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Dusty Roads

The Dusty Roads podcast is about “Living Life As A Global Citizen.” This podcast will make you think, laugh, cry, and sometimes question life overseas. With over 30 years of experience living and working overseas, Anita shares personal stories, experiences, and humor. The Dusty Road podcast is for anyone interested in travel, the world, being a Global Citizen, culture, life, or what it is like to live and work in a foreign country - especially developing or undeveloped nations. Come ride along with us - The Dusty Road Podcast - as we ride through some bumpy and dusty roads of life. A Bus On A Dusty Road blog sponsors The Dusty Road Podcast; the blog offers excellent content and information on “Living Life As A Global Citizen.” You can find out more by checking our blog at - ABusOnADustyRoad.com


February 26, 2024 7 mins

Contrary to common perceptions, Confucian values aren't confined to China alone. Explore the profound impact of Confucianism on Vietnam, shaping familial bonds, societal structure, and education. Join us as we delve into the enduring influence of piety, patriarchy, ancestor worship, and respect in everyday Vietnamese life. Uncover the layers of Vietnam's cultural tapestry through the lens of Confucian values.


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Join us as we explore the fascinating differences between these two distinct island cultures. Hawaiians and Samoans are not of the same nationality and culture; they are very different. Native Hawaiians are considered to be Americans. Most native Hawaiians do not speak the Hawaiian language. On the other hand, Samoans are from the archipelago of Samoa. Most Samoans speak Samoan and English. Culturally the two places are very differ...

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Ever wondered about the weight of the Great Wall of China? It's more surprising than you think! Calculations estimate over 50,000,000 tons, making it the heaviest continuous structure on Earth. Join us as we unravel the mystery and explore why. Don't miss Anita's fascinating story and check out her book on Amazon. 🏰 

Don't miss out on Anita's fascinating story, and grab a copy of her first book, "A Bus...

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In this episode of Dusty Roads, join Anita as she shares her unique experience of living in Sweden without knowing any Swedish. Having spent a semester there during high school, Anita navigated her daily life, splitting her time between learning the language and attending regular Swedish high school classes. Tune in to discover the challenges, surprises, and cultural insights gained from this linguistic adventure.

You can ...

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Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she explores the world of social media marketing for small businesses! Whether you're a road warrior, constantly on the move, or managing a home-based business, marketing is crucial. Learn the ropes with Anita's insights on the 6 top social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 🚀📱

You can discover more about 6 Top Social Media Platforms fo...

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Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she delves into the nostalgic world of Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park and uncovers the intriguing connection to Yellowstone National Park. 🐻✨ Reminisce about childhood memories and discover the hidden tales behind the beloved cartoon character.

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#YogiBear #JellystonePark #YellowstoneConnection #Dust...

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Join Anita on "Dusty Roads" as she explores why sailing is the perfect team-building exercise! This episode is a must-listen if you're seeking an ideal way to enhance communication, teamwork, and leadership within your team or corporation. Discover the magic of sailing and its transformative impact on building strong, cohesive teams.

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In today's episode, Anita shares invaluable tips on how to approach interviews with sensitivity, ensuring a meaningful and comfortable exchange. Uncover the richness of your family history and connect with your roots through these enlightening conversations.

To learn more about 100 Plus Interview Questions to Ask Relatives – Family History Research by clicking here.

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November 28, 2023 9 mins

Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she explores the question: Is Vietnam Safe To Travel Alone? 🇻🇳✈️ Discover essential tips and insights from Anita, a seasoned traveler who has lived in Vietnam for years. Uncover the beauty of Vietnam and learn how to ensure a safe and memorable solo adventure. 🌏

You can learn more about Is Vietnam Safe To Travel Alone? What You Need To Know by clicking here.

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Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she explores the fitness wonders of sailing! Discover three incredible ways sailing doubles as a fantastic exercise, from enhancing core strength to boosting aerobic fitness. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner, the benefits are undeniable. Tune in to sail your way to a healthier you!

You can read more about Is Sailing An Exercise? Three Ways Sailing Is A Great Exercise by click...

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Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she delves into the religious tapestry of Salt Lake City. From the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the diverse beliefs of its residents, discover the surprising spiritual mosaic that defines this vibrant city.

You can learn more about Is Salt Lake City Religious? by clicking here

#SaltLakeSpirit #FaithInSLC #DustyRoadsPodcast #SaintsAndSecular #CityOfFaith #SLCReligiou...

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Anita takes you on a journey through Dusty Roads to explore the essence of being a global citizen in our interconnected world. Discover what it truly means to live your life as a global citizen and the impact it can have on our shared planet. Uncover the importance of a global mindset, understanding, and building bridges instead of walls. Join the conversation on Dusty Roads and become part of the global citizenship movement.

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Join Anita on Dusty Road as we explore the delectable world of Christmas feasts in the U.S. 🎄 From the classic turkey to unexpected twists, discover the diverse flavors that grace American holiday tables. 🍽️✨

You can discover more about What Food Do Americans Eat At Christmas? by clicking here.

#ChristmasCuisine #DustyRoadPodcast #HolidayFeasts #FestiveFlavors #SeasonalSavors #AmericanTraditions #FoodieFables #ChristmasDi...

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Join Anita on Dusty Road as she explores the enchanting history of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. With insights from her work at Mondoro and collaborations on home decor licensee programs, Anita unveils the best times to visit this historical gem. Discover the vibrant hues of October, the blossoming beauty of April and May, and the allure of June in the world's largest outdoor living museum. Uncover the essence of America an...

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Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she delves into the mystery of why the U.S. Army referred to the Vietnamese soldiers as 'Charlie' during the war. With a deep connection to Vietnam, Anita explores the origins and significance of this term that echoed through the jungles of the Vietnam War.

You can discover more about Why did the U.S. Army Call The Vietnamese “Charlie” During The War? by clicking here.


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Join Anita on Dusty Roads as she unravels the significance of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the guiding legal compass for Filipino society. Discover why it matters, its roots in the U.S. Constitution, and the crucial role it plays in shaping rights and governance. Tune in to gain insights into this essential document that ensures a stable rule of law in the Philippines. 📜🇵🇭

You can learn more about The 1987 Philipp...

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September 25, 2023 10 mins

Join Anita as she delves into the turbulent history of the Vietnam War draft, exploring its controversial nature and its profound consequences on young Americans' lives.

You can also read more about the Vietnam War Draft: What Did It Mean? by clicking here

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September 18, 2023 9 mins

Join Anita on "Dusty Roads" as she explores the profound life lessons she learned from sailing, inspired by Nikki Barnes' keynote at the Midwestern Women's Sailing Conference. Discover the transformative power of S.A.I.L.: Smile, Attack, Imagine, and Listen.

You can read more about S.A.I.L. – Navigating Life’s Waters: Lessons From Sailing by clicking here.

#LifeLessons #SailingWisdom #DustyRoad...

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If you're considering a camping trip to Yellowstone, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the reservation process for securing a campsite. Yellowstone offers a variety of exceptional camping options, but to make the most of your experience, you'll need to know what type of campsite you're interested in and the specific requirements for reserving it. This knowledge will help you navigate the reservation proc...

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In "Dust Roads," join your host Anita as we unravel the enduring myth surrounding the Great Wall of China's visibility from space. 🚀🇨🇳

One enduring myth about the Great Wall of China is that it’s the sole artificial structure visible from space. This myth emerged in 1938 when space travel was not a reality. However, astronauts who’ve journeyed into space have debunked this claim, asserting they couldn’t discern the...

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