Doing It Wrong

Doing It Wrong

Being in your twenties is kind of like walking directionless in a vast field and then being hit by someone on a swing. Joe Biden made a podcast so we decided, as two twenty-somethings with no real world experience and a wisdom value in the negatives, to make one too. Rainie Toll and Darcy Neureiter are two liberal arts grads with a penchant for f*cking things up. Follow them as they swing and miss gloriously.


January 14, 2021 18 mins

It’s time to choose team captains for the age old thong vs panty debate. Rainie and Darcy adopt diametrically opposed positions for the discourse of a lifetime. As controversial issues often do, it stirs up some information previously lost in the depths of our psyches- including redeeming, vulnerable insights into one of the podcast’s peripheral characters and missed opportunities to meet Phoebe Wallerbridge. 

Yeah, we know this top...

Mark as Played

Oh 2020, you venomous assailant with a penchant for dismay. We’ll be processing this trip around the sun long into our 80s, but for now, we assemble young people across the globe to discuss lessons they found as a consolation prize for the hardship, loneliness, and grief the year provided. 

The year’s daily activities included fending off cockroach infestations, managing isolation, and negotiating with TSA agents about taking your l...

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December 17, 2020 35 mins

The season of Spotify Wrapped is upon us. Get ready to click through hundreds of “top artist” instagram stories and analyze why and how a niche 80s rock band is your most played. Instead of taking that algorithm seriously, we decided to choose emblematic songs of 2020 ourselves, with an agenda that includes Cher, The Jackson 5, and Pharell. Breadth and depth as we like to say. 

We also discuss the under discussed in a new segment, N...

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No one depicts a high powered dweeb experiencing the agony of identity dysphoria and unrequited love better than Wes Anderson himself. So this week, we analyze another coming of age film whose beloved and complex protagonist is in crisis. 

We'll explore the ways in which we see ourselves in Rushmore’s leading man, Max Fischer, in all his glory, absurdism, wisdom, naivete, and painfully relevant flaws. 

It's love, it's los...

Mark as Played
November 15, 2020 56 mins

Ever wondered what it’s like to execute a Robert Di Niro Scorsese film level performances, engineer theatre kid reality tv shows, and spoof the greatest mid-2000s Australian mermaid show of all time within 60 second time frames? Today's your day. The aforementioned list is a reflection of the creative brilliance of Vienna Ayla: a woman who defies reality itself.   

This week we talk to rising comedienne Vienna about the circumst...

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October 23, 2020 39 mins

Let’s talk politics. If you've already voted, good on you, you shining example of civic engagement and participatory democracy, this will give you further insight on some of those decisions. If you haven't voted, we forgive your procrastination, there's still time to be a civic hero, and we produced this episode to give you precious intel on all those bubbles you're about to fill in. Consider this your quick n dirty...

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October 9, 2020 53 mins

Moments of startling clarity can come at unexpected times. Like last weekend when I was standing on the porch of a home that wasn’t mine and someone asked me where I was going. I quite obviously took the question figuratively and realized with a jolt that I have absolutely no idea where I am going at any given time. 

This week we talk to Miranda Whitney, who experienced a critical moment of clarity standing in the doorway of her mot...

Mark as Played
September 22, 2020 32 mins

Another week as a twenty something, another week getting bitch slapped by your own short- comings. We’ve talked about romance and sexual chaos, but this week we discuss what is arguably the joy and nectar of the universe: Friends. They make it all bearable. They give you life, they push you to go out when you shouldn’t, they hold you accountable, they contribute to your personhood, but they also change. And you change. In your twen...

Mark as Played
September 9, 2020 41 mins

The journey to journaling, doesn’t always have to entail navigating a collection of bizarre and disturbing events that culminate in a sea of despair, but for Rainie it did, and we couldn’t be prouder. Her path included but was not limited to: cats bleeding out in alleyways, speaking with the National Guard naked, the discovery of a tragic food allergy, and, of course, The Hunger Games trilogy. This week as we enter the gateway of h...

Mark as Played

Oh, the Modern Day Villain--you know who we’re talking about-- finance guy who aggressively orders to-go salads on his bluetooth headset, and believes in both meritocracy and nepotism. Do we despise him? But of course. Do we have darker, complicated desires to emulate his power? Have sexual fantasies about him? The answer is probably yes. Today, our neighborhood friend Anna Stenson, joins us to discuss judging character through car...

Mark as Played
August 10, 2020 25 mins

As a college soccer player, serial monogamist, engineering major, American male who does the dishes, and all-around golden boy, we can’t really relate to Darcy’s brother, Luke. Except, of course, in humanity’s common denominators, such as rejection, breakups, and fear of being alone. This week we take a peek into the mind of Darcy’s younger brother, a Good Guy who just can’t seem to get out of long term relationships. What makes hi...

Mark as Played
August 4, 2020 34 mins

Yes, we are two zillenials facing existential quandaries. But, like many mortals, we also have siblings, and those siblings are also navigating their very own crises. Join us for our very first live-action interview with our  Gen Z correspondent, May Toll-- tech expert, activist, and craftswoman extraordinaire. Also Rainie’s sister. We dive into the urgent issue that is TikTok and discuss how tech and the internet have shaped our l...

Mark as Played
July 27, 2020 33 mins

Loneliness is a pillar of twenty somethings, a staple of a pandemic, and a ramification of the age of the internet. Rainie’s socially distanced bumble date turns on its head, predominantly due to the lengthy list of assumptions she’d made prior. But can you blame her? Assumptions and disappointment are online dating’s most consistent accessories. Darcy ruminates on the importance of owning what you want romantically and the escapis...

Mark as Played

Last week, a serene and joyful lake house right outside Geneseo, New York was visited for the last time. Darcy and her extended family packed up the furniture and moved out. Sigh. To make matters worse, Darcy’s grandmother served up a little criticism that allegedly had been cooking for years. It did not taste good. On this episode, we discuss how to sit through feedback in the name of self-improvement. Then, to remedy the pains of...

Mark as Played
July 12, 2020 21 mins

If you want to be my lover, you gotta be Jon Stewart. Silver fox alert. This week we discuss the role of recreational sports in our collegiate and then post-collegiate lives and beg the question: must we join a rec frisbee golf league to meet someone new? Oy. Next, we’ll unpack our running habits and our running emotions: Is running about feeling like you’re in the movie Rocky or is it about meditating? Or both? Then, we’ll take a ...

Mark as Played
July 4, 2020 31 mins

Responsibility from left field. You’re bouncing along, thinking you’re  a crusader of truth and justice. “Pure intentions”. You’ve reached the Scott Disick mentality: “Maybe I’m just perfect and it’s everyone else that’s the problem.” And then all of a sudden, responsibility, the one you had shunned, smacks you in the face. Not so fast she says, you’re at fault too. This week, we each think about instances where responsibility is a...

Mark as Played
June 27, 2020 51 mins

A pillar of twenty-something existence is failing. Wildly. Repeatedly. With grace and without grace. On your face. Publicly. Privately. This is our first (and most definitely not our last) foray into analyzing failure, what it means, how it's shaped us so far, and how we commit to it as an essential practice. 

Topics included: Running a marathon five days after breaking up with toxic bf, elections for 10th-grade class president,...

Mark as Played
May 25, 2020 42 mins
It’s a perilous trial like no other: New Years Eve night, doomed before it even began. We roared into the 20s in our 20s. A lot transpired on that night and a lot has transpired since. We analyze mixed signals, destructive expectations, and the fallacy of the chill girl trope. Then, we talk resolutions--because if NYE is anything, it’s a time for reflection, intentions, and doing many things wrong in a compressed amount of time. Th...
Mark as Played
May 25, 2020 46 mins

It’s book club, baby! We discuss Defining Decade, the book about why your twenties “matter” and how to “make the most of them”. Author and therapist and Meg Jay, PhD, urges urgency, dismantles reckless relationships, and tells us to network like Benjamin Franklin. We weigh the merits of her suggestions with indignation. Mostly, Meg Jay tells us we’re doing it wrong.

Topics included: How to get out of a metaphoric ocean (cont.), iden...

Mark as Played
May 25, 2020 35 mins

Rainie was ghosted in 2017 and so quite logically, she penned a seethingly well researched academic paper about how hookup culture perpetuates toxic masculinity and gendered power structures. On this episode, we break down multiple f*ckboy crimes and then we mull over the best ways to deal with the riffraff who wronged us (who we also can’t stop thinking about).


Topics included: The definition of a f*ckboy, the disrespect, the utte...

Mark as Played

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