Join Stephen Foxworthy, Brett Wright, and Tucker as they dive into the specifics of those ’Franchises of One’ - films that were meant to kick off major film franchises... but ultimately failed to do so! Together they examine the people, properties, and potential of each ’failed franchise starter’ with wit and humor without ’punching down.’


March 30, 2023 114 min

"Oh, you know how things are. Life goes on."

They say that when a month has five Thursdays, Tucker appears on the fifth one to show us all an obscure and fantastical film from the shelves of an old, abandoned video store lost in time. This week, he's brought us an Italian movie that will make you question reality and wonder what you just watched.

We discuss Italian horror cinema, Stephen's complete confusion at the plot, and we spe...

Mark as Played

"I'm gonna ask you a question. How you answer it will determine how this night ends. How does a good man decide when to kill?"

Brett is on the run from a clandestine organization out for blood so this week it's Stephen and Tucker discussing this 2007 video game adaptation ahead of the new John Wick movie and boy, oh boy, do the boys get into some tangents! We eulogize the late, great Lance Reddick, discuss our Criterion Collection ...

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March 16, 2023 100 min

"Sometimes, if things are closed, you just... open them up."

Happy (belated) birthday to the master David Cronenberg! To celebrate, we're talking about his 2007 Russian crime drama starring Viggo Mortensen's penis! We also dig into our own personal Cronenberg histories, our thoughts on Michael Haneke's Funny Games, and a discussion of Cronenberg's box office receipts. Be sure you check it out while you can because in Soviet Russia,...

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"Why are you screaming? I haven't even cut you yet!"

With a new Scream sequel dropping this weekend, we're finally checking off this updated, "grim and gritty" take on the preeminent '80s slasher! We talk about how well the diversions from the original film really work, extol the virtues of the great Clancy Brown, and debate where this franchise really dies! 

Slip into a peaceful slumber and dream of finding us on the following pla...

Mark as Played

"You pay this woman to sit on babies? That's disgusting! I'd do it for nothing."

This week, in honor of the great Dr. Seuss' 119th birthday, we're celebrating by discussing the film that made his widow cancel any and all live action adaptations of his work! We also talk about Dave Bautista, James Gunn, our thoughts on the comedy stylings of Mike Myers, and so much more! 

Open the big red box and find us in our own worlds at the fol...

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February 23, 2023 77 min

"Where there's a bed, there's a way."

The time has sadly come to close out our FeBOOary Spooky-thon Redux and while Brett might've gotten lost under the bed before this record, we're thrilled to be welcoming back our good buddy Jim Rohner to talk about another of his childhood favorites! We dig into our personal histories with this film, how well it holds up to modern scrutiny, why it seems the perfect fulcrum point between '80s an...

Mark as Played
February 16, 2023 103 min

“All I can think is when someone is that lonely or that angry they can learn to hide it. But inside, it never dies. It just stays there. Eats away at you. Until one day, you have to do something about it.”

Happy belated Valentine's Day, friends and loved ones! We're back with our yearly tradition of having good friend Mike Snoonian on to talk horror, love, and love of horror based on love. Make sense? Good. We'll discuss the polari...

Mark as Played
February 9, 2023 96 min

 "I told you, Tucker. I'm a zero with the ladies... they hate my face!"

The Spooky-Thon redux is now in full force and this week we're discussing a horror-comedy favorite of ours! We discuss our love of Alan Tudyk, the potential Cabin in the Woods parallels/comparisons, and how much Brett really does look like Tyler Labine! 

You can find us at our various fancy vacation homes below! 

Mark as Played

“Leon S. Kennedy. What’s the ‘S’ stand for? Stupid?”

Welcome to… Spooky-thon Redux? Valoween Month? Spooky 2? We’re work-shopping the name but we’re kicking off this entire month of horror films with a video game adaptation that sets out to right the wrongs of its Mila Jovovich-led past. 

We discuss what happens when fan service goes too far, our collective love for Donal Logue, and Brett’s absolute obsessive adoration for all thin...

Mark as Played
January 26, 2023 130 min

"I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me."

The time has come for our Award Season Spectacular to end and we're going out with a pretty loud Bostonian bang! Brett may or may not be on an undercover assignment with the Massachusetts State Police (we can neither confirm nor deny), but Stephen and Tucker are here to talk about Martin 'Uncle Marty' Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, this film's ...

Mark as Played
January 19, 2023 106 min

"I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is."

Our Best Picture theme month gets a shot in the buttocks this week as we discuss one of the most well known winners of the award! We discuss Tucker's disdain for the film and especially the soundtrack, Brett's fascination with the film's portrayal of mental illness and disability, while Stephen tells us about some foreign films we should check out.


Run, Forrest! Run over to the foll...

Mark as Played
January 12, 2023 120 min

"We'll always have Paris"

We're back from our New Year hiatus to finally kick off our Best Picture theme month! Because it's award season, you see. What better way to get it started than with, what many consider to be, one of the greatest films of all time. We'll discuss Tucker's love for Claude Rains, Stephen's love of this entire film, and Brett's lack of love but sincere understanding of its popularity. 


Make sure you've got y...

Mark as Played
December 29, 2022 79 min

"It's morbin' time!"

It's time once again for our annual retrospective on one of the failed franchise starters that graced silver screens (or streaming services, in some cases) from the previous year and, in a year like 2022, what better movie to discuss than the one that launched a thousand memes (or, likely more accurately, one meme thousands of times)? We talk about the Living Vampire's comic book origins, debate the genre best ...

Mark as Played
December 22, 2022 95 min

“Everyone loves the sleigh.”

Merry Christmas, friends! We’re celebrating the holiday and finishing up our “Guardians” mini-series this week by discussing a Christmas adjacent film with Santa in it.  We discuss the deep and somewhat confusing lore, how much we want to read the book series now, and Brett’s disturbing desire to see a much darker version of this story. 

Regardless of whether you've been naughty or nice this year, chec...

Mark as Played
December 15, 2022 84 min

“In this world, even good has to clench its fists.”

This week, part two of our “Guardians” mini-series has us discussing a Russian film that posits: “What if Captain America was the X-Men and also there’s a man-bear with a mini-gun?”

We discuss our love of the aforementioned man-bear, the hype leading up to this film’s release, and wonder why speedster characters don’t always carry swords.

Use your Module-2 devices to find us at th...

Mark as Played

"Well, this is what it looks like when you've actually fought in battle. It's not glorious, it's not beautiful, it's not even heroic. It's merely doing what's right, and doing it again and again, even if someday you look like this."


It's part one of our latest miniseries: a three-part exploration of failed franchise starters with the word 'Guardian' in the title! First up, we're kicking things off with an... [checks notes] ...ani...

Mark as Played
December 1, 2022 111 min

"I hate trolls."

Hello, fellow Daikini! This week, in honor of the new series hitting Disney+, we're going to discuss this beloved '80s fantasy epic! And who better to discuss it with than our resident '80s fantasy expert, Landon DeCrastos?

We discuss our love for Val Kilmer, the potential this could have had as a trilogy, and Landon whips out his sword.


Journey from afar to find Landon in the following places: 

Mark as Played
November 24, 2022 84 min

“There are many paths to redemption, not all of them peaceful.”

Happy Turkey Day, folks! This year, we’re talking about a movie with a pilgrim in it because it’s close enough to fit the theme...? We discuss our love of pulp heroes, the fantastic cast, and we get a solid visit to Stephen’s Christianity Corner! 

Where to Find Us:

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"Bow to your masters, dirty criminal scum! Bow to your masters!"

We here at Disenfranchised are saddened by the loss of the great Kevin Conroy... almost as saddened as we are the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm had a direct-to-video sequel (making it ineligible for us to cover). Instead, we're forced to take on a movie we'd all but forgotten existed, but one that allows us to chat about Kevin Smith, his View Askew-niverse, and eulogiz...

Mark as Played
November 10, 2022 88 min

"He's drawing a blank, ma'am."

In honor of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever dropping in theaters this weekend, we're chatting about one of the first black superheroes to grace the silver screen! We talk this movie's impressive cast, how well this movie balances its '60s homages with the rampant cynicism of the '90s, and have another go-around about the state of modern fandom!

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