Do You Ever Wonder...The Hallmark Abstract Service Podcast

Do You Ever Wonder...The Hallmark Abstract Service Podcast

The Do You Ever Wonder podcast from Hallmark Abstract Service was created for one purpose...To explore topics that our listeners want to learn more about! To achieve this we invite expert guests to discuss their specific areas of expertise with our host, Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Mike Haltman. We are always looking for input from listeners about what they would like to hear about and learn about. We have spoken with 1-800-Flowers founder Jim McCann, Heroes To Heroes Foundation founder Judy Elias, ’The Everyday Entrepreneur’ Rob Basso, Ellen Leikind of Poker Divas, women's financial literacy crusader Cary Carbonaro, and so many more. We explore subjects ranging from health and nutrition, real estate, personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, career, science, philanthropy, and of course issues we all face in life! Episodes can also be heard at Padverb here:


February 26, 2024 41 mins

Jennifer Djurkovic and Commercial Real Estate...A Driven Member of the Holy 29 Massey Knakal Leadership Tree!

What is the Massey Knakal Leadership Tree?

It's the CRE professionals who at some point in their careers worked at Massey Knakal, learned about the Massey Knakal CRE philosophy, and now own or run their own commercial real estate brokerage business.

Enter Jennifer Djurkovic, owner and CEO of ...

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Real Estate Agent Support in New York!

Wouldn't it be great if there were a resource available to real estate agents that provided needed information in real time?

Of course real estate companies support their agents, but sometimes additional information about hot-button subjects, fair housing law as an example, is required and the input of an attorney would not only be welcome, but often necessary.

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So who is Adam Leitman Bailey, and how does he consistently succeed for his clients within the scorching crucible of litigation and New York real estate law?

Let's start with the accolades...

  • An award-winning real estate litigator and entrepreneur in New York City,
  • The founding partner of the eponymous law firm — Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. — which he has grown into the foremost provider of real estate-centric legal c...
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Do You Ever Wonder About The State Of United States National Security?

We had the opportunity to speak with Steven Bucci on the subject, a man who is uniquely qualified to opine based on his incredible government and military resume...

  • U.S. Army Colonel (ret),  spending 28-years in the Special Forces,
  • Cybersecurity expert in the private sector with companies such as IBM and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
  • Deputy Assistant S...
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Do You Ever Wonder Speaks With Shimon Shkury...

Shimon Shkury...Founder and CEO of Ariel Property Advisors, NYC Commercial Real Estate Thought Leader, Massey Knakal Alum and Prominent Massey Knakal Leadership Tree Member,  Born in Israel and a Former Lieutenant in The IDF!

Incredibly impressive credentials to be sure, and then add to that list a Wharton MBA and MA in International Studies.

Do You Ever Won...

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Dave Kerpen...Serial Entrepreneur, Global Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, VC Investor, Husband, and Father!

Dave Kerpen started his journey with nothing, putting himself through college as a vendor selling cracker jacks (not hot dogs or beer) at the Boston Garden and Fenway Park.

As an unbelievable salesman and marketer even back then, he was making $1,000 a game.

He had a sponsored wedding,  convin...

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Do You Ever Wonder is a production of Hallmark Abstract Service and is hosted by CEO Michael Haltman.

Hallmark Abstract Service provides title insurance for your New York State commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Father Peter Pomposello...Priest, Paratrooper, and Pathfinder! Do You Ever Wonder?

Starting his career ...

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Do You Ever Wonder About The Art Of Networking? Meet Cleon Cox!

Networking, for anyone with a career, is a key part of business development! It's how we truly get to know people and, as importantly, all of the people that the person we are speaking with knows.

Of course, COVID brought virtual networking to the forefront which at the time was a blessing. Without it, business would have to to a virtual standsti...

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Gogo Bethke...Marketer extraordinaire in a real estate market that's screaming for creativity and innovation!

Gogo Bethke came to America in 2008 speaking little to no English, in search of the American dream!

In 2011 she fell into becoming a real estate agent, shunning the traditional ways of prospecting for clients that include sending postcards, knocking on doors, and stuffing flyers in mailboxes.

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Meet Jack Barsky...Former Soviet Union KGB Spy Turned American Citizen!

In the 1970s and 1980s, the world was a dangerous place.

Fast forward to 2023 and the world remains a dangerous place that feels like it is on fire!

In this episode of Do You Ever Wonder history meets current events...

Do You Ever Wonder welcomes Jack Barsky who was born in East Germany, recruited by and served for 10 years a...

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Truth Be Told We Are All Salespeople!

While some may argue with that premise, the reality is that in every aspect of our lives whether business or personal we are selling. It may be a product, an idea, or even ourselves, but there is some amount of selling that will be involved.

With that in mind meet Leslie Venetz, founder of the firm Sales Team Builder, who's a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales (33,000 followers)...

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Attention Commercial Real Estate Brokers( and anyone else in sales)!

The Do You Ever Wonder podcast is thrilled to present a discussion with Rod Santomassimo, founder of The Massimo Group and known as the World's Top CRE Broker Growth Coach.

How do I know World's Best is the right moniker for Rod?

Because he has in the past, and continues in the present, to work with some of the most successful ...

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'Yanina and Viktoryia Strylets C-Founded The Online Dating Platform Scimatch!

So in the world of dating apps, what makes Scimatch different than Match, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagels, or any of the many other apps that exist on the internet?

Scimatch utilizes a combination of AI technology, an algorithm that is continuously learning, and social science to determine how compatible two people might actually be.

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Play Like A Champion Each And Every Day!

It's valid anytime, but particularly during the current time, business leaders must keep their eyes on the proverbial prize.

Enter Coach Dana Cavalea, now an executive coach for C-Suite executives, who served as Director of Performance/ Head Performance Coach for the New York Yankees, helping lead the team to a World Series Championship in 2009.

In the context...

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Who Is Colin Drummond, AKA 10G Colin?

Let's take a look at some of the things he has done and the trails that he's blazed...

  • First American Street Journalist in Washington, DC, and New York City. Today Man and Woman on-the-street interviews are commonplace,
  • Spoken with five U.S. Presidents,
  • Oprah Winfrey knows Colin on a first-name basis,
  • Washington Bureau Chief for TMZ,
  • Expertise in Producing, Reporting, and Phot...
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With Mortgage Rates Moving Higher, And With No End In Sight, What Is A Homebuyer Supposed To Do?

We posed this question to Ralph DiBugnara, a Senior VP and Retail Division Leader with Cardinal Financial ( In addition to that role, Ralph is the Founder of Home Qualified, a digital real estate resource for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.


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If you're a commercial office landlord with spaces to fill, that is the million-dollar question!

For tenants, options in New York City (and most everywhere else) for office space abound from new construction A-level properties on down, with owners needing to offer a variety of concessions to lure companies in.

How About An Office Innovation...MIRO

BGO, formerly...

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For 70%, What Happens When Rental Income = $0?

70% of multifamily building owners in New York City are not the 'fat cats' that many people think of when looking at the Super Tall apartment buildings now dotting the NYC skyline!

70% are considered 'small' owning one or two buildings, with under 50 units.

And then we have an owner like one of today's guests who came here from Brita...

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Grow Your Business! Sounds Good But How?

And, can you grow a business when the economy is less than stellar?

In other words, Do You Ever Wonder How To Grow Your Business Using The Incredible Number Of Marketing Options And Tools Available?

As the host of this podcast, but also as the owner of Hallmark Abstract Service, Mike Haltman certainly does!

But, how do you know which ones to use that will ...

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Divine Renovation, The Series!

Valerie Smaldone, along with Monty Hobbs and Matthieu Chazareix, are producers of the series Divine Renovation starring Erik Estrada.

Divine Renovation is a spirited television series that provides home enhancements for individuals and families in need. They utilize the help of skilled professionals and volunteers to make homes and outdoor spaces easier to navigate,

Divine ...

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