grow your life through Tim’s innovative coaching process. He's proven himself in starting, running, and growing businesses and is sharing that knowledge through his coaching and mentorship.

It really was an honour to share time with Tim on the show.

Check out Redmond Growth Consulting here: https://redmondg...

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Rick Taylor is an internationally known software architect with over 25 years experience in developing next-generation networking products. Rick is an active member of several standards organisations, including the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) where he co-chairs two Working Groups.

Check out Ori Industries here: https://ori.co/ 

This episode is brought to you by Shift Group, the amazing folks at Veeam Software  and the 4-...

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Matt Munson is a CEO and Executive coach with Sanity Labs, a boutique leadership coaching firm he founded in 2019 that provides coaching to dozens of venture backed and bootstrapped companies.

Matt draws on his own experience as a venture-backed CEO, as well as a variety of coaching disciplines, to help others navigate the perilous journey of leadership and organization building.

Check out Sanity Labs here: https://www.sanitylabs.c...

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