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Ducking Realitea

Ducking Realitea Hosted by Siobhan Embrace Your Truth, Heal, and Thrive Through Conversations About Serious Shit. Welcome to Ducking Realitea, where we embark on a journey to disrupt the norm, spread love, and inspire a healing revolution through the power of soulful conversations. For me, authentic conversations and sharing personal experiences have always been the most profound way to connect and learn from others. It's the genuine curiosity to understand people and their stories that has led me to meet extraordinary individuals with incredible tales to tell. These stories have unveiled a universal truth: embracing your inner self and living your truth is the surest path to the best possible life. Through this podcast, I'm on a mission to share these captivating narratives, told with laughter, tears, and deep understanding. My goal is to pass on the knowledge and personal experiences that can empower you to break free from the chains of trauma, finding unapologetic joy and unforgettable moments in your life's journey. In a world often mired in chaos and conformity, we're here to rebel against adversity and transform life's twists into a heart-opening adventure that's both joyful and harmonious. We'll explore stories that remind us that hitting rock bottom can be devastating, regardless of its height or depth. After all, the worst thing that has ever happened to you is the worst thing that has ever happened. What truly matters is your journey to recovery. Through our candid conversations about these profound experiences, my aim is to inspire you to heal from your traumas and craft a life filled with more joy and happy moments. We believe that life's challenges will come our way, whether we seek them or not. Instead of dwelling on them, let's be present for the good times and savor them. When adversity does arrive, let's confront it head-on so we can quickly return to the bliss of life. Consider this podcast a soft place to land and share your own story. Together, we'll help others learn from your experiences because, in my experience, the more personal and vulnerable we are, the deeper our connections with others become. So, grab your favorite beverage or roll one up, and join us on this transformative journey where we're not just sharing stories; we're changing lives. I'm Siobhan, and I can't wait to have you with us. Remember to look for your joy.


May 28, 2024 171 mins

This week I speak to Leia, business coach and badass. Our discussion includes personal and business growth, cultural exchange, women's health, life challenges, and visualization abilities. We share our personal experiences and perspectives, emphasizing the importance of integrating personal and business growth, cultural exchange, and self-advocacy. We also delve into the intricacies of visualization abilities, exploring its ro...

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Gavin is a breath of fresh air and his products are amazing,  Join us to learn about The Chaga Company and how learning to breath can change your life. 

Transcripts will be up soon... 

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May 14, 2024 90 mins

Siobhan and Matt exchanged their experiences and perspectives on various topics, including the California DMV, Arizona gun laws, finding joy and meaning in life, and personal preferences. Matt shares his thoughts on ancient siege warfare and the validity of accounts of forgotten knowledge. Matt emphasized the value of learning and exploring new topics, with Siobhan highlighting the importance of cultural diversity and Matt undersco...

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May 7, 2024 116 mins

Join me and my creative partner Ana for a chat and some laughs..  we share personal stories of immigration, identity formation, and cultural exchange. We discuss our experiences with creative writing, personal growth, and loss, highlighting the importance of empathy and mutual understanding. Siobhan and Ana also share our experiences with managing epilepsy, emphasizing the unique challenges of navigating a condition that is differe...

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September 26, 2023 107 mins

Summary/Time Stamps 

  • Boston upbringing and punk scene with artist Dave Sweeney. 0:06
    • Dave Sweeney discusses his experience in the Boston punk scene and his art with host Siobhan.
    • Dave met Siobhan through mutual friends at a bar on the island.
    • Unknown Speaker grew up in Cohasset, Massachusetts, a blue-blooded town with summer cottages for wealthy captains of industry.
    • Speaker started gravitating towards Bo...
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September 12, 2023 85 mins

This week Rory Shields join us for episode 2 of An Evening with Rory.  

Rory is never short of something to say, and this can be a safe place for him to get it off his chest. The last time we spoke, there was a little bit of a theme that was focused on how Rory got here and his experience From a young age he would read a lot of Sunday newspapers for content and was a sponge for information. He would watch carefully overseas politics...

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September 7, 2023 5 mins

Host of Ducking Realitea talks about why there have been a lack of episodes and what's to come. 


  • What's up to the decking reality world? 0:19
  • We are not alone when we go through hard things. 1:27
  • Finding our joy and asking for help. 2:57
    • Join us in the duck reality world every Tuesday when new episodes drop and look for the social media and Patreon to follow.
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July 25, 2023 107 mins

This week I sit down with a Raymond Moore, musician and world traveler to talk about what it was like to move to Norway and raise a family. Our conversations covers the uncomfortable subject of racism and the difference between racisms in Norway compared to racism in the US. Raymond has continued to smile and spread love instead of hate. I hope this conversation helps inspire others to get to know themselves more and maybe look at ...

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July 11, 2023 76 mins

Amos and I talk trees and he breaks down how we can help save our environment and ourselves by planting trees.

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • How did you get involved in trees? 0:00
    • Welcome to the duckling reality world.
    • Amos is passionate about trees.
    • Sugar maple in columbus, ohio.
    • The story of the first seedling.
  • The story of the tornado tree. 3:08
    • The story of the tornado t...
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June 13, 2023 85 mins

Dr. Alandi and I talk energy, vibrations and finding your truth.

Make an appointment or check her out online:
 and follow her on social media @dr.alandistec

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Intro to the episode. 0:01
    • Welcome back to the pod.
    • Dr alain de stek is a chiropractor.
    • Eric Rubin and his own curiosities.
    • Christopher hareesh wallace, nissimharmon and nikhara.
  • Quantum p...
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May 30, 2023 124 mins

This week my friend Mel and I have some champagne and talk about life growing up in a religious school, owning a restaurant and being in the booze business. 

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Getting used to the self-promotion stuff. 0:11
    • Getting used to self-promotion and putting yourself out there.
    • Melanie's first podcast, her favorite podcast.
  • My favorite podcast. 2:19
    • My favorite murder podcast and trash podcast.
    • B...
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May 24, 2023 98 mins

This week I sit down with Raul and talk about myself. It isn’t the direction I thought the episode would go but it was the direction it needed. We recorded this just days after losing someone very close to me. I found him and had to explain to his family that he’s no longer with us, so we talk about grief and tragedy and a little bit more about my story and where I come from. So enjoy this raw vulnerable and slightly angry episode ...

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This week I’m on location! Home Connie and Michael and birthplace of The Menagerie. We talk about how and why they started The Menagerie and Connie shares just how close we were to loosing her. Lucky for all of us her badassery and the love of a good man has kept her healthy and thriving! This is a short one and both will be back for longer more in-depth convo about all things peculiar and odd. Enjoy and hope to see many of you at ...

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Danny Lopez is in the house this week sharing his knowledge and teaching me the history of Alameda and all things Clampers! It was fun learning the history of our little island and what exactly a Clamper is. Can't wait to go to my first Clamper event this summer! Stay tuned for that but for now get educated with Danny and I. 

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Welcome to this week's episode. 0:00
    • Welcoming Daniel Lopez ...
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April 11, 2023 104 mins

  Welcome to the first of what will turn into a series of evenings with Rory. Rory and I met on the island and quickly become friends and have had some amazingly deep and moving conversations as well as taking the piss out of each other. He was so excited to come on and share the first chapter of his life with us. We didn’t have a plan or agenda when we sat down our conversation spans through his journey to the U.S. and what his im...

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April 4, 2023 102 mins

 This week I talk to one of my favorite regulars. Chuck enjoys a good beer and share his life from our island to the big top. Enjoy me chuckling with Chuck! 

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Introduction to today’s episode. 0:09
  • The first elementary school on the island and clown college. 2:03
  • Was he auditioning for other things before deciding to go to clown college? 7:56
  • How he got involved with the circus. 13:17
  • The connection betw...
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March 28, 2023 93 mins

 Raul and I talk about healing from the past, giving yourself distance from the trauma of your life to curate and create your life and vibe. 

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Welcome to this week’s episode. 0:08
  • Mental health and depression. 9:49
  • What did you lean into to heal yourself after losing the baby? 17:37
  • “I feel like I needed to know what pain felt like physical and emotional pain felt like.”. 23:39
  • How do I take care of mys...
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March 21, 2023 91 mins

 Look who I talk with this week!! I’m so excited to share my conversation with Pia Barton owner and founder of Malaya Botanicals my favorite CBD company. We talk about her products what it’s like being a woman in business and the pitfalls of owning a company so closely related to cannabis. 

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Pia introduces herself. 0:06
  • What did your parents think of your hustling? 1:28
  • How he got into the cannabis in...
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 Camilo is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach who teaches some newer modalities of training. We talk about how he got into fitness and what the future of fitness looks like. 

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Who is Camilla and how did he end up here? 0:00
  • Everything happens for a reason. You can find a reason. 4:54
  • What other branches aren’t listening to this? 12:16
  • The wildest time at the gym. 16:36
  • The competitive...
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February 28, 2023 83 mins

 Cheers Bitches with Donna Church, the islands best bartend and my newest best friend. We talk about everything from bartending, to families to staying a romantic. Join us for a chat about life and finding your joy.

Summary/Time Stamps: 

  • Donna’s favorite response to compliments. 0:08
  • How he got started in marketing. 5:28
  • Donna’s become the most popular bartender on the island. 9:39
  • Step into the fireside with your people. ...
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